The stonner's chick

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Varsha Chindam
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The licking sensation all over my face made me change my sleeping position in annoyance. Yet, no matter what ′ it doesn’t stop at all, I feel so wet all over my face which made my eyelids open.


I looked at my little Zoe who is about 3 month’s old. I bought this cute little female golden retriever from the pet shop across the street where I worked my whole summer vacation.

This little monster jumped down from my bed and went straight to the door, and looked back at me giving that innocent face to unlock the door.

I heard my favourite grandpa’s voice saying ''did my little angel woke up for her first day in school.”

Probably he is asking my grandma who is making pancakes. Yes, I can smell the sweet and delicious aroma of pancakes.

I made my way to the door to unlock it because this little monster here who is “Zoe” is so eager to go downstairs to see grandpa. Grandpa loves to take Zoe for a walk, but here our weather is cool. Me, grandpa and grandma live in a beautiful small town four hours away from New York.

My mom passed away when I was 14 years old. She was a cancer patient who is in her last stage, we couldn’t do anything because we came to know in her last stage. And dad ...

It was so heartbreaking for him and me. So I decided to live with my grandparents in this beautiful town surrounded by the whole greenery.

I love the smell of freshly rained soil and different flowers and fruits. I love it when it snows and covers the tips of this never-ending big trees which looks like as if they are touching the sky. I looked out from my window and inhaled the fresh air of morning weather, I love here. I decided to get ready for another year of boredom and bully.

Yes, I am a nerd who wears hoodies twice her size, who have huge glasses, who don't have a single friend, who enjoys her own company, who don't think about what she is wearing, who is an introvert, who easily get bullied by the school’s queen and jocks.

I don't hate my school, just that I don't like the system of students who treat other fellow students like trash.

I always got bullied by the school’s queen aka Veronica and her friends. I signed when I was done with my shower. I quickly changed into one of my huge hoodie and blue jeans. I like piercings by which I have a nose piercing and three ear piercings which suits my caramel skin. My stomach made so many weird sounds.

I got down and welcomed by sweet smiles and good mornings from pa and ma.

“Hello honey, I made blueberry pancakes and hot chocolate." my grandma said keeping a plate of pancakes, hot chocolate, and a bowl of fruits.

I said a thank you and moaned because of the thick and delicious hot chocolate. My grandpa who sat beside me chuckled.

"My little cupcake is growing up." grandpa said keeping his warm hand on my hand drawing circles.

"Grandpa, you always know that I am always was, be and will be your little cupcake forever." I said giving him my bright smile.

I don't have any siblings or cousins, so I am always their sweetheart and favourite granddaughter.

I'm looking for my little monster because I'm done with my breakfast. My zoe is sad and giving me that innocent face not to go. It’s the first day for me to leave her, as it always my side. I patted her head,

"Baby, don't be sad I will be back soon. Play with ma and pa. Don't give them a hard time." I said to her before taking my lunchbox and backpack.

I usually go by the local train to my school. But today is my first day so, grandpa insisted on dropping me by his car. Grandpa started singing along with the radio, which I joined him by singing the lyrics and laughing. It was and is always like this with ma and pa, whenever we three go out.

Singing laughing and sharing old times. We reached my school in 20 minutes. Grandpa gave a kiss on my forehead saying good day and enjoy it. I inhaled and exhaled the air big time, before stepping out.

Grandpa gave a bright smile and waved his hand before going back home. And here goes my beginning of another year of my woe.

Welcome to,

"Greenwood high school”

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