The Price Possession

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Chapter 65 - Battle Of The will (Part 1)

It was warm outside. The sky was blue and the wind blew gently through the coconut trees, swaying at the palm leave and caressed the flamboyant garden of mixed red and white roses, some vibrant colours of hibiscus and a few white and purple Orchids that crossed its path

Kate leaned her head back, resting it against the soft white and blue cushion and slowly began to swing herself in the hammock that she had instantly spotted halfway through her walk in the garden.

Whoever’s idea it was to have it on few feet away from the beach was a genius, Kate thought because it was the perfect place to relax and just forget that whole world existed.

Kate leaned her head over Taylor’s phone, smiling to herself as she listened to her grandmother teasing about coming back home looking like a boiled lobster. She giggled softly, stretching her back further into the white net.

“It’s really beautiful out here, nana. I wish you were here to see it.” She said, glancing up when a flock of birds flew over her. Her eyes sparkled, amazing at how free the wildlife was here. ” Taylor says that next we’ll bring you along if want.” She added, enthusiasm filled her voice as she waited for Nana to reply.

“Oh, Kate! I can barely get out of bed. You think that I can manage travelling over miles and miles of endless ocean?”

Kate scoffed at her response. “You’ve met Taylor, right? So, you should probably know that when he wants something done, he gets it done.”

Her own words caught her off guard after she had said them. Remembering their talk and silently wondered whether he would do the same thing to her - seduce her into getting pregnant then have her marry him.

Shaking her head at the silly thought, she casted a quick glance back at the house and sighed, suddenly missing him. An hour had gone by since him and Brandon had gone up to see their father and Kayla had gone up to her room to freshen up and to lay down for a while.

“Kate?... hello?”

Kate blinked, remembering that she was still on the phone with her grandmother. “Sorry Nana. Got lost in my thoughts for second there.”

“Really? What’s wrong dear?”

Kate could hear the wary sound in her voice. Nana knew her too well and she knew that even if she made up a quick lie, her dear sweet grandmother would see right through it. So instead, she drew in a lung full of air, closing her eyes and focused on the gentle swaying motion of the hammock.

“Taylor keep throwing me hints about having a baby and getting married.” She let out in a haste, holding on to her breath as she waited for her grandmother’s reaction.

The line fell into an abrupt silence and for a moment Kate wasn’t sure if she had just given a grandmother a stroke.

“Nana?” She uttered in a warily voice.

“I’m still here, Kate. I just had to make sure that I was seated before I ask you if you’ve been out in the sun for long? Because it obviously must have fried a part of that brain of yours.”

“What do you mean?”

Nana scoffed. “Sweety, I’m surprised you’re not already pregnant.”

Kate’s eyes bulged out of its sockets. “Nana!” She squealed with discomfort.

“What? You think we don’t see how you are around each other? If you’re not touching him then he is touching you. And Mrs. Kirby did mention that she had heard weird noises coming from the pantry right after you both came to say goodbye. She went down to fetch me a glass of water and come back with a banana instead. Poor woman, she couldn’t stop blushing the whole day.”

Right there and then, Kate wanted to dig a hole and roll herself in then have somebody burying her alive. She knew exactly what poor Mrs.Kirby had heard and the thought of it made her want to die of embarrassment.

Oh, why did she allow Taylor to drag her inside the kitchen pantry and fall effortlessly for his seduction? He had her up against the cold wall with a hand securely strapped over her mouth, muffling all of her crazed moans as he thrusted wildly into her.

‘Quickie my ass!’ She had told him after they were done. If they had been flying commercial then they would have missed their flight.

Kate shook her head in dismay, cringing at how public known their private affairs were.

“Oh,” Kate said in a casual tone of voice, praying that Nana wouldn’t hear the nervous croak in her voice.

“I’m sorry she had to through that but it honestly wasn’t what Mrs.Kirby thought. I was just helping Taylor with something.”

Nana laughed. “Of course you were and I bet he was helping you out too, right?”

“Oh God!” Kate muttered, shaking herself in the face.

“There’s really nothing for you to be embarrassed of, dear. My point was that you two obviously love each other to the point that you only have eyes from one another, even when you are in a crowd or a room filled with relatives... or just may be just me and Mrs.Kirby.” Nana chuckled, “But I would rather have you married before you start giving me grandkids. Taylor did promise me loads of them.”

Kate’s eyes narrowed to the front door of the house when she heard it slammed shut. And there he stood, the man of the hour, wearing nothing but his swimming trunks.

Kate pursed her lips at the sight of him, then drew them back between her teeth, stifling the laugh that tickled at her throat. She had meant it when she told him that he wouldn’t last but him pulling this stunt...

She cleared throat all the while fighting to keep a strong face.

“So he did tell you that.” She muttered under her breath, remembering how he had played it of a joke when he had told her that.

“Of course, he did.” Nana assured her, “How else do you think he convinced me to move in? A brilliant negotiator that’s what he is.”

Kate raised a brow at her grandmother’s comment, then it slowly fell back in place when ran his fingers through his thick black hair, frowning while staring into the distance. It wasn’t right. No human being was allowed to look this handsome without even trying. Her eyes travelled from his face down to the toned muscles of his chest then lingered at the ‘v’ that disappeared into his pair of shorts.

Dear heavens, how long was she going to last without touching him?

She swallowed on her now dry throat and wiped the corner of her mouth with her fingers, convinced that she might have drooled abit.

“Yeah, he most certainly is,” she agreed in soft almost hushed voice, then forced herself to look away from him. Then she took a deep breath, rolled her shoulders and laughed, adding, “or maybe you just got blindsided by his good looks.”

“Could be.” Nana replied, bursting into laughs. “But when you get to be my age, you’ve seen enough to recognize a man in love and Kate, that poor boy is head over heels. No wonder he’s in such a hurry. Just cut him some slacks.”

Oh nana! Kate shook her head and told herself not to respond to her taunts. If she could only see the lengths that Taylor was going to, to get her attention, she would probably die with a smile on her face.

Kate turned and her eyes met his. They stared at each other for a couple of seconds and the seductive smile that grew on his face made her heart skip a beat. She was certain now, he really was going seduce her into caving in. But she wasn’t going to go down without a good fight, atleast later she can tell herself that she had fought a great battle of the will.

“Nana,” she said, sitting up, “I’m going to have to call you later because right now, I have a man to kill.”

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