The Price Possession

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Chapter 7 - The Sex, The Office And The Past

Taylor Price laid motionless on top of his antique table, sweat shimmering down from his forehead as he tried to adjust his breathing. The room was so quiet, he could hear the sound of his own heart thumping against his ribcage. His dark icy blues eyes stared holes into the ceiling as he attempted to make sense of what had just happened.

The uncertainty heaved heavily over him, what could possibly be the outcome of this mess? This time he had taken it too far, he had sealed his own faith and the thought of it all was very unsettling.

The room was dark, too still. The moonlight was fighting to penetrate through the burgundy Egyptian curtain, giving it a phantoscope film feel. It was ironically the perfect setting for deceitful souls. As all his senses seem to fall into place, he could hear muffled sounds of the music playing from the banquette room.

It was suppose to be a simple and layed out evening : conduct a successful interview, keep the guests entertained and all the while ensuring that the evenning got the maximum coverage it deserved.

Only he could find time to squeeze in a little pleasure before business.

But he hadn’t expected Carla to follow him to his secret ‘hide away’ office. He had only meant to get away from the crowd for a little while.

He stole one last look at his blonde naked partner laying next to him, fully satisfied before sighing in regret. He had caught of glint of subtle emotions in her emerald green eyes that only caused his heart to jerk out in frustration. It was the same look they all gave him, the “I want something more” imploring look.

He would have none of it. None of the emotional guilt, like there was something more to be done or said atfer sex. Sex was sex. They had used him like he had used them, all in the name of pleasure.

But damn, why had he given in to her?

Her face glisened under the silver rays of the moonlight, revealing her swollen lips caused by the assault of his demanding kisses and her cheeks slightly flushed from the aftermath of their carnal intimacy.

Carla Gray.

Never had he imagined for just one second that he would be here one day, blind sighted by his business partner as he introduced her to him as his fiancée. This was not how he had envisioned this evening, at all. Although he had remained cool and had appeared unaffected when Tom had introduced them, his eyes were however, telling her a whole other story. It seemed like she had understood all too well what he was secretly telling her because she kept shifting from discomfort, would as much as possible avoid his gaze and kept stuttering everytime Tom included her in a conversation with him.

Typical Carla, she was still an open book and knowing her, she would never just show up without something up her sleeve, she of all people knew what kind of a man Taylor was, so the question remained - Why was she here now? And engaged to his business associate?

Taylor drew a sharp breath as he stood up to gathered his white shirt from the floor and caught sight of his reflection in the mirror facing them. He had grown used to what he saw looking back at him. His jet black hair glossed under the rays of the moonlight as a few strands covered the small scar on his forehead, his ocean blues appeared silver in the dark. It wasn’t anything that he hadn’t seen before, it was the face of a very well respected man in the business world and one that drove women wild everywhere he would go.

He tightened his thin rosy lips as he turned away from the rogue scoundrel staring back at him. The scoundrel that they had portrait him to be.

His jaws tightened even more as he pulled his shirt on without sparing her a second look.

“Do you think anybody saw us?” His shoulders tensed at the sound of her soft voice chorusing unevenly as she tried to calm her breathing.

Getting out of here was the only thing on his mind.

“I don’t think so, nobody even knows about this place and it’s off limits to guests.” He answered brushing off her anxiety as he zipped up his fly and momentarily adjusted his tie in place.

“But Taylor, I could have sworn that I heard somebody come in - or at least I heard the door open and close.” She said jumping off of the antique wooden desk pulling her black tight fit gown in place.

“Where you that out of it?” She grinned giving him a satisfactory look.

Her eyes were soft, they were met with his cold indifferent ones.

This was Taylor Price. He didn’t cuddle, didn’t promise forever and he didn’t guarantee that he’ll even remember your name after sex. She knew this all ready, so why in the ‘jack’ was she looking at him like she wanted him to reach for her or even worst, to mutter sweet soothing words of comfort in her ears while laying butterfly kisses along her long slender neck?

She took a step towards him and stopped as if awaiting for him to motion her closer into his arms but instead she saw his eyes grow darker and his lips pressed tigher into a thin line.

This was the part where he would shatter any hope of whatever illusions they usually delude themselves with.

“You’ve known me long enough to know that sex for me is one and all the same.--” He scoffed, satisfied when he saw the light instantly die out in her eyes.

As expected.

“--If anything, you seemed to be out of it--” he moved closing the gap between them and cupped her chin in his hand forcing her to meet his hard gaze.“--why are you here, especially with Tom?” His brows touched in a furrowed line trying to assess her motives.

She licked her now dried lips keeping her head hung low, her eyes not meeting his.

“I never thought for once that after all these years our conversation would start off like this.” She sighed frowning lightly to herself.

“Why are you here, Carla? ” He asked, his voice was dangerously low.

Her head snapped up as she bursted out to him, ”I’ve missed you Taylor! I can’t just stand quietly in a corner and watch your other conquests pounce and prey on you.”

“You’re fucking out of line.” He spat,“I don’t recall being own by you or anyone and what I do is mine fucking business. So, stop twisting your goddamn words thinking that it’ll mean anything to me because I can assure you that it doesn’t.”

His voice echoed through the room the fell into silence as they stood facing each other. Taylor with his jaws clasped shut like a steel jaw trap and Carla with tears prickled in her eyes.

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