The Price Possession

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Chapter 9 - Things You Can't Unsee


Shit, shit, shit and shit!

Kate cussed underneath her breath as she pushed her way into the crowd. This was bad, like really bad. No, scratch that,this was an absolute freaking disaster.

She wanted out of there, out of this place, as soon as possible but these damn people weren’t moving out of her way. Why the hell weren’t they moving!?

It took several shoves and she still hadn’t gotten far enough. The loud music wasn’t even helping her nerves at all. Every beat made her jump nervously, making her feel as though she was being followed.

Her heart was pounding, face heated and could hear the blood veins drumming in her ears - her hands were shaking and she wanted them to stop but they wouldn’t.

“Fuck Kate, you really did it this time.” She mumbled to herself, then turned her head back to see if she was being followed.

“God, you’re so fucking cursed.” She continued once she noticed that she was in the all clear.

“Only you,” she shoved past a lady standing infront of her, wearing a red dress, “can have this kind of luck.”

She finally stopped once she had reached the center of the room and stood on the tip of her toes, trying desperately to located Carl. Relief washed over her when she spotted him standing by the entrance.

“Excuse me.” She said, squeezing her way through a group of gentlemen and nearly tripped over one of them.

“Sorry.” She mumbled quickly, earning a few raised brows and disapproving glares from the group.

In another time and place she would have lectured them about mannerism and have them get their heads out of their asses but right now she just had to get away.

“Carl!” She yelled as she took a few more steps towards him.

His hand jolted up and he smiled at her.

“Go... we need to go.” She huffed almost out of breath as she reached his side.

“Hey,” he said and his smile quickly dissolved as he took in her worrisome state. “Are you okay? You look kind of --”

Kate shook her head, “Leave.” She interjected, her heart was palpitating.

“What happened?” Carl frowned, placing his half filled glass on small table beside him.

His eyes then wondered over her, worried, trying to see if she had been harmed.

She looked frazzled, flushed and on edge. A state that he had never seen her in before.

“No time - explain later.” She quickly grabbed hold of his hand and tugged him along as she made her way out of the room.

She took long strides, determined, like a woman who was on a mission. Only the mission was to try and get away from the crime scene - away from the lions den.

Carl followed her in a few willing steps, all the while confused. Her hand felt cold, damp. This made no sense. Kate was making no sense at all.

Once they had reached the lounge area, he tugged his hand out her grasps but Kate kept on walking. She hadn’t even noticed that he had stopped following her.

“Kate, stop!” Carl yelled.

Her heart jolted at the sound of his voice. She turned to face him and frowned. Wondering why he wasn’t following her.

“Just stop for a second.” He continued.

He matched up to her and took her into his arms as though whatever was happening to her, he was here for her.

Her face collided with the hard wall of his chest, his musky scent filled her nose and all Kate could do so as not to burst into tears was to wrap her arms around his waist.

She felt overwhelmed.

It was overwhelming.

How did this night turn into such a fuck up?

She was done for.

She was certain of it.


Taylor’s silver eyes, was all she could see. He had seen her, standing there watching him - watching them. She had wanted to leave once she had heard the moans but her feet wouldn’t move. She had been paralysed by fear, embarrassment - maybe more embarrassment than fear but heck, she had just witnessed Taylor Price having sex with -- what was her name again? Carly? Clarence? She couldn’t remember. It made no difference at this point, she was absolutely certain that Taylor had seen her there.

He’d probably think that she was a pervert or worst, that she’d fucking write about it.

Wasn’t it bad enough that she had already made a bad impression to him and now this?

This wasn’t happening. It couldn’t be happening.


Fucking Brandon had set her up. After he had left her at the bar, he had then come back a few minutes later, telling her that he had found her an open window, a chance to talk to Taylor without any distractions. And of course her, like a gullible idiot had believed him.

She was going to fuck kill him for this. No, she was going to strangle him at first, then kill him, then strangle him some more just to be sure.

If only she had turned around and left, accepting her fate with Arthur. Anything, anything would have been better than this, she thought.

She felt Carl’s chin as it rested on her head with his hand gently stroking the back of her head trying to calm her down and her heart swelled.

Thank goodness he had come with her tonight. Despite, having feelings for him, Carl was an incredible friend. She needed him and he was right here.

“Jesus Kate! You’re shaking like a leaf.” He said, tightening his hold on her. “What the hell happened? Come on, talk to me.”

His voice was soft, soothing. Although her nerves were loosening, she could still feel the heated colour on her face. She was sure that it was going to remain there permanently.

Kate calmly pulled back and loosened out of his hold. She stared up at him, eyes glistening as she tried to swallow down the scene that she had just witnessed.

“We need to leave now, Carl. Please.”

“You’re scaring me,Kate.” He said grabbing hold of her shoulders.

“I saw something. Something I shouldn’t have seen...” she paused bringing her hands to her face, “... Something I fucking can’t unsee. ” She then stopped, eyeing the crowded room from a far once more, “Please, we have to leave.”

“What about the interview? Did you have it rescheduled?” He quiered, his eyes searching hers for answers.

Kate bit her bottom lip as she shook her head into a firm no.

“Then what the hell did you see? We can’t just leave like this. You need to calm down down or you’ll have an episode.”

“Carl, please.” She begged.

“Shit!” He cussed,“Come this way.”

Carl pulled her along a narrow corridor. All Kate could do was to follow obediently behind him, trying to keep up with his long strides. She took a peek infront of Carl and noticed the emergency exit sign lable on top of a double steeled door a few feet from them.

She let out a breath a relief. They were almost out of there.

“Excuse me, Ms. Dawson.” A deep smokey voice called from behind them just as Carl was about to open the door.

Kate’s feet froze in place.


Her hand tightened around Carl’s.

Shit! shit! shit!

She turned around slowly, heart beating like there’s no tomorrow. They had almost made it out. The door was right there.


She swallowed on a dry throat, feeling as whatever brave front she had left, evaporate from her skin.

Behind them stood a very tall muscular male figure, dressed in in a black suit, white shirt and a black tie. In the left side of his ears was a white ear piece.

“Mr. Price would like a word.” The tall brown skinned man said.

Kates eyes widened, she turned and gave Carl a ‘save me’ look.

“Actually, we were just leaving. Kate has an emergency.” Carl said, squeezing her hand for reassurance.

The security guard’s expression remained hard, as though unbothered by Carl’s response.

“I’m sure that it won’t take long.” He simply replied to Carl, then eyed Kate, ”Ms. Dawson, if you could follow me, please.”

Kate tried to swallow again, hoping that she could just play it off as if he had made a mistake - that they had the wrong person. But the stern look in the man’s eyes told her that he was not going to allow any nonsense.

There was simply no getting out of this. She had been summoned and there was no playing hooky or hiding behind Carl.

Her shoulders sagged in defeat.

Oh God, Nana. I should have stayed home with you tonight, she thought.

“I’ll wait for you at the entrance.” Carl whispered to her before letting go of her hand.

“Okay.” She mumbled trying to force a weak smile at him before following quietly behind the security guard.

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