The Price Possession

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Chapter 68- Yes To Everything

Kate let out a nervous breath before lifting her hands upwards, giving the hard wooden door a brief knock. She waited but there was no answer. Giving it another knock, she then pulled at the handle walked inside.

The room was quiet, still with no signs of Taylor. Kate was certain that she was in the right room, how could she not be? His musky Cologne filled the air.

Her eyes ventured over to the king size bed at the center of the room, with its freshly pressed white sheets caressing the polished tiles. Surprisingly, the room was no different from the one that they had shared together. It had the same decor, the same Egyptian lamp on the bedside table.

“Taylor?” She called out.

And when the bathroom door squeaked, carrying the sounds of water splashing from the shower, she blew out another breath and mumbled “Great!” under her breath.

If anything else, this whole scene screamed ‘self entrapment’. It was already bad enough that she was in his room but for her to go in the bathroom while he was evidently naked and taking a shower... Oh, Brandon was going to owe her big time for this.

“Alright, Kate, ” she said to herself, “No matter what you see in there, just keep a clear head.”

“Taylor?” She called out once more, this time swallowing nervously as made her way to the bathroom door and gave it a little push. “Maria called. I think that it might be important.”

She waited for a response of some kind from him but instead was she heard him hum a soft, low, probably made up tune by him. But it was beautiful, she smiled to herself wondering how he would react if she actually told him that he sounded beautiful. Shaking her head she fought against the urge to tease him about it. Believing that it would probably boost his already oversized ego.

The shower glass was closed, yet she could still see his silhouette behind the thick glass, with his head tilted back slightly under the shower head. The heavenly scent of sandalwood, vanilla and passion fruit filled her nose, setting off a low satisfying moan from her throat.

“Taylor!” She yelled but this time standing next to the the glass that separated them.

The humming stopped.

“Kate?” Taylor’s voiced echoed inside the room.

“Yes. It’s me.” She replied, “Maria said to call --”

“What?” He interjected, “Sorry, but I can’t hear you over the running water.”

Kate drew in a deep breath and slid the shower door open.

“I said that Maria wants -- Eeeeh!!” She shrieked when he instantly jerked a hand out, grabbing hold of her hand, dragging her underneath the water.

“Taylor!” She gasped, as warm streams of water cascaded down her back, her clothes completely drenched. “Your phone!”

Taylor leaned forward and kiss her neck. “Drop it.” He rasped in her ear.

Her skin tingled at the warmth of his breath fanning against he skin, causing her to swallow down nervously. “You- ” she paused when his fingers brushed against her thighs, and sucked a lung full of air when they tugged at the hem of her dress.

“--You mean right here?” She forced herself to remain focused, “In the shower?”

His eyes were on her in an instant. Those ocean blue eyes that had pulled her in the moment she had first seen them. Beckoning and dangerously alluring. And they sparkled with devilish intent perhaps from something that she had said or how she had said it. However, Kate wasn’t sure but it paralysed her, held her trap in place and without him even so much as saying the actual words itself, her fingers loosened around the gadget and it fell to her feet with nothing but sound of streaming water splattering on the tiles and the cracking sound of the screen audible in the room.

She then shifted her gaze from his lust-filled eyes , down to the seductive grin that hung on his delicious lips.

Crap’ was the first word that came to mind followed by, ‘you’re in a world of trouble now, Kate.’

Her cheeks flooded with colours when she felt his erection probing at her thighs. And with a swift work of his hands he had her dress up and over her head, then tossed to the side.

“What now?” The words flew from her lips before she could even realised that she had said them.

Well, for what it’s worth, he did have her standing in her bra and panties in the shower and it was clear that there was no running away and definitely nobody to help her now. Not even Brandon, that idiot was one of the reasons why she was in here in the first place.

That freaking kitchen better sparkle.’ She thought to herself.

A soft chuckling sound came from Taylor, as though he had read her mind. He lifted his hand upwards and a gentle motion caressed the side of her face prolonging the movement by tracing his finger down to her neck and paused.

“Now, Ms. Dawson. I fully intend on getting you clean --” he drew his head closer to her face and laid a kiss on the nape of her neck, smiling when he heard her hiss a breath. “So you might need to work on that loud screams of yours, fast because I’m not letting you out of here until your knees are weak and my name be the only one that everybody here on this island hear coming out of your mouth.”

“Wait, what?” She swallowed down nervously. “Now, Taylor, I know that I might have pushed it a little too far on the beach with my teasing you but--”

“No buts, love.” He shook, then hooked a finger at the side of her black lace panty. “You thought it was funny, didn’t you? Well, you played with fire and I’m all too happy to show just how hot it burns.”

“Tay--” she let out a surprised gasped when he tore the lacy material off.

“Not even Bernard is going to help you now, love.” He whispered in her ear.

Before she could summon up any sort of quick witty comeback, to tell him off about him continously ripping her undergarments - Taylor claimed her mouth in a hot and wet kiss then had one of her leg wrapped around his waist and thrusted his cock inside of her.

The invasion of his thick arousal was just as quick and sudden as the loud moan that left her mouth. Her hands instantly flew around his neck and she held on for dear life when she felt his beautiful cock stretching her insides and hit against her sensitive spot, creating a delicious friction along the way. Her lips parted and her body shook, squeezing his hard shaft around her wet slits as she rode the waves of her mini orgasm.

Kate knew the many things that Taylor could do to her body, things that she didn’t know her body could do. But heck, she didn’t know that he could make her cum this fast.

“Jesus, Taylor!” She whispered as if she was somewhat out of breath. “God!”

Taylor chuckled softly, holding her in place. He hadn’t expected her to cum, he was just as shocked as she was. “You okay?” He asked in a deep concerning voice.

“Yeah.” She muttered, still trying to make sense of what had just happened.

“Good.” He turned and looked at her, smiling when he caught the red stains on her cheek and the confused look in her eyes. As if she couldn’t believe that that had just happened. “Because I’m going to fucking you now, Ms.Dawson and you better pray to hell that nobody comes wondering around these halls.”

Sweet lord!

She could feel her stretched out cunt dripping. The things that comes out of this man’s mouth and the effected that it had on her never cease to amaze her. With the promises that he was making, she very much doubted if she was going to be able to face anyone after he was done with her.

“Babe, what about Maria?” She asked, trying to figure out a way to keep him distracted, long enough so that she gather what was left of her thoughts

A smirk grew on Taylor’s lips. He was on to her. Shaking his head lightly, he braced one of his hand against the shower then slide the other one down the curve of her tiny waist, over her smooth belly.

“I don’t think that you should be worrying about Maria right now, love.” He replied, then groaned when his fingers reached the sensitive bundle of nerves between her thighs.

Kate closed her eyes and pressed her cheek against the cool tiles of the shower wall. “Taylor, this is wrong. You know I can think when you do things like this to me.”

Soft moan rose from her throat and left her mouth when he began to work her body, rubbing slow, delicious circles over her clit with his cock still fully embedded inside her.

“What are you afraid of Kate?” He said, pulling back, ” Are you afraid that I might ask you to marry me when you’re like this? At my mercy?”

Her reply came in the form of a moan when he thrusted back into her harder than the first time. She wanted to answer him, to tell him yes, but yes to what? that she was afraid that he’d ask or that she was terrified that she’d say yes, because she did want to say yes. Yes to him fucking her the way he way doing right now. Yes them spending the rest of their lives together and yes to them having a family together.

Taylor could feel her slipping away from him, she was drowning herself in her thoughts. His hands flew to the side of her face and he gently tilted her chin up so that she could see him. See that he was here, with her.

“Love,” he rasped softly. “I won’t. I won’t ask you for anything, all I want is for you to be here with me. Always.”


Well, damn it! She cursed inwardly. He might as well have said I love you again. Not that she wanted them to be the ‘I love you’ couples who says it all the time.

Her eyes suddenly began to sting and they clouded and her vision blurred.

Oh, hell! She couldn’t be crying, not now, not while they were having sex. What the hell was wrong with her?!

It was the water, she told herself. All this damn water that they were wasting. It was getting into her eyes and she couldn’t see Taylor clearly anymore.

“Love, why are you crying?” Taylor asked, turning the shower off.

“I’m not.” Kate sniffed, but then another tear came and another and another one after that until she couldn’t lie to herself anymore. She was crying. Crying because she was being partially selfish.

“I’m sorry.” She whimpered.

“For what? Kate? Did I do something?”

“No! No no, it’s me. I just -- I’m,”

For somebody who always had the words to says, for the first time in her life, Kate couldn’t find them. Didn’t know where to start or how to explain.

“Yes!” Was the only word that echoed in her head. Yes. Yes to everything and anything that he was offering her. A lifetime supply of love, care, tenderness and unlimited sex. Yes. She wanted it all. All of it with him, the rest where details. Things that they could discuss and agree to upon.

She wrapped her arms around him and held on to him.

“Yes.” She whispered in his ears.

“Yes?“He asked, puzzled by her response. “You’re saying yes as in I hurt you? Love--”

“Baby, no.” Kate replied in a haste, pulling back so that he could see that she fine, despite the fact that she was crying but she was physically fine. “You didn’t hurt me. I’m saying yes to marrying you. Yes to everything.”

“Really?” His brows touched, as though unconvinced.

“Taylor, yes.” She scolded him, through her tears.

“Are you sure that this is not another getting-back-at-Taylor- thing? Because that would be really cruel love and --”

“Taylor, you’re ruining the moment! I’m telling you that this is really. I’m not teasing you.”

“You’re not?”

Kate shook her head to a firm no, tugging her lower lip between her teeth as she did so. It was a tease. Even with him, rock hard inside of her and her body begging for him to start moving, her head had never been this clear and certain.

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