The Price Possession

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Chapter 59 - Colours Alike Might Start A Fight (Part 1)

Taylor scanned around the restaurant in search for Kate. It shouldn’t be that hard, he told himself. All he had to do was look for the most beautiful woman with red hair. Red. His recently most favorable colour.

A smile spread across his lips when he finally laid eyes on her, seated in the far end corner of room. He stood in place and watched as her eyes widened, sparkling with amusement, then drew a hand up - placing it on her lips as though trying to stifle back a laugh at whatever the man was telling her.

The man?

The smile that he had on his face instantly vanished when he caught sight of the familiar features of Dante. He exhaled deeply and clenched his jaws at the sight and the next thing he knew, he was marching over to their table.

Kate bit the inside of her cheek, trying her hardest not to insult Dante. But she wasn’t sure for how long she was going to be able to do that for. When she had texted Taylor about him being a charmer, she had meant it as a joke but obviously he didn’t seem to think so.

“You know, if you were younger that line might have worked on me.” She finally said, pushing back against her chair.

“Really?” Dante’s eyes sparkled with delight. “I wouldn’t object if you dumped that boyfriend of yours and ran away with me.” He teased but somehow Kate saw right through that joke.

Something in his eyes told her that he was being serious. “Even if you thought that I was pregnant?” She frowned, “I don’t think my boyfriend would appreciate another man raising his child.”

Dante shrugged, raising his glass of red wine to his lips. “You’re probably right.” He agreed, taking a sip of his wine. “But if I were him, I wouldn’t have allowed you to wonder the streets by yourself. Somebody might snatch you up.”

“I’m sure that they’d find a way to return her to me somehow.” Taylor’s voice caused them both to snap up and look at him. “I’d give them thirty minutes tops before they’re face to face with that temper of hers.” He added.

“Taylor!” Kate said, her lips spreaded wide above her white teeth as she shot to her feet. “This is --”

“Dante.” Taylor interjected with a dull yet firm voice.

Kate frowned at both man. “You know each other? She asked.

And when Dante smirked at Taylor, her question was answered.

“Taylor,” Dante drawled, gesturing to the chair next to Kate. “Why don’t you join your girlfriend and me. I was telling her about how much I wish I was younger so that I could steal her away from that boyfriend of hers.”

Taylor pulled out a chair, waited from Kate to sit back down before doing great the same. “Were you now?”

“Yes, he was.” Kate replied, staring at Dante then back to Taylor’s bland expression. He wasn’t letting anything show. No hint on whether his relationship with Dante was good or bad and she wanted so much for him to atleast give her a sign, anything, just so she knew whether to be worried or not.

Dante tilted at his phone on the table and his lips pulled into a smug. “Romella is on her way over. Guess she finally got everything that she was looking for.”

Something inside Kate’s brain finally clicked at the mentioning of Romella’s name. Her shoulders tensed and her hands fisted into two balls over her lap.

This fucking old man that she had been entertaining was the Dante, the same one who wanted Taylor to marry his daughter and the same daughter that had her tongue down Taylor’s throat.

Her inside cringed. How could she have been so stupid? And to think she had been sharing a nice conversation with him. Telling him all about her past and how she had met Taylor. Thank goodness she had left out most of the details but still, he had been playing her for a fool from the start.

Kate, you’re such a fucking gullible idiot, she chastised herself.

And all this, was probably not a chance encounter.

“Taylor?” She whispered, tilting her head to the side, wanting to ask him what the hell was going on but when he gave her hand a gentle squeeze under the table, she swallowed down the rest of her words.

In the distance, Kate heard the clicking sound of heels mixed with the soft murmurs of the half filled restaurant. Her head jutted up at the sound of Taylor’s harsh curse, looking over the shoulder of the blonde who sat at the table infront of them. Kate’s breathing stilled as the red head made her way over to their table.

The black top she wore hugged every contour of her upper half and her eyes sparkled as shifted on to Taylor. Although her black fitted skirt was at a reasonable knee length, it clung to her sculpted thighs. Kate’s fingers curled, biting painfully into her palm. There was no need for an introduction, judging by the hair, her olive tanned skin, her eyes and that stupid sexy grin that she had on her face, she knew, she just knew that this walking specimen built for seduction was the famous Romella.

“You’ve finally made it.“Dante exclaimed, gazing up at his daughter as she manoeuvred her way inbetween him and Taylor.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” Romella apologized, laying a freshly manicured hand on Taylor’s shoulder then bent down with full intent on placing a kiss on Taylor’s lips. But Taylor was smarter and quicker this time around, with a quick turn of the head, Romella’s lips brushed against his cheek.

Seething, Kate grabbed a fistful of her napkin over her lap and slowly began to twist at it. And when Romella leant forward, with her full pair of breasts pressed against Taylor’s body as she whispered something in Taylor’s ears - Kate gritted at her teeth and muttered under her breath. She then opened her mouth to retaliate but Taylor bit her to it when Romella stood back up and walked over to the vacant chair next to her father.

“Love,” Taylor said, “This is Romella, Dante’s daughter. And Romella,” he grabbed hold of Kate’s hand and gently pressed a kiss on before returning his gaze to Romella. “This is my Kate.”

Romella’s twitched in amusement. “Love?” Her dark brow lifted up at him. “My Kate? My, my Taylor. I’m jealous to say the least.” She said, her tongue twisted at her Spanish accent.

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