Without You...

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a short love story Who says even death can do you apart? There are some stories that continues even after death!

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Without You...

The gentle breeze dries my tears

As if your hands wiping my fears

I know you’re watching me always

As you whose promise never breaks

“It’s been a week that you’re gone but my heart feels you’re still here.” Naomi cried remembering her husband Kaito Kurosaki, who died a week ago in a car accident; investigations were going on whether it was actually an accident or a murder? Every day she visited the place of the accident expecting it all to be a bad dream and for him to return back to her but she too knew it was just her naïve thought because he was gone forever. She missed him and holding his shirt she cried herself to sleep.

Little did she know, he was still there unable to leave her crying his soul wandered, her tears burnt his heart. There was one more reason he couldn’t attain nirvana, to protect her from her step-mother who desperately tried to kill her. He chose a mediator; with his help, he helped police with the investigations.

Her stepmother invited her to kill her, this time she would kill this girl for sure, without any mistake she thought. She couldn’t bear Naomi, who reminded her of her husband who could never love her in return. She reminded her of her mother, her father could never forget. She reminded her of the fortune her husband left for his daughter and not a single penny for his 2nd wife. She couldn’t bear Naomi any second longer.

Naomi entered the house.

“Mom?” She called but her voice was returned by the empty house.

She heard a noise from above her and the chandelier fell on her but she was saved, someone pushed her?

“How can this be?” She thought. She looked around no one was there.

Her step-mother was annoyed. How did she always manage to escape death?
She decided she wouldn’t trust anyone or anything except herself she took a knife in her hand and moved towards her step-daughter.

“How do you manage to escape death every time?” She shouted and ran to her with killing intent.

“Mom?” Naomi looked confusedly at her mother holding the knife.

“Run.” She heard someone shout.

Huh? She looked around for the source of her husband’s voice but there was no one.

Her mom was about to hit her but someone pulled her. Naomi was getting restless.

“You’re here, aren’t you?” She said with her eyes filled with tears. When she didn’t get any reply, she slumped to the ground and cried calling out his name.

“Please, Kaito. Let me see you once. You’re here, I know! Please!” She sobbed, she didn’t care about her mother coming to kill her. She wanted to die, what was there for her in this world anyway? She’s already lost her love.

Just then cops busted and shot the woman in her hand making her drop the weapon. They arrested her while she kept cursing Naomi for all those painful 10 years. But she laughed like a mad and shouted “Live your life without love now, just like I’ve lived mine.“, while the police took her away.

Naomi cried finding her husband was murdered by her mother in her stead. Kaito looked at his wife, her tears were piercing his heart like knives. He requested God to let him talk to his wife for one last time.

He went to her side and kneeled down beside her, wiped her tears. She looked at his love-filled eyes and cried hugging him.

“Please don’t cry.” He begged. He caressed her cheeks and kissed her tears away. “I hate when you cry, it pains my heart. You’re more beautiful with your sweet smile.” He kissed her forehead.

“Please don’t leave me. Take me with you.” She cried.

He hushed her with his finger on her lips.

“I can’t. You have to live your life, you’ll have to live my share too. You always have to smile so that my heart sings seeing you smile. I have to go now, but I’ll always watch over you, I’ll always be with you like a breeze passing by.” He kissed her lips and disappeared. She could feel the kiss lingering on her lips, the proof of his touch, his presence that was now gone. She cried herself to sleep that night.

But as promised she greeted him smiling every day. When she would be upset, he would cheer her with a gust of wind kissing her face.

Without you it’s painful,

Without you it’s dreadful,

But I will live on just like you wanted,

even the part of your share,

smiling and treasuring our memories together,

with our little unborn treasure.

She smiled to herself lovingly touching her belly, looking at the azure blue sky.

She lived her life as promised with his memories not with tears but with smiles. She saw the face of her grandchildren and after few years she passed away.

And after many many years.

A highschool girl full of life, she loved the breeze flowing through her hair, she loved and cherished every little thing. On her way back home through the park filled with Sakura tree. She danced down the path while the petals fell down the tree.

“Slow down, you’ll trip.” Warned her friends.

She suddenly stopped on her tracks and spotted a group of boys, among whom a boy stared at her mesmerized.

That was the day, the day they met again, but in a different time, a different place and with a different name.

Who said even death could do them apart? Their love was eternal which continued even after death.

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