The Price Possession

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Chapter 65 - Battle Of the Will (Part 2)

Taylor’s smile broadened as he made his way over to where Kate sat, but when he got close enough to her, his lips dropped back in place and his eyebrows knitted into a straight line at the murderous look on her face.

It was the same look that she had given him before, every time he had said something wrong.

He was in trouble, he thought, and when she shot up to her feet, he stopped in his track with his eyes training over her.

“Something wrong?” He asked when she narrowed her eyes at him.

Kate folded her arms over her chest, “Do you want to spend the rest of your life pleasuring yourself?”

His brow jutted up so fast that for a moment she thought that it might get caught in his hair.

“Why would I --”

“You promised my grandmother loads of grandkids?!” She interjected, her lips tightened into a firm pout. “You said it was a joke.”

Taylor exhaled, throwing her wary glance. “Oh,” his lips curved with guilt. “that.”

Kate released a sharp breath. He didn’t look as if he regretted it but more like he regretted the fact that she found out.

“Yes, that! Seriously, Taylor! If I wasn’t on the pill, I don’t think that I would let you touch me again.”

“Really?” He quipped, unconvinced that she had enough willpower to stop him after one kiss. “Love, I was kidding when I told her that.”

“And now?” She asked, narrowing her eyes at him.

“Now, I’m just waiting for you to come to me. And the rest, it’ll sort itself out.”

The scowl on her face dissolved and blended in disbelief. His arrogance never ceased to amaze her. And for somebody who wanted her to come crawling back to his bed, he was doing a very shitty job convincing her.

“It’ll sort itself out?” She repeated his words back to him, hoping that maybe, just maybe he would hear just how much of a dick it made him sound like. But when he gave her a nod, seemingly agreeing with what he had said - she lost it.

“Are you freaking me kidding me?” She hissed.

Unable to stay a minute longer to look at his handsome arrogant self, she stormed past him. Anywhere was better than here, she thought, because if he so much as said another idiotic word then she didn’t know if she was going to be able to stop herself from making a scene.

But as soon as she brushed past him, Taylor shot a hand out and grabbed hold of her arm.

“Kate?” She glared at him then lowered her eyes to his hand.

“What I meant was, that whatever happens after that we’ll take care of it, together.”

“Unbelievable!” She hissed, wrenching her arm free. “You think that this makes it better? Do you honestly think I can’t resist you?”

“Do you really want me to answer that?” He grinned and it made Kate angry and annoyed that despite being upset with him, she was still a little turned on.

But if he was dead set on acting like a dick, then she was going to give him a taste of his own medicine.

“You know what?” She said in a casual tone of voice, “Fine.”

Taylor raised a brow at her. “Fine?” He asked, as if something about her answer didn’t satisfy him.

Kate jutted her chin up, leveled her eyes to his and gave a little nod. “Yes, fine.” She replied, moving closer to him and stopped when their bodies touched.

She slowly raised her hands upwards, trailing them on his warm chest, exploring the tone muscles underneath her palm and smirked at the rapid change of his heart beating.

“I’ll admit, babe. You do have a certain way of getting into my pants without even breaking a sweat.” Her hands stilled at his shoulders and she raised herself on her toes, looping both arms around his neck, then leaned forward, holding his gaze.

Taylor told himself to keep his guard up, but the changing lights in her eyes was pulling him in and the sweet sultry tone of her voice made his blood coarse like fire through his veins, and the longing that was there made him bend his head, anticipating her next move.

Kate smiled sweetly at him, leaning closer and closer still until her lips brushed over his soft ones in a light and sensual motion, and began to work a certain magic that made him forget where they were or that she might be setting him up for trap. She was like a siren in his arms, pulling him in with her soft and delicious tongue that tasted like strawberries. Consuming him with the seductive way her body was pressed against his - close enough to feel her hardened nipples rubbing against his flesh.

He pulled her pliant body to the hardness of his, so that she could feel the effect that she had on him, then he placed a free hand behind her head with the full intention of kissing her like she deserved to be kissed. Hot, wild and passionately.

As soon as she felt his tongue caress hers, she moaned, allowing him to taste her. But when she heard him groan, Kate knew that if she didn’t pull back now then it would be too late. Nibbling at his lips, she drew back, her eyes brightened and sparkled of something mischievous when it held his blue, confused ones. She rested her forehead against his, she smirked.

“Do you see, my love?” She asked, mocking him before unwrapping her hands around his neck, then took a step back. “I also happen to know that you can’t resist me either. And if you keep acting like a dick then you’ll be spending the whole of our trip here, sleeping alone.”

The look on Taylor’s face was priceless and it took a lot on Kate’s behalf not to laugh at the stunned look on his face. Clearly he didn’t think that she had it in her to pull away, but she was glad that she did. This would probably make him rethink his whole moving out scheme and having her come begging for him to make love to her.

Taylor stared at her for a brief moment, half wondering what had just happened. Not once had ever let a woman have the upper hand on him. Whenever they were uncertain, he would resorted to his ruthlessness which had served him so well all his life to dispel it. And yet, Kate, something had warned him at the back of his head to be cautious but she had been able to lure him in and use his own game against him.

“Well, it seems like I might have miscalculated a few things. Never thought I’d live to see the day that I let a woman seduce me.”

“Oh, really?” She folded her hands over her chest. Guessing that this was as much of a sign of defeat that he was going to let show.


“Well, it’s nice to know that I’m your first.” She returned, proudly.

“Yeah, nice.” He retorted, then his eyes darkened and his lips pulled into a wicked smile, before asking. “Now tell me, do you intend to finish the job?”

Kate followed his suggestive eyes down to his tented pair of shorts. Her cheeks flushed and biting back her amusement.

“Oh, I don’t know,” she said ever so coyly, glancing up at him. “Wouldn’t that make me the loser in this little game of yours?”

“Kate,” He said, staring back at her frustratedly, reaching out for her.

“Taylor!” She warned him, taking a quick step back.

His eyes widened. “So you’re just going to leave me like this?”

Kate pursed her lips, forcing her face to appear sympathetic. “Oh, I’m sure that you must have taken care of yourself whenever accidents like this happened in the past, right?”

Taylor’s glance sharpened. “You want me to --,” he paused, frowning back at her. “Kate, come on. You can’t be serious.”

“Oh, but I am, babe. Very serious.” She replied, taking another step back, then remembering her talk with Doctor Alistair and smirked when he blew out an exasperating breath, she added, “And to think that Doctor Alistair gave us the go ahead to stop using condoms. Pity...” she shrugged, taunting him, “guess we’ll have to wait until you --”

A sharp shrieked erupted from her throat when Taylor lurched for her. At that very moment she realised that she might have gone a little too far with her attempts to tease him because she knew that he had been dying to make love to her raw, not a day had gone by without him complaining about the condoms or reminding her of just how good it felt being inside her without anything separating them - skin to skin, he had whispered in her ears.

“Taylor!” Kate yelled over her shoulders, laughing as she sprinted to the beach. “Stop! There are people around!”

She kept running, the sand was warm underneath her feet and when she didn’t hear him reply, she casted a quick look over her shoulders to see if she had lost him, but that quick turn caused her to lose her balance and she stumbled over her feet and came to crashing down on the white sand.

Taylor hissed a curse when he saw her fell and hurried to her side. “Hey, you okay?” He asked, casting a worried glanced over her. But when she started laugh, his hand stilled her arm, and he released a breath.

“You have to stop running away from me, you could have hurt yourself.” He scolded at her.

“I think that you need to stop chasing first,” she returned, sitting up, swatting sand from her cheek and hair, then finally on her chest. “Then I won’t have any reason to run.”

She jutted her chin up and Taylor caught it in his hand and smiled at how a ridiculous pair they were. Running around like they were a couple of teenagers, but she did this to him. Made him feel young and alive and he loved her for it.

His eyes shimmered with delight when she pouted her lips at him. She looked a mess with sand still stuck in her hair and on her face, and over the exposed area of her cleavage.

“I was only going to kiss you.” He exclaimed, his eyes sparkled with devilish intent.

His free hand came out to brush her cheek, allowing his thumb to trace lightly over her mouth. “Then I was going to pull you close,” he leant over, removing his exploring thumb from the curve of her lips. “With my hands cupping that deliciously round ass of yours and you whimpering when I rub your handiwork against that drenched pussy of yours.”

Kate squirmed in his hands, hating how her body was reacting to the effect of his words. And when his lips touched hers, she sucked in a breath and whispered “Shit!” Against his delicious mouth.

Expertly, on the empty beach, he moved between her legs and laid her down on the sand. And when she made a move to protest, he drove his tongue into her mouth and thrusted his hard erection forward grazing against her pulsing slit, turning her fable protests into a long arousing moan.

Kate was fight a losing battle and every inch of her treacherous body told her so. But when he shifted his hip bringing their body into perfect alignment, the pleasure that shrieked through her made her gasped. He felt so good, so hot and hard, that it made her finger curl against his skin and her hips bucked to get closer - the desire to fight him passed and she longed to stay there, just them, with him laying on top of her forever.

She wanted Taylor. Wanted him naked and panting, thrusting inside her until she couldn’t think, couldn’t breath.

His mouth left hers, he lifted his head and stared at her briefly, she sensed in him some kind of surprise, as though he was just as consumed by the same thing as her.

This was the perfect time to knee him in the groin and make a run for the house, she thought. But just as if he could read her thought he grabbed hold of her hands and locked them above her head with his.

He kissed her mouth, then her cheek, and her neck. Kate shivered when he took one of his hand away from hers and trailed it down the curve of her breast, further down to her belly then pausing at the curve of her waist.

“Tell me to stop.” He rasped against her ear, shifting between her parted legs.

She wanted to. Really wanted to say the words but her body was sending mixed signals to her brain.

She opened her mouth to somewhat mouth the word but gasped instead when his fingers trailed up her inner thigh and stopped at her now wet pair of green panties.

“Love,” He said, pulling her out of the trance that she had gone under,“I’m going to need you to say it now.”

Right! She thought, she really should but the only problem is that his thumb was gently rubbing against her clit causing an electrifying sensation that made her entire body pulse and throb. It wasn’t easy to tell him to stop when he was about to give her what her body was craving for. Release.

Kate didn’t know whether he had ripped her panty off but all she knew was that somehow he had free himself and was now rubbing the head of his stiff cock against her drenched slits, teasing her, driving her crazy.

“Taylor,” her body shook with need, “Please...” she whimpered.

“Please what?” He whispered.

Her skin tingled all over at the warmth of his breath, fanning against the crook of her neck.

“Please --” she chanted, but for what she didn’t know. Please stop! Please make love to me! She didn’t know. Her head was spinning and she could no longer think straight. Couldn’t remember whether she had finished her sentence or not.

But she must’ve had, she told herself because right then she felt him easing into her, his action slow and deliberate causing her eyes to rolled at the back of her head.

She waited for him to fully embedded in, raising her thighs to encourage him further in but she heard him hiss a cuss under his breath and drew away from her.

Her eyes flashed open, frowning up at him when she saw him kneel back on his heels, with his stiff arousal back into his short.

If this was his way of teasing her, then she was going flip.

“What the hell?” She exclaimed, panting, her brain still trying to understand what was happening.

“Bernard.” Taylor muttered in harsh frustrated tone, fixing her dress back in place.

“What?! Where?” She asked in instant panic.

She sat up and quickly shot to her feet, patting at her dress, trying to remove as much sand as she possibly could.

“Not here,” he said, getting up. “He’s calling me.”

Kate had managed to rid herself of most of the sand, she gave her dress a final pat then looked at him.

“We should head back.” Taylor said, convinced that if she batted those thick eyelashes at him one more time then he would lose all of his common sense and tumble her back down and have his way with her.

Kate flicked a brow at him, “You mean, you, me and that erection of yours?” She smirked.

“Fuck!” He hissed, raking a rough hand through his hair.

“We almost did.” She reminded him.

“Maybe you should go instead. Tell him I’ll be right up,” He said. Her standing here in front of him wasn’t helping his manhood.

Kate bit her lips, stifling back a laugh. “Don’t you mean down?”

His eyes trailed of her glittering eyes, over to tightly pressed lips. The love of his life was definitely amused by his current situation. One that he only had himself to blame for. But he had been so bent on getting her back after the little stunt that she had pulled that even he had gotten carried away.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

Kate batted her lashes innocently at him. “Me?” She asked in an offended voice, then added. “Of course, not babe,” scanning the sand around her, then reached a hand underneath her green floral dress and sighed in relief.

“Ou know that I’m hating this as much as you, babe. But I might thank Bernard though, you really had me going there.”

The corner of Taylor’s mouth twitched, “You think he’s going to be around to save you next time?”

Next time? Her breath caught her throat. There was no way in hell that she was going to be able to resist him if he did that to her again.

“You want me to tell him where to come find you?”

He narrowed his eyes at her, assessing “You wouldn’t?”

“Wouldn’t I?”

He drew in a breath that he seemed to torture him. “You should go, before he comes here,” He finally said, clenching his teeth at how even more so aroused she was making him.

“Right.” She conceded, giving him a quick nod. “I’ll see you back at the house.”

“You will.” He assured her, and when she made a move to turn around, he said, “Want to give me another kiss before you go?′

Kate laughed, shaking her head at him. “You think I’m stupid enough to fall for that again? Honestly Taylor, it’s like you’re begging for me to call him over.”

Taylor smiled, “Fine! Go. Before I drag you behind those bushes and we’ll see which one of us will end up begging.”

He didn’t have to tell her again. Kate turned on her heels and scurried back to the house. The way that he had looked at her with so much lust in his eyes, had told her that he was being more than serious.

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