The Price Possession

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Chapter 8 - A Promise And An Intruder

“I think this was just bad timing on my part, perhaps we should meet up tomorrow and have lunch. We can talk then.” Carla suggests, eyes hopeful.

He sighed out loud, annoyed that she seemed to think that he was in mood for whatever it is she trying to do.

“I don’t like to play these kind of games, Carla. Tom is my business partner, so I’ll ask you once more and I’ll advise you not to test my patience. Why are you here?” He barked out loudly this time as he put some distance between them.

“You! I’m here because of you Taylor. I’m here because I’m incapable of staying away from you.” She cried out almost frantically.

“Are you crazy? Is that it? Have you completely lost all your senses? I told you years ago what would happen if we were to ever cross path again, yet here you are. Have you forgotten what happend last time? Honestly Carla--” he chuckled shaking his head at her.

“-- Out of courtesy to our little roll in the hay episode, I’ll give you a head start and then I’ll make good on my word.” His voice felt cold, bristling any uncertainty that she may have about his threat.

“You cannot mean to be this cold Taylor, it’s been six years. I waited six years to see you again, six years to ask for your forgiveness.” She begged.

“Really? How were you going to do that? Huh, by coming here engaged to my business partner?” He spat unsympathetic, clearly annoyed her mind games.

“No, it’s not how I imagined it would turn out. Tom has been a really good friend to me and it’s only recently that he’s asked me to marry him. I really wanted to move on, I wanted to let the memories go because it was slowly killing me.”

“Is that so?”

Carla placed her hands on his chest, as a last attempt to regain control over the connection they had - she felt him tense at her touch.

“Please don’t be angry at me, Taylor . You knew what you had to do to keep me at your side, yet you didn’t and now I have to sit back and watch you play with your other women. You ask so much of me Taylor .”

Her heart fluttered for a moment when she sensed him softening against her, she already knew what would come after this. He would hold her in his arms, tell her how much he missed her and with a little nudge on her side they would be back on the table wrapped in each others arms. However, her usual expectation was short lived when she felt him grabbed hold of both her hands and slowly removed it his chest as he took a few steps back - away from her.

Taylor laughed, “I see that during those times you’ve perfected your craft. Really Carla, somebody might think that you actually mean all that shit.”

“Despite what you might think of me, this is not an act. I have no bad intentions towards you Taylor. I genuinely like Tom and I hope that one day I can say that I love him.--” she sighed sadly fiddling with her fingers infront of her. “-- It kills me that can’t even lie about it but my heart still belongs to you.”

A hard line formed on his forehead as his brows touched furiously.

She looked vulnerable, honest. Too bad he wasn’t in a forgiving mood.

“You knew what a life with me would mean and you knew damn well that I don’t play for keeps. You come here waving love around like it’s suppose to be some sort of holy grail, is that suppose to mean anything to me? What did you expected was going to happen?...huh? We were going to run off into the bloody sunset?” He snarled.

She stumbled back at the harsh tone of his voice.

She hastily grabbed her silver clutch hanging from the brown leather chair.

“It’s wasn’t a choice Taylor . You made it clear how you felt and I couldn’t stick around under those conditions.” She looked at him, hesitating at first but finally said, “I made a mistake. How long are you going to punish me for it?”

“You’ve made you bed.“He snarled.

Eyeing him pensively at first, she moved towards him and places a kiss on his cheek, it felt like goodbye, like she had finally lost him.

“I know.” She whispered, “But I still love you Taylor. I don’t know how to do this without you.” She took a step back looking into his eyes, they were black, ice cold, revealing nothing but sheild of emptiness and bitterness.

She took a final breath and bit back a sob which threatened to choke her, ” I get it. I really do.” She sighed feeling defeated,“I promise I won’t look for you anymore, that I will try to forget you - forget us and what we use to be, but please, don’t mention anything to Tom until I can figure out how to tell him about you.”

He turned his attention to the window and nod, her last hope to retain grasp on her emotions were shattered at the rift of coldness that separated them.

Feeling defeated and broken, Carla turned and started for the door whiping the tears that were now trailing down her cheeks.

“Taylor?” She called out him, “I never meant to hurt you.”

“Don’t flatter yourself. Being hurt would imply that I care and I can assure you that I FUCKING don’t. Now, enough!” His voiced bawled across the room. ” Take this as a warning Carla, next time you try this shit again, be prepared for the consequences.”

“I’m sorry.” She said reaching for the knob with her slightly shaking hands, trying to absorbs his threat. She lowered her head in defeat before she disappeared out the door.

Taylor drew a shrarp breath before walking to the dark corner of the room, where he could have sworn that he had seen a female figure, standing there earlier on while he and Carla were otherwise engaged.

His eyes caught sight of a green scarf laying in the corner on his floor. He bent and picked it up. The overpowering scent of citrus lingered with the fabric. It was infectious and smelt deadly familiar.

But this only proved that he had been right. Somebody had been watching them. His grip tightened around the material and his thumb scrapped over something hard.

His frown deepened when he saw a clip on badge attached to it.

‘Kate Dawson, Daily House Reporter’


″Bloody hell!” He hissed, flexing his jaws.

Great! This was just what he fucking needed.

Another fucking scandal, one that could possibly crumble his empire. He roughly raked a hand through his hair.

This was bad. No, not bad, this was a disaster.

Fucking Kate Dawson just didn’t know when to quit!

He had to find her, before it was too late. He had to go find her and shut her up.

Intimidation was one of his many skills, once he’d be done with her, she would definately be leaving the city - either on her own free will or by force.

“I hope you’re ready for the rain of hell that’s about to pour your way, Ms. Dawson.” He sneered making his way out of his office.

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