The Price Possession

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Chapter 69 - Everything That I Am

Kate wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down onto her and loving the feel of his naked skin on hers, the smoothness skin of his chest against the softness of her breasts.

She stared into his ocean blue eyes with such longing and smiled. The softness of her smile shattered any hope he had of a slow and leisurely loving.

Taylor slanted his mouth over hers at the same moment he began to move. He took her fast and hard and yet with such tenderness consideration that kate felt tears sting her eyes as she reached the that magical place.

Afterwards they lay together in a tangle of limbs while their breathing gradually returned to normal. Taylor propped himself up on one elbow and smiled at the sight of her flushed cheeks and softly swollen mouth.

“Babe, Maria. You have to call her, it sounded urgent.” Kate reminded him as she watched him stand from the bed and stroll into the en-suite bathroom.

Five minutes later he walked back into the bedroom, rubbing his wet hair on a towel. “Phone’s dead.” He said placing in on the bedside table.

Kate scoffed, “you’re the one who said to leave it.”

Taylor tossed her a playful grin before pulling on his trousers and took a clean shirt from the wardrobe before he walked over to the bed.

“I’ll just call her from the office phone. I wont be long.,” he murmured, leaning over her and brushing his lips across hers before walking out of the room.

Kate laid her back onto the pillow and smiled. She had just told Taylor that she’d marry him, she thought. Then the idea of living on hand-outs from Taylor dawned on her and it was abhorrent to her pride. There was no way that she was going to allow that to happen. She would have to talk to Taylor when he about that.

The sound of the helicopter landing in a distance caused her brows to touch.Kate got out of bed with the sheet wrapped securely around her, wondering whether there was other people coming to the island.

And just as if on queue, Taylor opened the door with a briefcase in his hand.

“I have to go to the main island,” he said walking over to her, “I have some business I need to take care of.”

“Oh.” Kate muttered, “will you be gone all day?“she asked, trying to keep the disappointment that she felt from showing in her voice.

“It shouldn’t take long,” he replied, kissing her mouth, lingering, and wondered briefly if could maybe postpone this meeting for another day or two. “a few hours or so.”

To kate it sounded like a lifetime but she didn’t tell him so. Instead, she watched him pick another shirt from the wardrobe and change. Taylor walked across the room but hesitated in the doorway and turned back to her.

“Hurry back,“she said softly.

“I will, love...”

Everything about kate made sense to Taylor. He stared at her,his heart pounding in his chest. If she only knew how he couldn’t wait another day to make her his and only his...forever -but he wanted it to be right. He needed it to be perfect and not so corny proposal. ” We’ll talk when I get back, okay?”

Kate nodded her head, smiling in approval.

His phone rang and Taylor knew that it was the pilot reminding him that they had to leave now if he was going to make it to his meeting without getting caught in rush hour.

His eyes held hers. “I don’t think I’ve told you how happy you make me, love,” he said gruffly. ” Stay out of trouble while I’m gone.”

The house felt empty without Taylor - only kate realised that it wasn’t. Brandon and Kay was probably in their room since Kay was feeling abit under the weather.

It was torturous roaming around the house alone. Taylor had phoned once when she was in the library, but he sounded distracted. He was going to be held back a few hours more than he’d expected, he explained. He was still in a boardroom full of executives and wasn’t sure and they were on a short break.

The woman’s voice that Kate heard in the background was probably an employee - maybe one of the executives or secretary, she told herself.

It was either go for a stroll on the beach or stay in the house and let her imagination and the gremlin inside her head run loose -thinking about whether there had been others women that have been here. Probably not she shook, scolding herself for even thinking that. His father was here, ofcourse he would want to run the risk of people finding out he’s alive.

For God sake, Kate! She said, making her way down the beach.


It fell like someone was shaking her.


She was certain that somebody was shaking her . Kate’s eyes slowly cracked open. It was dark. She was outside in the hammock and she must have dosed off.


Her eyes squinted at the masculine silhouette that hovered over her. “Brandon?” She whispered, jerking her body up causing both their foreheads to collide.

“Jesus Christ, Kate!” Brandon cried in pain.

“Mother of all fuckers!” She cried bringing her hand to her head.

“We’ve been looking everywhere for you, woman.” He scolded at her, then turned around and yelled, “Found her!”

Still abit disoriented from her sleep, she frowned. “Why?”

“Why?” He returned just as evenly. “Why else do you think? My ass of a brother thought that you had left the island.”

“Left? “She chuckled, ” how exactly would I do that? Swim?”

Brandon smiled. “That’s exactly what I said. Come, let’s go put hulk out of his misery.”

She laughed. “I’m telling him you said that.” She said getting up, then made a run pass Brandon.

Kate found Taylor standing by the bar in the living.

“Hey, babe.” She said greeting him with a smile.

Taylor walked over to her and as he came closer, she could see the haunted expression in his eyes.

“If you ever leave me again...” Taylor’s voice broke as he crushed her against his chest and threaded his fingers in her hair.

Before she could make some sarcastic comments, he claimed her mouth with a savage possession and kisses her endlessly, passionately and yet with such exquisite tenderness that made her head spin.

“Love...” he whispered against her lips as his thumb softly caressed her cheek.

“Why would you think that I’d leave?” She asked.

“I couldn’t find you, Kate. You sounded a bit off from our phone call and we’ve been searching for over an hour or so. I just thought...”

Kate’s heart ached at the raw emotion in his voice.

“Babe, I fell asleep in the hammock outside.” She said, ” It would be kind of hard to leave the island with joy means of trans--”

Whatever else she might have said was lost beneath the pressure of Taylor’s mouth o hers again. He held her so close that she could feel the thunderous beat of his heart echoing with her own. He kissed her until she sank weakly against him, parting her lips beneath his and kissed him back with the same feverish passion.

“God, I love you Kate. With all my heart, body and soul. Everything that I am.” He said roughly, his voice shaking with the force of emotions storming through him.

Tears slid down her face.

“Jesus, you two! Talk about being melodramatic.”

Both Taylor and Kate’s head turned to find a very amused Brandon and Kay, standing in the doorway of the living room.

“Careful now, Brandon.” Kate warned, while wiping her tears with the back of her hand. “You wouldn’t want me to--”

“Now, Kate. Let’s not ruin what can be the start of a great evening.” Brandon said, thowing her a pleading look before helping Kay into the nearest chair.

She didn’t look as pale as she did went she first arrived, Kate noticed. Brandon’s little veggie mocktail had clearly worked.

Taylor must have noticed her staring at Kayla for a minute to long than necessary because he snaked his arm around her waist and lowered his head , then whispered in her ears, ” how about we go and have that talk?”

“Now?” Her eyes went from Brandon and Kay, the back to him.

“No time like the present.” He replied, then frowned. “Unless you’ve changed your mind.”

Changed her mind? Kate wanted to laughed.

“Of course not.” She answered.

“Good. Then how about we do it in my office.” He suggested, “I’m almost certain that I won’t be tempted to undress you in there.”

But kate knew their conversation - should they finish it, would eventually be sealed with a kiss. Grabbing on to Taylor’s hand, she followed behind as he led the way.

“I think its bloody rude to just up and leave us, Taylor.” Kay yelled after them.

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