The Price Possession

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Chapter 60 - In Sickness And In Health

The ride was uncomfortable. Neither Ben nor Taylor made any sort of attempt to speak. Kate gazed quietly out the window frowning at his sudden change of mood.

She had asked him to talk about it when they had entered the car but his only response had been, “Not now,” to which he merely scowled before setting his gaze out the window with his warm fingers still intertwined with hers on the black leather seat.

Kate let out a soft sigh, leaning back against the head of the seat, convinced that his spoilt mood was from the conversation he had with Dante.

“Ben,” she said in a cheerful tone, wanting to bring some life to the pragmatic silence in the car. “What would you say if I dyed my hair white?”

Ben smiled but his eyes never left the road.

“Why would you want to do such an awful thing?” Taylor’s voice was the first that came to her ear.

Kate shrugged, “Red seems to be rather popular these days. I just want to try something different.”

The light squeeze of Taylor’s hands around hers pulled at her attention and made her turn to look at him.

“Do you think it’s wise? I mean, is safe?” His teeth clenched as the words left his mouth. Something was definitely now right with him, he decided. He had meant that as an inside thought but instead everything was being mixed in his head and wrong shit was coming out. This is exactly why he had chosen to remain quiet. He wanted time to process this news, wanted to be alone with her before he asked her whether she was carrying his baby or not.

“Is what safe?” Kate asked, smiling up at him through her own confusion.

Taylor’s eyes drifted from her face then slowly down to her belly and finally rested to the black carpet.

Was it wrong that a small part of him wanted her to be pregnant? He wondered, his dark brows touched, confused at how conflict he felt about the whole ordeal.

When he didn’t reply, Kate placed her other hand over their already joined ones and chuckled, “Jezze, Taylor. It’s only hair. It’s not like I’m going to have to go under surgery to have it bleached.”

Right! His lips twitched, sparing Ben a side glance. “Well if you insist on dyeing it then I will have no other choice but to have Ben pin you down while I take great pleasure in shaving every last strand of it off.” He warned her.

She chewed on the inside of her right cheek, stifling back her amusement, “You wouldn’t.” She said, closing her eyes to slit as though secretly challenging him.

The corner of his lips curved up slightly. “You’d have more to lose in this, Kate, because you know that I would.”

The car came to a stop and this time around Taylor didn’t wait for Ben to come around to open the door. His grabbed hold of Kate’s hand and lead her inside the building and straight into the elevator. Kate gave him a hard stare as they waited for the closed doors to open and when they did, he didn’t waste any time. He took long strides to his penthouse door and within seconds had the door unlocked.

A surprised gasp left Kate’s mouth when Taylor kicked the door shut and pressed her back against it, as he leaned down and pressed his lips on hers in a swift yet tender kiss. And just when she thought to wrap her arms around his neck, his lips left her and his hands cupped the sides of her face - holding it in place so that he could look into her eyes when he finally asks her the question that had been burning holes in his head.

She could never lie whenever he held her this close with their eyes locked into one another. No, not even to protect her pride.

Blue magnetic eyes stared back at her and for a moment Kate forgot how to breathe. She ran her tongue over her bottom lip and could still taste his lips on hers.

“Hi,” she said in a breathless whisper, feeling a flood of silken heat between her thighs.

He was acting weird and they reaĺy needed to talk about it, but all thoughts of being sensible was slowly starting to fade away when his beautiful delicious lips curved into a gentle smile that made her heart ache with longing that only he could satisfy. She caught her lips between her teeth and bit down on it. Restraining the need to jump his bone right in the middle of the living room floor.

Her entire body was on fire for him, for his touch, for his promises.

Christ! She had never been this turned on by him before.

“Do you have something to tell me?” Taylor rasped in a deep, velvet-soft voice.

A seductive grin pulled at her lips.

“Yeah,” She replied, lifting her hands upwards, pulling at his suit until he was close enough to feel his hard muscles underneath the fabric that separated them. “Can I take my clothes off before you rip them off? Because I really love this outfit and umph...”

His hot tongue was inside her mouth again. Kate moaned, this around, was quicker as she slid her hands up from his chest and wrapped them around his neck, crushing her breasts against his warmth. The fierce passion that he kissed her with, made reality fade and she clung to him, her body pliant and desperate for his possession.

Her blood zinged in her veins at the hardness off his stiff arousal and when he lifted one her leg up and held it in place, she wilted and surrendered herself over to him - with all hopes of keeping her clothes intact, abandoned.

Taylor’s lips left hers and trailed soft lingering kisses along her jawline, his hand moved up and cupped her round ass.

“Taylor,” she said, her voice broken and husky. She trembled as his callused fingertips rode her hot skin.

Her sultry moans caused his eyes to snap wide open and all thoughts of him possibly getting her pregnant if she wasn’t already, left his mind.

He heard her mutter his name, urging him not to stop and when he made no move give in to her desire, she shifted in his arms and shoved her hand down his pants, and wrapped her soft fingers around his erection.

“Love,” Taylor hissed, his voice grated with pain. He needed to ask her now before he completely loses his mind.

“Are you pregnant?” The words flew out of his mouth before with such urgency.

Need roiled through Kate’s blood, delirious from the strong urge to have him take her against the door and frustrated by his sudden reluctance, she absentmindedly rasped, “Yes.” Remembering how he much loved teasing her with promises of what’s to come.

Bit the next thing she knew, was Taylor dropping hold of her leg and his face paled beyond recognition as he took a step back - away from her.

Confused by what was happening, she tugged her dress back in place and frowned at him, “What’s wrong?” She asked, “I thought that we were --”

“You’re pregnant!” He whispered, his eyes clouded with emotion.

The grin of her face instantly vanished, “Wait, what?” She exclaimed, the look he gave her was hard to read. It was as though he was about to swoop her off her feet in a fierce hug or run right through her without opening the door, to make a run for it.

“I asked you if you are pregnant and you said yes.” He told her, his heart drumming wildly inside his chest.

“Okay, Taylor,” she said, taking a step towards him and stopped when his gaze lowered to her belly and his eyes flickered in contempt. “I’m not pregnant.” She shook.

Your not? He asked, unconvinced.

“Babe, I really not.” She admitted.

“But the tests?” He frowned, ” Dante said,”

Dante! Kate cringed. She should have known.

Taking a deep breath, she said, “They aren’t mine. Well, two of them are but it’s not what you think.”

“Then explain, Kate,” he demanded, he was damn near to having a fucking heart attack so the least she could do was to put him out of his misery. The thought of being a father, it scared him and yet, he couldn’t seem to overlook the small part of him that clinging on to the idea of her having his baby.

“I can’t,” she sighed, this was Kayla’s news to share not hers. “Not now but I will, soon. Just trust me, okay?” She reached out and grabbed his hands.

Trust? He almost laughed. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Kate because he did. But something inside him was telling him that she was hiding something. He could feel it yet he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

“I’m calling Doctor Waltz.” Taylor announced, “If you won’t tell why you have a stack of pregnancy tests in your bag then I’ll have my doubts cleared one way or another.”

A sharp pain pierced inside her head, making her winced.

“Taylor, it honestly won’t be necessary.” She said, feeling the sudden need to lay down.“I already told that I’m not pregnant.”

“How do you know?” He pressed on. They had been careful, most of the time but still, they had taken quite a few risk.

She gave him a hard stare before releasing a breath in resignation. “Well, if you’re so anxious to know then we’ll find out in a little while, won’t we? You have the Carl thing today right?”

He nodded his head in a silent yes. She was trying to change the subject, he could tell. Which is why he was even more so determined to call Doctor Waltz.

“Great. Kayla’s coming over.” She told him.

He lifted a brow at her then narrowed his eyes at her suspiciously, assessing her character carefully. “Why?”

She rolled her eyes at him. “So we can trade secrets. You know, see which brother is better in bed. God, Taylor! Am I not allowed to have her over?” She snapped, brushing past him.

Taylor’s frown hardened when he caught the grimace expression on her face as she walked past him, he grasped her arm and turned her around.

“It’s not what I meant by why? It’s just, whenever you guys are alone - you either get drunk or she leaves and you’re upset.”

“We’re not going to be drinking, I promise. Plus, Kayla and I are goo-mmm.” She winced again.

“What’s the matter, love?” He asked, his voice soft and tender.

“Headache,” she said, then smiled. “I think I just need to rest for a while. I’ll be fine.”

Taylor leaned over and placed a kiss on her forehead. “I’ll fix you something light to eat,” he said, “It’s probably cause you skipped lunch.”

“Probably.” She agreed before making her way up the stairs.

Kate wasn’t fine, Taylor noticed. By early evening she had whined about being exhausted and by nightfall, she was huddled under the covers with fever, her teeth chattering and her bones aching.

Over her protests, Taylor phoned the doctor.

“It’s the flu,” the doctor said matter-of-factly. “It’s been going around. She needs rest, plenty of liquids...”

Kate moaned, sat up and tried to get out of bed. Taylor’s arms instantly went around her.

“Going to be sick again.” She whimpered.

“Not without me,” he said, and carried her to the bathroom.

To Kate horror, he stayed with her, supported her when she reached and gently wiped her face with a wet towel when she was done - then carried her back to bed.

“As I was saying,” Doctor Waltz continued, “she’ll need Advil for the fever, and light food when her stomach came hold it. She should be fine in a couple of days.”

Taylor looked at Kate. “What can I do to make you feel better, love?”

“You can start by getting those Advil that he talked about. I really ache all over, Taylor.” She whispered.

Taylor looked at the doctor, “Is Advil safe for pregnancy?”

The doctor frowned, he looked past Taylor and glanced at Kate.

Taylor cleared his throat, “We’re not quite sure yet but I wouldn’t want to risk it.”

“I see.” The doctor smiled. “Well, I can draw some blood and can have the result no later than tomorrow if you’d like but if you’re worried about the Advil, then perhaps it's best if we switched to Tylenolassured that it is safe.”

“Right.” Taylor blew out a breath, “let me just tell her that you’ll be taking out blood.”

The doctor nodded and shuffled over to the far end table and began to prep.

Taylor sat next to Kate and leaned over, caressing the side of her face. “Hey,” he whispered softly, “the doctor is going to need some blood from you. Okay?”

“Uh huh.” She replied, slowly nodding her head at him with her eyes still closed.

Once Doctor Waltz was done. Taylor escorted him out and immediately went back up to see to Kate. He stood by the bed and watched as she sleeps. She looked ill and fragile and pale, and in that moment he knew that when he said he loved her, that he had meant forever. It was a feeling that he had never felt before and it scared the hell out of him of the thought of losing her.

“What?” Kate murmured, sensing his eyes on her, as a furrow appeared between his eyes.

“Nothing,” he said briskly, “I’m heading out to get your supplies. I won’t be long.” He placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

Kate moaned in displeasure, “You’ll get sick!“She scolded at him weakly.

“Then we’ll be sick together.” He told her.

“You’re going to have to pay Ben twice his current salary if you expect him to be running around playing nurse.”

Taylor grinned, even when she being sick, she was quite the entertainer, he noted. “I’ll see you in just a bit, love. Rest.”

Taylor was gone, or so Kate had thought. She could have sworn that she had closed her eyes for only a few minutes or so, but the sound of footsteps approaching their bed - forced her to peek through her lids.

Standing two to three feet away from her was Kayla and she was wearing a brown trench coat.

“Jesus, Kate!! You look like a disaster area.” She stated sympathetically, gazing down at the bucket that Taylor had placed at the foot of the bed for her before he left.

"Kayla," Kate groaned, curving herself into a ball. “My bag,” she pointed toward the table.

Kayla raised her brows at her, “You still want to do it? Now? Kate, your sick. Had I known, I wouldn’t have bothered you.”

“No bother,” Kate said, shivering. “You do it. I’ll be here. Silently supporting you.”

Kayla let out a soft giggle. She hesitated at first but then walked over to Kate’s bag and took out a pregnancy box then headed for the adjoining bathroom.

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