The Price Possession

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Chapter 61 - Beautiful creature

The roaring sound of Taylor’s car engine caused Kayla to startled in a fright.

The black tinted window of his Rolce slowly rolled down, revealing a very distraught Taylor. Kayla didn’t even check to see if there was a car coming - one more step and things could have taken a turn for the worst.

“Jesus, Taylor!” Her hand immediately rounded protectively around her belly. “Where’s the fire?!” She hissed.

As upset as he was with her, her comment wasn’t without merit, he admitted to himself. Hell, he must have broken atleast two or three traffic laws as he sped his way back to his penthouse. But the thought of Kate, sick and alone in bed was all that he could think about and getting back to her wasn’t fast enough.

“Christ, Kay!” He hissed, raking a strong hand through his hair. “You’re going to have to be more careful than that. I could’ve ran you over.”

“You weren’t exactly driving like a saint either.” She threw back at him.

Right! His lips tightened.

“Are you leaving or coming up?” He asked, remembering that Kate had mentioned that she was coming over.

With the flick of his fingers, he switched off the engine.

“I just came down from your place,” She replied, tilting her head sideways so that she could get a better look of him. “Kate looks awful by the way and I kind of feel bad for not calling first.”

“Yeah. The doctor said that it’s the flu, but I’m not entirely convinced,” He said.

“Oh? You think it’s something else?”

He shrugged. It might all just be in his head. Perhaps it was because the thought of her being pregnant might permanently tie her to him. Not that he needed an excuse to keep her by his side, but just the thought of it - of waking up beside her everyday. It sparked a warmth inside his chest.

“I would head right up if I were you. She wanted to pee but wouldn’t let me help her. Something about one person already seeing her at her worst was enough for one day.”

“And you left her there? In the bathroom?!” He cried in disbelief, grabbing her medication from the passengers seat before exiting the car.

“Of course not!” She told him, sounding hurt that he would think that. “She threatened to pee on me when I insisted to come in with her. So instead I waited outside and helped her back to bed when she was done.”

Taylor sighed in relief. “I’m sorry, it’s just that I’m --”

“Worried?” Kayla interjected, “I can tell. You’ve just apologized and didn’t look like you wanted to throw up.” She teased.

And she was right. Come to think of it he had been doing alot of that lately with Kate. He frowned, remembering how his father had scolded him, yelled at him everyt that he apologised for not meeting his ridiculously high standards.

“Winners don’t apologize, ever!!” His father used to say, “And I raised a winner for a son, not pathetic weakling with feelings of regret and remorse.”

His cheeks twitched at the memory. His father was wrong, so wrong. He didn’t feel weak or pathetic. He felt human and in so many ways, and if Kate was pregnant, then he vowed to never - ever raise his kids the same way that his father had raised him.

Kate was sound asleep when he finally made it up to his bedroom. The whole house was quiet, dead even from the absent of her laughter and sweet sound of her voice. Taylor placed a glass of water by the bedside table and went to the bathroom to fetch a damp cloth to place on her head.

The pharmacist had told him that this sometimes helped to bring fever down, so he was willing to try anything to ease her some of her pain away.

Once he was inside of the bathroom. He grabbed one of the face cloth from the countertop, twisting at the faucet and rinsed it under the cool running water. Turning the tap off, he relinquished a breath and froze when he saw an opened box of pregnancy test laying next to the basin.

Grabbing at it, he frowned, then his eyes instantly flew to the bin.

“Kate?” He cried, pulling out the plastic stick.

Words failed him and a cold shiver ran through him, eyes widening at the the positive sign asomething of her had been shot.

He was going to be a father? Tears stung his eyes begging to be released.

“Kate,” he said again, but this time kneeling down at the bed.

Kate stirred and hers eyes slowly opened, taking in his soft features. “What is it?” She whispered softly.

“This!” He replied, holding up the test between his fingers.

Kate’s lips pulled in disgust at how casual he held the thing, shifting backwards she said, “Jesus, Taylor. Throw that thing away. You do realised that somebody had to pee on it right?”

“Well given that that somebody is you, you think I care? We’ve shared body liquids, I think I can handle a little bit of you pee.” Taylor replied with a raised brow.

The weak scoff that left her throat was still audible to Taylor’s ears. Her dry lips pulled in a smug. “Not mine.” She said, then closed her eyes, pulling the soft satin sheet up to her neck.

“Then who’s?” He frowned. The test dropped instantly from his fingers and landed in her bucket.

“Kayla’s,” She murmured, then peeved at him from under one lid. “I love you, Taylor but my head is killing me and you’re not helping with all the questions.”

“Here, take this,” He said, placing to white pills in her hand. “It’ll help with the pain.”

Kate did as she was told. She popped the pills in her mouth washed it down with glass of water that he had handed her.

She was sick for five days.

She sweated. She moaned. She shivered and woke up at odd hours to throw up. And Taylor took care of her. He held her head when she was sick, and bathed her when she was hot. He soothed her when she moaned and warmed her with his body when she was cold.

And the on the sixth day, Kate woke up, sat, stretched and yawned. Taylor, however, was still sleeping soundly next to her. Her eyes wondered over his face - took in the small scar on his forehead, then travelled down to his closed lids, to his nose and finally, his lips. Her fingers ached to draw back the few strands of black hair that rested on his forehead. But he looked so peaceful that Kate didn’t have the heart to wake him up, not after she had only half dreamt of him taking care of her when she was sick.

As quietly as she possibly could, she pulled back the covers and shifted her way over to the side of the bed, ready to make a break for the bathroom.

“Does this mean that you are feeling better?” Taylor’s voice stopped her just as her feet touched the ground.

She turned around and saw him sitting up with a hopeful smile on his face as he waited for her to answer.

She grinned back at him. “I feel wonderful.” Her grin then faded and two bars formed at the center of her brows. “Did you stay with me the whole time?”

“Well,” he said modestly, “Not all the time. I took breaks to shower and make calls, and to make coffee and fixed you soup.”

“But you were with me the rest of the time?” Her eyes met his. “I know how busy you are, you could’ve dropped me home, to my apartment. Mrs.Kirby would have kept an eye on me.”

His smile tilted. He cupped her face and smoothed her hair back from her temples and kissed her nose.

“I know,” he said softly, “but this is home.”

The look on his face was gentle, as was the touch of his hands. The warmth of his smile made her want to lean into his arms and cling on to him, forever.

“I wanted to take care of you, love and not have somebody else do it.”

“Thank you.” Kate whispered softly.

They held each other’s gaze and Taylor wanted to gather her in his arms, hold her tight and tell her -- tell that...

Instead he cleared his throat. “No need for thanks. I’d do it all over again, love,” he said lightly.

“I d’t think that I’m quite ready to go through that again.” She laughed - until she looked past him and caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror.

“Oh God! Is that me?”

“Is what you?”

“That creature looking back at me in the mirror.”

Taylor leaped for her before she could stand up. “Not so fast love, you’re liable to fall flat on you’re face.”

“I’m fine, Taylor. See?” She said, rising to her feet as if proof that she was just that - fine.

“I’m just going to go back to my room get a few things before taking a very long shower.”

A funny look came and went on his face, so quickly that she thought that she had imagined it.

“That won’t be necessary, ” he said, rising from the bed and came towards her. “All your things have already been moved, here.”

“They have?” Both her brows lifted at his words.

“Yes,” he cleared his throat in discomfort before adding, “along with a few new addition.”

Kate eyed him warily before head to the wardrobe. The first door she opened was filled with his suits. The second one, his shirts and trousers - and when she open the third door, her smile faded.

She couldn’t make out whether he was kidding when he said that all her clothes were here. If they were, then it was damn near hard to spot something, if not anything familiar of hers.

The wardrobe was filled with clothes alright, just not hers but they were all her size. Well, the ones that she briefly checked were.

“Uh, babe. Do you have somebody else moving in? Because these aren’t mine. In fact, I can’t see any of my clothes in there.” She turned and gasped at how close he was standing to her.

“They are all there, love. The rest are just replacements for the ones that I’ve already damaged, and for future ones that I will eventually take great pleasure in ripping off of you.” His eyes glinted with humour when her cheeks flushed.

It was nice to finally see some colours on her. He had missed seeing her like this - up and about and blushing at his promises.

“Well, now I’m torn.” She admitted, “I want to scold you for buying me things but I guess that all of this is better than me having to walk around naked.”

He wrapped her arms around him from behind and placed a soft kiss on her temple.

“I’m glad you think so,” He said.

Kate leaned into him as she took in the various clothes that hang with pride. Just by looking at them, she could tell that they were all as expensive as the next. She pursed at her lips before turning in his arms and rested her head on his chest.

“Did you, uh - handle the thing with Carl?” She asked listening to the soft beat of his heart.

Taylor rested his chin on her head and sighed, “I didn’t go.” He replied. “I meant it when I said that I didn’t leave your side.” His arms fell from her waist and he looked at her puzzled face, fell silent and stepped aside.

“Then, what happened?” She gently persisted, suddenly missing the warmth of his body close to hers.

“Dante took care of it.” He said, roughly, heading back to the bedside table and grabbed his phone. He swung around and noticed the sad look in her eyes and sensed her fears.

“You needn’t worry,” he assured her, “Carl isn’t dead. Badly bruised - yes. But not dead. And I don’t think that he will be bothering us again.”

Well, at least he wasn’t dead, Kate thought, standing under the hot stream of the shower soaping, shampooing, scrubbing and rinsinsing until she felt clean. A big part of her was glad that Taylor hadn’t gone, that he chose to stay with her. Images came and went of him holding her, urging her to drink cool juices and eat whatever spoonful of soup that she could.

Her stomach growled at the thought of food. Lord, she could really eat a cow right about now.


Kate took a breath at shut off the water then cracked open the shower door. Taylor stood outside - at least, she thought it was, as she began to laugh. An enormous white towel stood outside, with a man’s denim-clad legs peeping out from under it.

She stepped onto the mat and let him enfold her the towel.

“Mmmm, ” she sighed in contempt as he drew her closer, “that was lovely.”

“Yeah,” he said, and sternly warned his body to behave itself. Kate had been ill. She was still fragile and heavens only knew how she’d react, when she finds out what he’s done.

“Think you can make it downstairs after getting dressed?” He said wrapping the towel snugly around her and stepped back, motioning her ahead of him, into the bedroom.

Kate chuckled a laugh as she padded her across the white tiles. “You’d have to tie me to the bed to try and stop me, I’m starving.”

The smirk on his face disappeared when along with her towel as Kate dropped in to the floor, then bent down and pulled her pair of white panty on.

It was taking alot of self discipline on his behalf not to go to her and seduce the hell out of her. But he couldn’t risk her screaming the house down with, not when she still yet had to go downstairs.

Tearing his eyes away from her, he walked over to his wardrobe and grabbed a grey t-shirt and threw it on. “Come find me in the kitchen,” he said.

“Wait.” Kate called after him, with only her red top and panties on as she scurried behind him. “I kind of wanted us to go down together,” she said, catching up with him at the door.

“You’re not making this easy for me.” He stated, voice hoarse with need.

“What?” Her eyes shifted down to his tented erection before looking up at him and biting down on her lip, trying to conceal her amusement. As casual as he had been acting, he, however, forgot to tell his body to play along.

She was toying with him. Taylor could tell, and if she did not stop, then it was going to be her funeral.

“You know what.” He told her, giving her a hard look.

Kate’s lips spread into a sexy grin as she closed the distance between them. “You want to come back into the bedroom and enlightenment me a little bit more?”

Taylor drew in a deep lingering breath, “Kate,” his voice was rough and so was the way he reached her and enclosed her in his arms. “You don’t understand,”

“No, you don’t understand,” she interrupted him mid-sentence. “Last time, you had me pressed against the door with your hand shoved up my dress and me, being this close to owing you a pair of pants. If you hadn’t brought up that whole pregnancy thing, I probably would have rode you in the middle of the living room.”

It was all the answer that he needed to to convince himself that if they were fast and quiet, then they would be safe.

Without another thought, he pulled her back into the bedroom and only stopped to lock the door.

He stepped out of his jeans and drew her down to the bed, into his arms. He rained seductive kisses down her temples to her throat. Tugging her free from her tank top, he licked her nipples, bit down on them gently, stroked her thighs and buried his face between them.

“My turn,” Kate said softly, and knelt over him, kissing her way down his muscular body, taking him into her mouth, loving him with teeth and tongue until his groan and rolled beneath her. He entered her so fast and hard, that it made her gasped, crawling at his back - bursting into a million shards of light.

“You’re not, you know.” He whispered, running smoothly fingers down her back.

Kate nestled against his chest, “Not what?” She asked, closing her eyes and listened to his deep heavy breaths.

“Pregnant.” He replied, “The doctor called with the result. It was negative.”

“Oh? You don’t sound happy about it.” She noted.

“I am,” he said then frowned at his own lie. “We never discussed whether you wanted kids or not and I, I guess I was just abit worried how you’d react if you were.”

She lifted her head so that he could see just how touched and sincere she was. “Of course I want kids, babe. Just not now, not like this. My grandmother might allow us to sleep together but I think she would prefer if I was married before starting a family.”

“She’s a very smart lady.” Taylor acknowledged.

Kate smiled, resting her head back on his warm chest.

“Remind me to thank her.” She heard Taylor say, ” For keeping you safe for me.”

“Safe?” Her brows creased at the word and when the meaning behind it finally came to her, then instantly scowled at him. “You fucking mean a virgin, don’t you?”

Taylor chuckled at her expression. “I like the thought of you being all mine,” he said, “And that’s exactly how I plan to keep it. After breakfast I’m taking you to see Doctor Alistair. We’re definitely getting you started on those damn pills.”

“Doctor Alistair? But what happened to Doctor Waltz?”

“I prefer a female doctor consulting you. Doctor Waltz is fine, and I would like for him to stay that way.”

Kate got up, dragging the covers with her as she laughed. “You know, you’re impossible, right?!”

“Where are you going?” He called after her when she disappeared out the door.

“Kitchen!” She yelled, “I told you that I was hungry.”

Taylor immediately sat up, dragging his boxer brief along with his pair of jeans on. “Kate!” He yelled after her, “Wait!”

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