Smooth Ride

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It was time to put the past behind her, making sure he knew that it was going to happen for them again. She was Beauty to everyone, they cherished her and respected her.

Romance / Thriller
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Smart thinking, killer looks and a steady gun hand. She was referred to as Beauty; with the brains of a kid genius, looks that could kill and a pure heart for anything that was not so pure. Her heels clicked across the hard, frozen ground with her mind set on the target. It had been a rough day of battling for the mission of a lifetime. She had fought her father tooth and nail to regain her precious battle that had been going on for months and tonight was going to be the special night of finishing it with everything she had put into it.

Her six-inch heels and long exposed legs caught the attention of the main wait list for the club; her cherry red hair swinging from side to side as she pressed a flirty smile onto her lip-glossed puffy lips. Her bangs hung to the right side of her face when she slowly turned her head that way, a hand running up her largely curved chest to bring the Bouncer to her overly bouncy breasts.

“Hello, handsome. Under Miles.” She purred, slowly moving closer to peer over the side of his clipboard all in the meanwhile of allowing her ample chest to press against the large forearm that greeted her. But not as much as his. Clicking her tongue, she pushed him to the back of her mind the same moment his husky rough voice pierced around her head.

“Hurry the fuck up, Beauty. We need this done yesterday.” He growled through the tiny, microscopic ear piece. It was his idea in the beginning to have her in this role of the mission, but it was also his idea to try and pull her from it at the last moment. The reason she was so behind schedule.

Ignoring him as best as she could, Beauty giggle and tossed the small amount of hair that gather over her chest backwards. “Did you find it?” She squealed in joy when the Bouncer pointed to the name.

“Claire?” He muttered, earning another giggle and a nod from Beauty. “Yes, ma’am. You may go inside.” He said while unclipping the red rope from the one pole that held it up. Slowly moving past him, she thanked him with a deliberate drag of her black nail across her forearm.

“Thank you.” She winked once more, swinging her hips as she walked into the already loud club. Beauty could feel the Bouncer’s eyes on her lush curve behind that was barely concealed by the tight leather mini skirt she had to borrow from one of her best friends and her late brother’s Old Lady, Jessie.

A tight bright blue and black corset that was cropped style allowed very little to be imaged. It pushed up her already large breasts up, exposing them even more then normal with the more regular t-shirt she wore around the compound. Her eyes slowly wandered the packed club, she noted the couple of brothers that were sitting around or dancing to try and keep themselves unnoticable. But to anyone that knew their gang; Delicate Vultures, they would know that they weren’t all that delicate.

Unclipping her tiny wallet like purse, she hummed to the music while pulling out her favourite lip gloss and phone to reapply to sparkling film of peppermint tasting goodness that her father had gotten her attracted to the moment she applied it for the first time on her eighteenth birthday; four years ago.

Finishing quickly, she stuffed her things back into the little bag and tossed it back around her wrist. Beauty smiled when she caught sight of him sitting up in the VIP section of the club; his crop black head stuck out from the other bikers in his gang. She made her way around the crowds of people, stopping a little far from where the second floor hung off over looking the civilian dance floor. If her research was right, the second floor consisted of the parts that weren;t for the everyday person.

Smothering a frown at the sight of a blonde walking to the President of the Dragon Prowlers, she grabbed the first semi-decease male that crossed her path and which didn’t have another woman or man hanging off them.

“Well, hello there, sexy!” She giggled, shocking the poor male she was about to pull into her world for the time being; the silent hope that nothing happened to him crossed her mind when she pushed her body up against him and slowly started to move her hips, causing friction before her largely barely exposed ass and and quickly growing erection. The random male’s hands found their way to her hips, pulling them even closer which she didn’t think was mildly possible, but he seemed to think it was. Back to his chest, she moved to wrap her arms back to his head, pulling it into the curve of her neck to make it look like she was nibbling his ear.

“He is looking, Beauty.” One of the brothers, Sage, muttered through the ear set, making her slowly turn her head up towards the balacy. Shaping her lips into an ‘O’ formation, she made eye contact with Tailer, President of The Dragon Prowlers. Beauty tipped her head to the side, rubbing her ass closer to the random guy as she shut out his useless talking and winking at the President.

His shocked look didn’t surprise her, but his other movements were not caught by her when she quickly turned in the arms of the guy she had grabbed and whispered in his ear.

Pushing away the repulsed feeling that rose in her body when the grubby hands of this random tried to be sexy while grabbing her ass and rubbing his thumbs into the overly cushioned fat compared to most of the Clubs Whores she had gotten so used to seeing half naked and skinny to the bone coming out of His room, at the Club house, almost every morning.

“Moving down the stairs.” His voice rumbled again since being at the front of the club.

Without a word, Beauty moved around the male attached to her seconds before she felt another set of hands finding her sides; snatching her away from the male. Gasping, she whipped around with a glare that slowly slipped into a giggle. “Thought you would stay up on the balacy, sugar.” She moaned, allowing Tailer to pull her into him before he growled something to the man behind her.

He looked down the few inches towards her with a look of satisfying notion. “Says the one that came me those ever so seducing eyes, Mrs.--?”

Beauty moved her hands to press into his chest, flicking her head to the side; trailing her lips across his exposed collarbone. “Miles. Claire Miles.”

Tailer hummed with a wicked grin, “Well, Mrs. Miles. Why don’t you join me up on that balcony you got me to come down from?” He grunted, grabbing her hands from his chest and tugging her in the way of the stairs.


Faking yet another moan, Beauty tipped her head back with a throaty sigh as his lips trailed over the cords of her neck and tipping dangerously close to her breasts where they lingered slightly too long for her comfort before drawing away from her. Making a pouty face, she looked down at Tailer where he sat beneath her. “Why’d you stop?” She grumbled with a giggle when his fingers brushed her inner thigh, her mind internally freaking out if he found it.

Tailer chuckled, smirking at her. “I was thinking that we could move this somewhere else, maybe into the back where it’s a little more private.” His other hand inching up her ribcage and gently grabbing the underside of her breasts.

“Hurry up, Beauty.” He barked through the headphone, quickly being shushed by Sage and Magic, her father’s sergeant of arms.

Tucking her head beneath his own and into his neck, Beauty ran her lips across Tailer’s neck and across his skin before finding his pierced earlobe; nibbling on the skin before nipping it slightly harder. A smirk gracing her lips when he sharply inhaled, his arms tightening around her waist even more than before. She puckered her lips, moving them across his skin before peppering kisses till she hit the corner of her mouth. “Mm, I think that would be an amazing idea, handsome. Why don’t you lead the way?” She giggled, lifting herself up from his lap and smiling in astonishment as his fingers trailed down her body and over her butt as she moved.

Tailer quickly rose from the seat they had been on, nodding at the few members that were still sitting there with them and grabbed Beauty’s hand. He tugged hard, semi dragging her away from the opening of the balcony and towards the back where they found themselves into a darker hallway. The music grew lighter with each step they took, stumbling in her heels; Beauty pouted and moaned for Tailer to slow down which he slowly did so with a glance back at her.

“Sorry, sexy.” He muttered, bringing her a few feets more till they reached the end of the hallway where a closed door printed with the word PRIVATE over the front stood. Tailer looked back at her with a wink, “Time for some fun!” He chuckled, taking a key from his pocket and unlocking the door in a few moments before tossing it open and stepping out of the way, Tailer motioned for her to go in ahead of her which she gladly did.

Stepping where he wasn’t able to get a glance at her face, her facial expressions slipped a moment before she pushed another smile onto her face. Beauty turned to look at Tailer, slowly stepping back wards and tossing her clutch onto the chair across the room where it stood in front of a desk and another few chairs, a computer sitting on top of the polished top of the desk. A bed was pushed up against on the opposite wall and she didn’t do much browsing to take in her surrounding before looking back at her mission.

Beauty made a come here motion with her finger before lowering her hands to her top, starting to unclip the binding; the corset falling to the ground to relieve her bright blue laced bra that she would be burning after this was over. Just like every other time she was required to do something along these line, just like getting into the shower the minute she walked into her house and scrubbed her pale skin almost raw with the filthy she thought always littered her skin after man had their hands all over her.

Tailer slammed the door shut,his eyes trapped on her pushed up breasts that were almost spilling out of it. “Fuck.” He groaned, his right hand dipping down to his erection and carefully moving it in his dark black jeans.

“Why don’t you come sit on the bed, handsome? I’ll give you a show!” She purred, turning around to show him her unhooking her bra that fell to the ground with a soft thud. Beauty looked over her shoulder, biting her lip with a giggle when she watched him march over, walking around her and flopping onto the bed. His eyes lingering on her breasts as she moved in front of him and straddled his lap, pushing their lower regions together and tossing her arms around his neck. “I was thinking I’d give you a little something, would you like that?” She moaned into his ear, nibbling the skin once again.

“Holy fuck, hurry the hell up, Beauty!” The voice of her temporary Boss bellowed over the earpiece, making her jump and straddle Tailer who looked up at her with a questioning look.

“Just a sudden chill, I think that will be easily solved though.” She flirted, moving off of him to stand in front of him. Tailer’s eyes looking her up and down while leaning back onto bed with one hand behind him and the other slowly unbuttoning his jeans and lowering the zipper.

Couldn’t even wait five minutes. Beauty though, internally gagging before slipping her hand down her leg and up into her skirt, the move looking like she was taking off her panties, but pulling out another thing.

“You could have waited not even five minutes for me to finish my job, could you?” Beauty growled out in anger, Tailer’s eyes widening.

The scream caught in his throat as the six inch, switchblade swirled across the air; blood splattering across to exposed upper body and face as Tailer gagged and tried to scream once again before Beauty kicked her heel up, catching him in the chest and shoving him back into the dark blue duvet that he was sitting on. Moving to straddle his waist once more, Beauty grinned down at the dying man.

“That’s what happens when you fuck with the Delicate Vultures.” She smirked, his eyes widening before his breathing became more forced and Beauty watched him slip to death before dragging her blood covered knife on his top and tearing it from his body to mop up the slowly drying blood on her own.

Finding a bathroom in the large room from multiple doors, she rubbed off the blood in all visible areas before returning into the room and redressing herself, gathering her purse and making her way out of the room. Beauty nodded at one of the Prospects that was leaning against the wall a few doors down.

“Clean up. Please try to hurry.” She muttered, slipping out of the door the Prospect motioned to where she was able to escape through without being caught.


“Beauty.” His voice gruff, his glare penetrating her skin as she walked down the hallway of the compound. She was grumpy and gross, only wanting a shower before collecting her things at the compound before leaving to head to her own house, though she knew it wasn’t probably the best option at a quarter past three in the morning. Her eyes slowly starting to lose the fight to stay open.

A growl erupting from her chapped lips when the hand clasped around her upper forearm; making her swirl around and glare at him. “Would you just fuck off for one damn fucking night? Would you? I just killed someone less than a few hours ago!”


“Shut up, just shut the hell up. You haven’t been in this compound enough times after I have killed to know that you aren’t supposed to talk to me unless it is needed. Not until I have had a damn shower, washing all the blood and whatever else is on my skin off! Because I sure as fuck have blood under my clothing at the moment and some disgusting asshole gang leaders’ sweat and saliva on me!” Beauty screamed, ripping her arm out of his grasp and holding up a hand when he stepped towards her once more. “Screw off, just fuck the hell off till the morning. Because at the moment not only am I grimmy and ready to peel off my own skin from someone else’s blood which I don’t even know if has some ever so fucked up thing in it, you yelled at me this evening. Screwing around with my concentration. I can tell you right now, Bails, I don’t need to listen to you be an asshole when I’m doing something I have done almost a million times. Got that?”

“Bails. Just please step away from her, she is right. Normally no one does talk to her till after she has at least showered and come down on her own.” Beauty’s father and President of the Delicate Vultures, Smoke, explained, walking up to them and resting a hand on the other President’s shoulder. “Come on, son. We have some things to discuss anyways before you have another week here and are heading back to your own territory.”

Bails nodded, his eyes still watching the woman before him as she turned back around without a word and walked to her room; slamming the door behind her as she went.

Another harder squeeze made him twist around to look at their allied President, “I-”

“Don’t worry about it, just if she was ever doing a job with you again, you will know. But she is right, you are never up or around normally when she gets back from a kill. We all came to the understanding after the fourth one that she needs to do her own thing afterwards before speaking to anyone. But sometimes there are times when we do need to talk to her and she wouldn’t freak out that bad. Though today, she took down a man she has been trying to forever. Not including the fact that you made me pull her hours before, screwing up her mind set.”

Not bothering with an answer, Bails simply nodded and followed after Smoke when he turned around for his back to face the younger man and start to walk away from Beauty’s door.


Her pressed against the door, she slowly slide down the blackened door with a sigh. Her father had taken over something that she didn’t want to explain to the President of their Allied gang of Hell’s Hunters. Her body starting to slowly tremble like every other time she had killed once she was out of the eyesight off all the preying eyes of the Delicate Vultures.

The lone tear falling down her cheek before she was able to swipe it away with a growl, I am strong. She thought over and over again while blinking a few times and pushing herself up and marching over to the opposite side of the room to her attached bathroom. Her hands tearing at the clothing that hide her most valuable assets, tossing them onto the ground; her hands finding their way around her body to unclip her bra and slip down her panties before stepping into the tiled bathroom. Pulling the ponytail out of her in which she tossed it up in when they were on their way home; Beauty threw it into the trashcan instead of the hair bin she had sitting on one of the higher shelve in her cabinet that she hadn’t bothered to close before heading off to the club.

Glancing in the mirror, she whimpered in disgust at the sight of the dried and crackling blood that was splattered over her breasts and tiny pouch of a stomach. Beauty’s eyes traveled down her gym sculpted body that she was about to keep in the most tip top shape that she could, no matter how many hours she spent in the gym; her tiny pouch stomach was due to all the dessert she desired after nights like these along with all the ones she didn’t see fit to sell at her bakery multiple towns over that a couple of the Old Ladies worked at for her most of the time when she wasn’t able too.

She moved onwords; over her neatly kept lower region, her tattoo trailing over the top of her pubic hair and across her thigh where it moved up her hip where the dragon’s head curled back around to her thigh. Her thighs bugled out from her high hips and waistline. Fat, but thick with muscles. Her legs trimmed out till she got to her tiny feet and the tattoo of the black rose dripping with blood, her brothers initials below it was on the opposite side of her body. Her bullet scar and multiple knife wounds littering her otherwisely smooth skin.

“Fuck.” Beauty cried, swirling around and facing the shower which she slapped onto a scalding temperature. Stepping into the water, she didn’t flinch from the burning sensation that traveled through her body.

Not bothering with her hair at that moment, Beauty grabbed her luffa; smothering the black and blue material in citrus scented body wash and wet it. Starting with her legs; she scrubbed away at her body in need, making the skin inflamed and red at had hair she was scrubbing at her pale skin. Moving over the scruff scared skin, making sure to skin through every crease to make sure nothing got infected no matter how long ago these things had happened.

Her hands traveled up her body, her skin inflamed and pink once she was finished before starting on her. Wetting the slightly dry hair, she started on shampooing and conditioning the waist length hair with care before rinsing the soap. Cutting off the water supply to the shower head, Beauty used her foot to slip the tub stopper off the side it was on and into the hole to start in making a bath.

Treading her hands through her hair as she stepped out of the running water, she didn’t bother with the water the dripped off of her and grabbed another ponytail from her basket and tossed the thick, wet mess of hair into a messy bun without bothering in brushing it till later. She picked up one of the folded towels that laid on the rack and left the bathroom for a moment to smile at the two beer bottles and a sandwich that said on her bed.

“Thanks, Daddy.” She muttered to no one, picking up the things that were left for her and made her way back into the bathroom; dropping the towel and laying her food and drinks onto the little table that said beside the bath.

Her thoughts on thanking her father for the renovation of her bathroom a few years back after she had trashed her old one after a failed mission.

Beauty didn’t bother waiting for the water to finish filling, but stepped back into the tub, drying off her hands and grabbing her book that laid beside her as well and the sandwich with a thankful sigh of relief for another night to be almost over with.

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