The Beastly

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A story about two worlds. Two people, completely strangers to each other's own as Anna Storm, an Atian; a society of mutants, strives to free her people from bondage and return their home to them. The home forcefully taken from them by the humans centuries ago in a war they didn't win. But the road to freedom wasn't really as easy as she she thought it would be. Anna realizes that in order for her to deliver her people to freedom, a marriage had to be done. A marriage with one of them, a marriage with the same monsters that killed her own family and turned her people to prisoners in their own home. To a human. To Angelo Trusk, the wealthy illegitimate son of one of the most powerful families in the world, and just like Anna, Angelo had had his own share of loss to his enemies. Atians, the same monsters that killed his mum. At first marriage feels so impossible but soon they both realized that they had more in common than they thought and then the biggest impossibility of all; a baby. A baby that was going to change their lives forever. A baby that should never be brought into the world. A baby that became a common enemy for both worlds. Love and loyalty becomes tested as they are both faced with a common enemy. Their own people.

Romance / Drama
vanessa murphy
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Let me tell you a story.

A story you never knew existed.

A story so different than the ones you know.

A story that was never recorded.

A story about creation.

A story about gods.

A story about us.

A good story.

Long, long ago in the time of the gods, uranus the father of the skies, son and husband of Gaia had twelve children whom he loved equally. Uranus found comfort and love in the music of a lesser diety, Runa.

Her beauty was profound even for a Harpist.

Uranus was so attracted by her beauty and one night he sent for her and slept with her.

Runa was pregnant. Fulfilling the prophesies of the sky realm, the prophesies that stated that an illegitimate son would rule over the sky realm one day.

When Gaia heard this she was filled with rage and anger towards uranus and asked her sons to castrate him with a great flint-bladed sickle. And asked for the head of Runa.

Runa fled.

But was captured by Gaia’s most ambitious son, Cronus who brought her back to his mother.

Out of worry of what might happen if she killed the mother of a yet to be born god, Gaia banished Runa to earth and promised to punish her in due time after the child was born.

Just as promised, Runa bore two daughters,

Rela and Hapith and Gaia visited.

Touched by their purity and the fact that the prophesy was yet to come to pass, Gaia promised not to kill Runa or any of the girls but she passed her verdict.

Gaia took away Rela’s powers and forbode them to ever return to the realm of the gods. And out of dust, she created a boy to be of comfort to Runa and to begin the creation when the time was right. She called him caphus. He was to be the father of creation.

With Rela, caphus had three beautiful daughters and two sons who he named Humanus and with Hapith, three sons and two daughters who were physically strong and born with supernatural abilities, who were almost as equivalent as gods he called them ischyros which meant powerful.

And they began creation.

Years after years, centuries after centuries, the gods watched as the descendants of Runa lived in peace and prosperity. They protected themselves when it rained and tilled the ground for food. They grew powerful and didn’t rely on the gods. This made Ares angry and filled with jealousy. And one day, he decided to bring chaos on them and destroy their peace.

Taking the disguise of lotus, the leader of the ischyros, Ares murdered Ribu, the leader of the Humanus in cold blood while his son Adam watched. Adam was filled with rage and swore to avenge his father so he planned to kill Lotus.

When the elders found out of his evil plan, they banished Adam from earth together with his followers and once again, the earth was filled with peace but little did they know that Adam had plans of his own to take back earth and create a world where the ischyros were no longer in charge.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to. Months and months turned to years, and just as he swore, Adam returned with an army and weapons filled with mercury. An element lethal to the ischyros and waged war on them. A war the ischyros didn’t win.

Adam killed all the elders and the ischyros surrendered to him. He became the leader of earth and locked the ischyros as prisoners and called his people Humans.

Years after years gave rise to Civilization and modernisation and the Humans multiplied by thousands and hundreds of thousands and tried to control the population of the ischyros. They killed the old above seventy and all third borns out of fear that one day the ischyros were going to rise up and destroy them one day.

They suppressed their powers with bracelets made of mercury and demarcated both worlds making sure the ischyros never again became a part or more powerful than the humans.

And so it was.. Generations after generations.

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