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Begin Again is the second book in the Back To Square One Series. Read on about Sam and Brandon and where they are 4 years down the line. Are they still in love or did fate pull them apart again? It’s really a typical Taylor Swift song if you ask me. Girl love’s boy Boy love’s girl Someone hurts someone They break up Years pass them by One moves on The other stays behind But then on a Wednesday in cafe they watched it Begin Again It has been 4 years since Sam and Brandon finally got together at their Martic farewell. Will they be able to do it again or will Sam’s bad decisions of the past write the final chapter of her and Brandon’s future. Two separate futures where Sam in always running away from her mistakes and Brandon will always be second guessing his choices.

Romance / Drama
Lielie Jansen
4.7 20 reviews
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The world had disappeared the moment when Sam’s lips touched mine. It felt like time had stopped and it was just me and her at that moment on the dance floor. I couldn’t hear the music, not the people talking and pushing against us. It all just disappeared.

All I knew at that moment was that I was finally kissing Sam. She is finally going to be mine. Lifting my hands and pushing them into her hair I pulled her closer to me so I could deepen the kiss. She responded instantly leaning into me with her entire body.

O the feel of her body against mine, her lips moving in rhythm with mine and her hands folding into my hair felt like heaven at that moment. I could stay like this forever and never have another regret in my life I thought to myself. I was just deepening the kiss again when I felt a tap on my shoulder and someone clearing there throat behind me.

I was very happy to ignore them but someone had other ideas and pulled us apart. It took me a moment to get out of my daze but when I finally did my eyes found Sam’s. She was blushing blood red and her eyes were fixed on the person behind me. Taking hold of Sam’s hand I turned around to face whoever had interrupted us.

“What do you think you are doing kissing her?” came Kimberly’s shrill voice.

“You are mine!” came the next words accompanied with a foot stomp.

Biting my lip not to laugh I could feel Sam move away from me trying to take her hand out of mine.

“I’m doing something I should have done a long time ago, like three years ago already. I’m not a possession and if I was I would never be yours. Now if you will excuse me Kimberly, I’m going to dance with Sam.” And with that I turned around and pulled Sam onto the dance floor.

I could hear the surprised whispers from the people around me but I really didn’t care I thought to myself as I pulled Sam closer to me so that our bodies were smashed together.

“I Love You Sleeping Beauty!” I whispered in her ear.

“Thank you for saving me!” was all she said back.

John captured the moment perfectly in time for me and Sam. He wanted to get our first kiss but instead he got the split second just before our lips touched. My eyes are halfway closed and you can see the determination in Sam’s our lips mere millimeters apart from each other with my lips having the hint of a smile on it.

It was by far my favorite picture of me and Sam. It was also the first picture of me and Sam together and when John showed me the picture I knew it will always be my favorite. Sitting on my bed in my parents’ house, my room halfway packed into boxes the other half still lying scattered all over the floor, I allowed the memory flow over me.

Sam had printed the picture and put it in a frame, giving it to me as a gift just before she left.

“Brandon are you finished packing yet? Your dad only has the trailer for one day and you have a lot of stuff to move.” Broke my mom into my thoughts.

“Halfway there mom. I will load this onto the trailer then dad can drop it at the house so long.”

My mom appeared in my doorway and looked around my room.

“It looks like you still have way more than half to pack. You need to hurry if you want everything done before you need to pick up Sam!”

Looking down at my watch I wanted to tell my mom I still have plenty of time when I realized I only had about 2 hours before Sam’s flight came in.

“Shit, I didn’t know the time had passed so fast. Can dad help me load the stuff I am done with and then I will just grab a few more things. I’ll come get the rest another day.” Shaking her head, laughing at me my mom turns around and walks out of the room to go get my dad.

Dropping the picture into a box, I start stuffing things in there without looking. My dad appeared in the doorway and started grabbing boxes to load onto the trailer.

“Thanks dad!” I shouted at his retreating back. I was running around my room grabbing stuff and stuffing it into boxes. Not caring what I packed and where. I will sort it out when I unpack at the house. As I filled the boxes I closed and sealed them then pushed them towards to door so my dad can just take them and load them.

Finally closing the last box and putting it at the door I turn around and look and my empty room. This was my entire childhood I was leaving behind today. From my first dirty dipper, the huge breakup fight with Kimberly and then later the huge end of friendship talk with Danny, to the last kiss I gave Sam before she left a month ago.

“Are you ready to go?” asked my dad who was standing in the door way.

“Yeah, just making sure I have everything I need before I head out. If I left something here I will come get it sometime during the week”

“Come on let’s go. We still need to pick up your car and drop off all this stuff before you can head out to the airport.”

Nodding my head in agreement I take one last look at my room.

“Let’s go drop my stuff so that I can go get my Sleeping Beauty at the airport.” Laughing my dad turned around and headed down to the car.

I switch off the light and pull the door close on the old me. As I headed down the stairs and out the front door I could feel my new life taking off and as soon as I had Sam in my arms it will have properly started.

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