The Price Possession

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Chapter 67 - He Just Might

“Yo going to be an awesome dad, you know that right?” Kate blithely declared.

Brandon’s head jutted up at her comment. “You think so?” He asked.

There was something about the way he looked at her told her that he wasn’t quite convinced. Causing Kate’s brows to crease. How could he not know? He was the sweetest person that she had ever come across, and thoughtful and kind and funny and so hard not to love. He was going to be a great dad and a wonderful husband.

“Brandon, you’re going to be amazing at this. And I can’t wait to see you changing diapers. Between you and Kayla, I think that you are going that spoil that kid of yours rotten.”

The tension in Brandon’s shoulders seemingly eased. As if what she had said had somewhat lifted whatever doubts that he had from his mind. He placed the apron on the counter, then leaned back against the sink and folded his arms over his chest.

“Thanks.” His lips curved at the side, “but I just hope that it’s not a girl, though,” He then admitted.

“What? Why?” Kate pursed her lips. ” You think raising a boy is easier?”

“It has to be, right?” he replied whilst scratching the back of his head. “I mean, atleast I won’t have to buy a gun to keep all of those hormonal teenage boys away.”

“Dear lord.” She exclaimed, smacking herself in the face.

For a moment there it sounded as though Taylor answering her back.

Obviously the both of them had done heir fair share of skirt chasing in the past. But not every girl was the same - easy. And if boys were aloud to date around, why was it so horribly wrong for girls to do the same?

“I had such high hopes for you Brandon. And here I was, thinking that Taylor was the worst one out of you two, when infact, you two are very much the same.” She snorted.

“Wait, what?” His hands instantly fell to his sides.

“You heard me. And just for saying that, I’m going to pray every night that that sweet baby of yours turns out to be a girl.” She said, smiling sweetly up at him.

“Hey, You can’t do that! Take it back!” He exclaimed.

Kate stubbornly shook her head in a firm no.

“You won’t?” He asked and when she made no move to do so, his eyes widened in disbelief. “Huh, okay. Fine. Then I’ll ... I’ll do some prayers of my own.” He returned, searching for the right words to say, just to get back at her. “I’ll pray that when you give birth then, you’ll... you’ll deliver twins or better yet, quadruplets.”

Her jaws dropped. Horrified.

“Yeah,” Brandon smirked, “not so funny now is it? Bet you thought that I don’t know about Taylor wanting a little heir of his own?”

Her eyes narrowed back at him and her feet immediately charged into his direction.

“Did you plant that idea in his head?” Kate demanded, strucking out a hand and punching him on his left arm.

“Ouch...” Brandon winced, soothing the injured spot of his arm. “Of course, not. He just wanted to know if the idea sounded ludicrous.”

“And?” She punched him again.

“Jesus, woman!” He moved from sink and made his way around the counter, trying to create some distance from her before she could strike another one. “I told him to discuss it with you, okay! It’s not like I’m the one who’s going to have his kid. Jeeze!” He tossed her a side look. “You punch really hard for someone of your length and size.”

Kate spared him another glance before sighing and leant over the counter.

“Sorry.” She muttered with her head bent down.

“Hey,” Brandon said tilting his head to the side regarding her.... “You okay?”

“Yeah.” She said, then nodded her head for reassurance. “Yes.”

“You don’t look okay.”

“I am, it’s just...” she jutted her head up and casted a glance at the doorway before walking over to the counter that separated them.

“I think that he really wants to get me pregnant.” She said and when his eyes widened, she quickly added, “But I’m not. I just... Is wrong that I want to wait? I mean, I do love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him but it’s just,” she paused, eyeing one of the kitchen stools then pulled it closer to her and sat down.

Taking a deep breath, she leaned forward and as she discreetly as she could, she half whispered, “It’s just that our relationship is still new and I don’t know if it makes me kind of selfish for wanting him all to myself. Atleast for now.”

Brandon grinned and his eyes sparkled with delight as he gazed over her worrisome face, with her brows pulled together, her eyes impatiently waiting for his response whilst nervously biting at her lips.

“It’s not wrong, Kate.” He shook, “But did you tell him all of this?”

She slowly leaned back and sighed. “Not exactly. I did tell him that we should wait but I might have left the part about me wanting him all to myself. I just didn’t want him to think that I’m possessive or some shit like that. Because I’m not... or I think I’m not. I’m not, right?”

Brandon leaned his head back and gave vent to the laughter that he had been suppressing all along. Kate, however, looked completely take aback. This wasn’t the reaction that she had expected from him - to laugh in her face after admitting her guilt.

Her lips tightened and her jaw twitched when he stood up and made his way around the counter and over to her. When he dragged a stool next to her, making a visible effort to control his amusement, it irritated Kate even more.

“I’m glad that my suffering amuses you so, Brandon. I’m so happy that I might just get up and go find Taylor and enlighten him about your little kitchen situation.” She shot and was satisfied when he swallowed down the smile that was still lingering on his face.

“Now wait a minute, let’s not get hasty. I was only laughing because I was right. I was right all along but the timing is just horrible. Well, for Kayla atleast.”

He was right? The timing was horrible?

Kate was confused. She gave Brandon a quizzical look trying to make sense of what he had said.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Look, don’t get mad. But Kayla and I had a little bet going. I told her that I had found Taylor’s match and that he would be eating in the palm of your hands in a month or two but she begged to differ. Her defense was that Taylor was going to chew you up and spit you back out, mercilessly.”

“You two made a bet?” She cried out, incredulously. What the hell?

“Well... yeah,” he answered in a wary tone, “I was routing for you, thoughand knew that if I pushed all the right buttons then Taylor would...” he paused, when he saw her get up from the stool.

“You’re angry.” Brandon said stating the obvious.

And when she spared him a look, Brandon bit back his tongue. “Please don’t hit me again.”

Oh, he was way beyond a couple of punches. She was going to strangle him.

“I can’t believe,” she took a step forward, “that the two of you,” another step, “actually made a bet!” And stopped when she had gotten close enough. “So was you screaming out my name when having sex with Kayla a part of this little bet of yours?”

He swallowed dryly before looking at her again.

“Weeellll...” he said, guilt covered his face as well as his voice.

“Oh my God! I’m going to fucking murder the both of you!” Kate cried, remembering how terrified she had been. “I thought that Kayla was going to fucking jump me when she told me that.”

“Yeah, sorry about that. She was only suppose to mention that to Taylor and I guess she also wanted to see how you’d react. Look,” he said, getting up. “The point of me telling you all of this was just to let you know that as possessive as you might think you are when it comes to Taylor, then just imagine how he is, only multiple it by three. He loves you Kate, and I don’t think that having a baby would make him love you any less but I get where you’re coming from and I honestly think that Taylor would, if you explain it to him. Maybe in he’s just... a little insecure.”

Insecure. The great Taylor Price? Insecure?

Kate drew in a deep breath. Maybe, he was. But she failed to see just how having a baby was suppose to keep them together. She loved him, he knew. But having a baby right now, she wasn’t ready. She still wanted a career for herself. Wanted her old job back. Not that she didn’t enjoy working with Brandon but still, she missed doing what she loved.

But Brandon was right. Both him and Kayla was going to paying for betting on them but nonetheless, he was right. She needed to go find Taylor and explain this to him.

“You’re right.” Kate admitted. “I need to go find him.” She said , turning on her heels and began to making her way out of the kitchen.

“You should probably check Daniel’s room. He might be there.”

Her footsteps halt at the sound of his fathers name. Kate turned and gave him a sympathetic look. It was sad to hear just how distant and closed off and casual he sounded when he spoke his name.

“You call him Daniel?” She asked.

“Yeah, I mean, what else would I call him?”

“I don’t know, maybe Da--”

“No.” He interjected coldly. “No real father would wish to have his own blood murdered. I tolerate the fact that he was part of my being here on earth but that’s just as far as it goes.”

The pain in his voice couldn’t be missed. It tugged at her heart at how hurt he still was by all this. In truth, Daniel didn’t deserve to have neither Taylor or Brandon in his life but nonetheless they were still here and despite the fact that Brandon was trying close off all emotions where he was concerned, he still cared. Because if he didn’t, then he wouldn’t have traveled all the way here with his pregnant fiancée just to see him one last time.

“Did you atleast talk to him, when you went up to see him. How did that go?”

“It went.” He simply said, in a bland tone.

“It went?” Her voice matched his.

“Yes. Taylor’s going to extend life support for another week.”

“You don’t sound too pleased about it.” She noticed, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth and bit down on it, trying to stop it from quivering.

“I don’t know, Kate. I don’t know how I’m suppose to feel about somebody that I don’t know. Somebody who wanted nothing to do with me. It honestly felt like staring at a complete stranger.”

“Hey,” she said and Brandon’s eyes met hers. “It’s his loss, Brandon. But maybe Taylor extending life support will give you time to tell him everything there is to know about you. It’s not like he’s going to get up and go anywhere, right?”

Brandon snorted. “He just might.”

“Oh God!” Kate exclaimed.


Kate jumped at the sound of Bernard’s voice coming from behind her and turned to find him standing by the kitchen doorway.

“Dear lord!” The words flew out of his mouth the sight before him.

Brandon opened his mouth to explain but Bernard quickly turned his attention back to Kate. “Uh, Ms. Dawson, Mr.Price asks that you join him upstairs.”

“Oh, my room?” She asked, stifling back laugh that tickled at her throat at Bernard’s struggles to keep a straight face.

“No,” he replied, his gaze dropped to her feet over to the mess on the floor behind her. “In his room, Ms.Dawson.”

“Oh, alright. Then I’d better not keep him waiting.”

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