The Price Possession

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Chapter 64 - You Won't Last

It was daylight when Kate woke up. Behind her, Taylor was still sound asleep with his arms wrapped securely around her. Letting out a soft chuckle, she gentle removed his hand from her waist and got out of bed as quietly as possible, so as to not wake him.

It had been both an emotional and rough night. Emotional because she had felt all the pain and hurt in his voice as he talked about losing his mother to breast cancer, having to grow up with a father who seemed hell bent on destroying everything good that was still left in him - even the memories of his wife.Kate found it hard to believe that a man could be that cruel especially to his own son - his flesh and blood. And when they had gone up to see Daniel, she was taken aback by how similar his looks were to Taylor’s. She had taken a few steps closer to his bed and for some reason, her heart dropped at the sight of tubes going in and out of him.

“He’s like an old version of you.” She had told Taylor, to which he shook his head with distaste and replied that he was nothing like his father.

Although she had only meant by looks only, she made no move to correct him but simply agreed that he wasn’t. And after they had left his room, Taylor had whisked her away to their room and had made love to her countless of times. It felt as though no matter how many times, or how many different positions, change in location - he still couldn’t get enough of her. And yet every time still felt like he was trying to lose himself, forgetting everything and everyone but them.It was around four in the morning that he finally rolled off of her, dragging her along with him and caressed the bare skin of her back as they fell asleep.

Kate stood watching him as he slept for while before maneuvering her way around several torn condom wrappers that they had carelessly tossed to the floor. After she was done with her daily bathroom routines and dressed, she tiptoed her way to the door, closing to a soft thud.

“Oh! Ms. Dawson.” The sound of Edna voice startled Kate.

Lifting a finger to her lips, she sauntered closer to the stairway and offered Edna a polite smile.

“Good morning Edna,” Kate greeted her in a hushed voice.

“Taylor’s still sleeping.”

Edna’s brows jutted up as if surprised by what Kate had said, then they knitted together. “Oh?” She smiled, “He’s normally up before everybody else.”

“Yeah,”Kate flushed, “we had a late night.”

“Oh.” Edna’s lips curved.

“Are you heading for Daniel’s room?” Kate asked, trying to spare herself from revealing details of their evening.

“I am.” Edna replied, “I normally read to him after breakfast. Mostly poems.”

“Do you - that is, can I? I mean can I do it for today?”

Edna’s lips parted over her teeth with delight. “You’re the first to ever ask or to even want to see in a room with him, you know.”

“Oh I don’t mind really. I usually read to my grandmother but she complains most of the time. Tells me that I treat her like a infant. So it’ll be nice to read to someone who doesn’t complain.” She explained.

“I think you mean can’t.” Edna added, chuckling lightly at how fast the smile on Kate’s face had vanished before cursing at herself for her insensitive comment.

And when she made a quick not to apologize, Edna shook her head and placed a hand over hers and squeezed it lightly.

“It’s quite alright, dear,” the nurse said, “who knows, he might hate it so much that he actually wakes up and tells you himself.”

The room was depressive. Despite the flowers that Edna had placed all over the room, it still didn’t hide the saddening fact that room was still too quiet, stained with the result of a son having to choose over after and son.

Kate sighed for the fifth time, closing the book that Edna had given her and placed in on the bedside table next to where Daniel laid. She got up and adjust the covers of his frailbody, eyeing the tubes, then the machines beeping next to him.

Her lips pursed as she sat on the bed next to him, gazing at his gentle features, tracing the line on his face. She could see so much of Taylor in him, even when he sleeps. And as sick as she felt about what he had done and had planned to do with his sons, she still could help but feel sorry for him. If only he hadn’t been so bitter and power driven.

“You’re an idiot, you know?” Kate muttered, taking his hand in hers.

“You have two incredible sons and you completely blew it with them. Brandon is an idiot sometimes but he’s so sweet and kind and too good and too good for this world. And Taylor, you almost ruined him. Almost. It took me a while to see the man that he was hiding behind the cold front, the bitter insults. He has a big heart, scare to let people get too close, afraid that they might hurt him the way you did.” She released a breath and allowed his hand to fall back on the soft mattress.

“You’ve missed out Daniel. And I feel sorry for you. Sorry that you didn’t get to see them both grow into the men that they are today. And Kayla is probably going to kill me but since you won’t be saying anything, I guess it’s safe to tell you that you are going to be a grandfather.” She paused, recalling how Taylor had been so worked up about the idea of her also being pregnant.

The disappointment in his voice when he told her that she wasn’t was more than enough to tell her that he wished that she was. But they weren’t ready, it was too soon. She wanted at least some stability before starting a family and they’d still yet to get to know each better. And if someday they wake and decide that their relationship had run its course, she knew that no matter what, he was going to make any woman happy and would be a wonderful father.

Her feet immediately shot to the ground, raising herself from the bed. Her heart squeezed painfully inside her at the thought of somebody else sharing the rest of his life with him.


Kate gasped, startled at first and then smiled when she saw Taylor walk into the room. He looked freshly showered, dressed in a pair of navy blue shorts and a white linen shirt - his hair still damp and combed back.

“What are you doing in here?” He asked, casting a brief glance over his father then back at her.

Kate walked over to where he stood a few feet over from the bed and wrapped her arms around his waist - resting her head against his chest.

“I didn’t want to wake you so I asked Edna if I could come and keep your father company for a while.”

His chest heaved, and Kate could hear the sweet sound of his heart beating against her ear.

“You should have woke me up. We could have showered together and have breakfast in the garden.” He told her, then tilted his head to the side causing her to look up at him.

“You did have breakfast, right?” He asked.

“Not yet. Thought I’d wait for you.”

Taylor scoffed. “The last time I didn’t feed you, you were ready to parade around the house naked the raid the kitchen.”

Her hands instantly fell from his waist. She drew back, throwing him a horrified look before glancing down at Daniel.

“Taylor!” She scolded at him. “Your father is right there.” She pointed at the bed. “I think one family member knowing about our bedroom habits is enough. Don’t you think?”

Taylor laughed and her face brightened with colour. And when he reached for her and she took a step back and shook her head at him.

“What?” He asked innocently, covering his amusement with a cough. “I can help it if I get aroused every time I--”

Kate rushed to him and muffled the rest of his words with her hand covering his mouth.

“Don’t. You. Fucking. Dare.” She warned him, trying to ignore the lust that suddenly sparked in his eyes.

Taylor raised his dark eyebrows at her, as if she had just challenged him. She felt his lips curve under her palm and she breathed in a lingering breath when his eyes sparkled with devilish intent.

Her eyes widened when he gathered her into his arms and held her close, close enough to feel his growing erection.

“Are you seriously getting turned on right now?” She cried in disbelief then quickly removed her hand from his lips when she felt his tongues lick the inside of her hand.

“For God sake!” She pushed against his chest but to her surprise Taylor grabbed her by the elbows, pulled her back to his chest and covered her lips with his.

He deepened the kiss, plundering his tongue into her mouth forcing her to moan. And just as quick as he had kissed her and nearly made her forget that they were not alone, his lips left hers.

“There,” Taylor said, proud of the colours that burned her cheeks. “You’re exactly how I imagined waking up to you.”

Blue eyes held hers as she tried to catch her breath and wrapped her mind over how easily he could have lifted her, pushed her panty as side and ram his stiff erection into her. Self control, she reminded herself, she needed to have more self control around him if she didn’t want to risk getting caught again.

Right, she thought to herself, shaking off the remains of the effect that his kiss still had on her.

“You wanted to wake up seeing me embarrassed?”

Taylor smiled, pulling his lower lip between his teeth. He loved it whenever she would taunt him, tease him even, to be blunt whenever he was trying to be sympathetic to her feelings. He very much doubted if she knew how much he loved seeing her stunned expression followed by the change in colours of her face after peeling off the sugar-coated layers off his words.

“No, love,” he said in a soft velvety voice, drawing back an imaginary strand of hair behind her ear. “I wanted to wake up to seeing my very thoroughly fucked girlfriend blush when I ask her whether she was sore because if she wasn’t then I was going to give her something to remember me by for the entire day.”

Well, fuck! If she wasn’t turned on before, well now she was definitely was.

“Taylor!” Her voice squeaked, “Your father is right there. Literally right next to us!”

“You asked, my love. Plus, if he really doesn’t wake up, then maybe one of his last memory will be of us, discussing the birth of his grandchild.”

Kate’s face fell. He sounded serious, too serious for her to even consider it as a joke.

“Do you want to have a baby with me?”

“I do.” He replied, taking her hand in his, then placed a kiss on her ring finger before adding, “But I also want to earn the right to put a ring in this finger.”

“Taylor, I’m not about to get pregnant and marry you both at the same time. Can we compromise?”

“Hey,” he whispered softly, grabbing hold of her chin, “I’m not asking you to do both at once. I just want everything with you but we can wait until your ready. We’ve talked about this, right?”

“Yeah, but you sounded so definite about it and I just,” she released a breath. “I guess I’m still digesting the fact that we’re together and you seem to be rushing things.”


Taylor frowned, releasing hold of her. Was it rushing if he wanted her to know that he means it when he says forever and that him planning a head was his way of assuring her that did want a future with her?

“I am?” He asked, gazing back at her warily.

Kate nodded. “You are.” She admitted, then quickly added, “Not that I’m saying that I don’t approve on some of the things you’ve done but can we just, maybe slow down abit.”

Slow down? His frown deepened on his face. The last thing he wanted was to scare her away and yet...

“Alright.” He conceded, “Fine. We’ll slow things down. I’ll ask Phylis to prepare another room for me, so we can strip down to basics. Getting to know each other like we should’ve done.”

Taylor turned and walked out of the room. One minute two late and she would have seen the smile on his face.

It wouldn’t last, he thought to himself. One night in a room by herself? He scoffed at the idea. She’d come knocking as soon as his head hits the pillow. It was that he was laying about her not feeling pressured about their relationship. But at the same time he wanted her to know just how it would feel to not have him there beside her because the thought of her not being in his life, tormented him. He couldn’t imagine her in the arms of somebody else. She was his. Will always be his and she needed to see that.

Kate stared at his back as he disappeared through the door, trying to figure out how in the hell did her not being ready to having kids end up with them sleeping in different beds. She didn’t want to sleep alone, without him there, laying kisses on her neck, shoulder and sometimes lips whenever he thought she was fast as sleep.

“Hey! Wait a minute!” She called after him, with hurried steps as he made his way out down the hallway.

“Taylor!” She cried and his steps came to a stop. “I said take it slow, not stop!”

Taylor turned to face her. “Oh, but I am taking it slow and when you feel comfortable enough kicking things up a notch, just let me know.”

Kate took in his bland expression. And when she couldn’t find the answers that she was seeking, she stared desperately into his eyes and all hope, vanished.

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” She whispered, her lips quivering at the how indifferent he was acting.

He couldn’t possibly be okay with the idea of sleeping in separate rooms, she told herself. Because she sure as hell wasn’t. He had already given her a taste of how good it was to go to bed fully contempt.

“I am.” she heard him say and she swallow. “I don’t want you to think that I’m pressuring you into something you don’t want. So take your time.” he said, “As long as you want. Brandon and Kayla are downstairs, you can join them if you like. I’ll be down as soon as I’m done packaging.”

A scowl appeared on her face when he turned around and walked away from her. She felt as though there was a punchline somewhere. Like he was going to turn around and say that it was just one of his lame jokes, but when he didn’t look back, she knew that he was serious and that he had meant every word.

Two weeks of sleeping in separate beds?

“You won’t last, you know!” She cried after him, “You moving out is only unnecessary work for Phylis.”

And when their bedroom door slammed shut, she pouted her lips, gritted at her teeth and told herself that he wouldn’t last a night in that room alone.

She would give him until after dinner time. He will come crawling, if not begging to make love to her. And she would wait, with her conditions set for him to accept.

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