Only Till Death Do Us Part... Hopefully

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"Just because I saved you doesn't mean I care about you at all. Now leave me alone and go bug someone else," Jasper said. "You save someone and then expect them to not ask why?" Jasmine yelled. "Yes." Jasmine has been through a lot in her 16 years of life. This includes almost 6 years of torture by her "stepfather". She then meets a high ranking mafia man named Jasper. He is intrigued by the girl who is scarred but yet refuses to give up at all. Even if it almost gets her killed. Jasper is slowly falling for Jasmine just as Jasmine is falling for the mafia man but Jasmine is afraid of her past and afraid to tell anyone. What will happen if she tells him? Will he leave her or will he avenge the girl he loves with all his heart and kill her past once and for all? CONTAINS VIOLENCE, AND ABUSE. Negative parts will be marked. The story will make sense even if you skip through

Romance / Horror
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Everything was supposed to be perfect to the very end.

Until everything collapsed (literally).

When people say the expression till death do us part that was how it was between Jasmine, her mother, and her father Jacob. They were hard to be separated. But that was before Jasmine's father died and her mother grieved him for a year. Jasmine was only nine years old but she loved her father dearly. She wanted no one else but him. She knew though that if her mother wanted another man then she would learn to get along with him for her mothers' sake.

Now a year has passed and her mother, Jocelyn, decided Jasmine needed a father figure to help Jasmine grow as she normally should so Jocelyn remarried. This male's name is Aaron and unbeknownst to her family, was that Aaron was affiliated with the second most dangerous gang known as The Vipers Kings. Jocelyn didn't know this because her husband never talked to her about his gang besides the basics. Aaron and Jocelyn met when Jasmine and her mother went to an ice cream store called The Frozen Server to celebrate Jasmine's birthday. Jocelyn accidentally ran into Aaron when she turned around and bumped into him. He paid for the ice cream and slowly learned more about the two girls' stories. Unbeknownst to both the girls Aaron had a plan for the child and her mother but the child would not be the lucky one in the end. Aaron saw that the girl did not know the way of man and saw how pure and innocent she was. Aaron had a big urge to ruin that perfect little image. He knew she would make him a lot of money. More than her mother because he saw she would be prettier than her mother. He knew what to do and how to do it. He only had to get rid of her mother for it to work. He planned to do just that.

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