The Price Possession

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Chapter 59- Colours Alike Might Start A Fight (Part 2)

“I’m sure that we can find a way to cure that jealousy of yours.” Kate drawled, catching the quick flick of Romella’s brow. From the corner of her eye she could see just how amused Taylor was of her witty remark.

She might not know what the hell was going on but she wasn’t about to just sit there and allow another woman to shove her breasts in her boyfriend’s face then make it apparent that she was here to mark her territory. And if that was Romella’s real intent then it was going to have to be over her dead body.

“Taylor,” Romella smirked, covering Taylor’s hand with her own. “I think you failed to mention that she was a funny one.”

The tight smile on Kate’s face melted, her eyes narrowed down at their hands.

Don’t make a scene, she told herself. No matter what you do, do not make a scene.

“Did I?” Taylor asked, removing his hand underneath hers. “As funny as Kate is, I don’t think that she was trying to be. Were you, love?”

“Of course not,” Kate replied, grabbing her untouched glass of wine and brought the rim to her lips and took a sip. Once she was done, she placed it back on the table and smiled at Romella. “I’m really sorry if you thought that that’s what I was trying to be. Because you see, I was just trying my hardest not to called you that special name reserved for women like you.”

The three heads turned at the sound of Dante laughing. Taylor turned his head to the side and caught Romella’s mirrored expression. She seemed just a shocked as him. Who knew that the old man actually knew how to laugh? Not once in all his years of knowing Dante had he ever heard him laugh.

“It amuses you, father?” Romella challenged Dante, her brows locked in a hard frown. “Hearing her indirectly call me a bitch is funny?” She spat.

Dante shook his head, “Romella,” he began, “It’s her honesty is what amuses me so. I’ve never been entertained and insulted both at the same time.”

Taylor chuckled a laugh and Kate spared him a sharp glance. She knew exactly why he found Dante’s statement funny. Her cheeks burned at thought. It wasn’t exactly the right time for that.

“Right!” Kate heard Romella hiss. “Well I’m done with whatever it is you were planning to do. I only touched his shoulder and her eyes screamed out murder. I don’t want her to carve out my eyes with that spoon she’s been eyeing for the past few minutes.”

Kate’s shifted her gaze to Dante. “You planned this?” She asked.

But before Dante could answer Taylor rose to his feet, his jaw ticked in annoyance. “Dante,” He said, both his eyes and voice cold. “A word.”

Dante rose to his feet and followed suit behind Taylor. Kate watched as they made their way to the doorway and sighed when they disappeared out the door.

“I’m sorry.” Kate heard Romella say.

“Oh? About what? You tying to feel Taylor up infront of me?” She asked raising a brow at her.

Romella sighed, leaning back against her chair. “My father is a very difficult man to convince Kate. Last night we told him that his proposal was ridiculous but he seems so determined to have us married.”

“Does he now?” Kate asked, catching a glimpse of both Taylor and Dante standing outside of the restaurants window.

“You know he seemed like a nice person when I bumped into him earlier on.” She said, frowning at how different he seemed now.

“My father?” Romella exclaimed, “nice?”

“What?” Kate drew her attention back to her, “Yeah. I thought he seemed lonely.”

Romella laughed. “I can see that he still got it,” She scoffed. “Don’t let him fool you Kate. I know my father and nice, isn’t a word that can be used to describe him.”

The sad note in Romella’s voice could not be miss. But in between being suspicious of her and hidden motives for being here, she could not decide on whether to sympathise with her or throw a party at the cost of her own misery.

Kate let out an aggravated sigh, cursing at herself for being a sucker for misery.

“What’s the deal with you two?” Kate asked downing the rest of her content from her glass.

Romella’s eyes slowly levelled to hers, observing Kate under her lids. “You’re far too pure, Kate,” She said, forcing a smile on her face. “In another life I would tell all about my father and explain just how nice he is. I really am sorry about the whole Taylor thing. I warned him about my father’s plans when I leaned over.”

Taylor jaw flexed. He planted his hands in his pockets and gave out a vexed sigh.

“What is it that you are trying to prove here, Dante?” He demanded.

Dante took in a deep breath and closed his eyes, basking in the warmth of the sun. “I didn’t expect her to be likeable,” he said. “My initial plan was to scare her away from you but five minutes.” He shook his head then in disbelief. “All it took was five minutes with her and - I understand. I’ve been cursed with two children that have brought nothing but dissapointment in my life.”

Taylor stole a look through the restaurant window and raked a hand through his hair. “I don’t want Kate to have anything to do with us. With the agreement we have. You know this and yet, here you are, staring up shit.” He told him.

Dante held out a hand, “Relax, Taylor. I just wanted to see the woman that was far better than my daughter. The one that you were so determined to go home to.”

“You could have called and asked Dante. Kate is --”

“I know,” Dante smiled, watching as a red car drove by “I don’t know if it’s definite, but I know.”

Taylor frowned, confused by what he meant by definite. All he wanted to say was that Kate was innocent a and that how he wanted her to remain.

“I apologize for today, Taylor. Had I known that Kate was -” he shook his head. “As badly as I want you to be part of my family, I want you to know thag I won’t stand in the middle of you being with Kate, not with knowledge of her possibly being pregnant.”

Taylor paled and his mind went blank. He stared at Dante as though he had grown another head and his words settled in.

“What?” Blood pounded in Taylor’s ears.

“I’ve never seen a woman buy some many pregnancy tests just to be sure. I would say that one would have been suffice but four?” He chuckled.


Taylor casted a horrified look inside the restaurant and saw Kate looking back at him with faint smile hanging on her lips.

“By the looks of things, I’d say that you weren’t aware of this.” Dante said, a smug grin curved proudly on his lips.

Of course, he didn’t. Had he known --

“I have to go.” Was this only words that Taylor found to say.

For the first time in his life he was speechless.


She couldn’t be. They had been careful, he told himself. Then images of him cuming inside her flashed through his mind. Fuck! His teeth clenched.

Was she? His head began to spin at the possibility. Was he even ready to be a father? He had never really thought about that. Always loath the idea of him ending up like his old man. Cruel and cold towards his kids.

But Kate? Pregnant? He swallowed on a dry throat. They were still letting to know each other. Still in the honeymoon phase.


What if she wasn’t ready to be mother? This wasn’t something that they had discussed. He didn’t even know if she wanted kids. Would she want to have his kids? His baby?

As quick as his legs could carry him, he marched back inside, maneuvering his way over to their table at the speed of light.

“We need to leave.” He rasped.

Both age and Romella looked up at him and so did a couple of other people sitting near their table.

“Now?” Kate asked frowning up at him, laughing nervously at the unwanted attention,

“Yes now. Grab your bag, we’re going home.”

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