The Only Exception

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Bobby Cooper wasn't at all the perfect person . . . but I was utterly, completely, dangerously, and foolishly in love with him. Ryan Rivera doesn't have it easy. Growing up in foster care with his twin brother and not knowing who his real parents are has left a heavy toll on him. Bobby Cooper has it easy. With practically all the money in the world and girls stuck to this side like glue, he shouldn't have a single care in the world. Until he finds out that his best friend, Ryan, has been in love with him since the second grade.

Romance / Drama
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Ryan Rivera

“Would you check out the boobs on that one?” Bobby practically yelled in my ear as he obnoxiously pointed to a busty blonde sitting at the edge of the pool with her legs in the water.

By all means, the blonde was quite gifted in all aspects. Her long hair seemed to go on forever, falling down her tanned shoulders in perfect waves. Her breasts filled her bikini top so effortlessly, allowing a generous amount of cleavage to show.

To put it simply, she was gorgeous, and by the way his brown eyes were bulging out of their sockets, I could tell she was definitely Bobby’s type.

His eyes were glued to her every move. “Damn, she’s hot,” he commented once again.

I rolled my eyes. “What about Liza?”

Bobby twisted his face in confusion, as if he couldn’t even remember the name of his own girlfriend. “What about her?”

I reached over and grabbed a slice a pizza from the box placed in front of us. “I don’t think she’ll be very happy to hear that you’re complimenting another girl’s boobs.”

Bobby dismissed me with a simple wave of his hand. “I broke it off with her last night.”

I wasn’t surprised. “Again?”

He nodded as he reached for a slice of pizza, eyes still glued to the busty blonde in the pool. “Yeah, she was getting too needy.”

I sighed. “But you’ll get back with her at the end of the week.”

He glanced over to me with the corner of his mouth twitching upwards into a small smirk. “Probably, but until then ... I need a rebound girl. Someone to take me to fucking Pluto and back.”

I sunk further into my seat as I let the jealousy prickle my skin with each moment that passed.

Bobby Cooper was beautiful, if I had to sum it up in one word. He had those chocolate brown eyes to match his dark, shaggy hair, and sweet, sun-kissed, tanned skin to enhance his muscles.

With how fit and handsome he was, one would think he had to play a varsity sport. In actuality, however, Bobby was too egotistical to share his accomplishments with teammates. He tried playing football once, but got kicked off the team when he punched a team member for not running fast enough. He even tried soccer, where he face-planted someone with a soccer ball because he wasn’t cheering loud enough.

So instead of wasting his time and energy on sports, Bobby decided to spend it on girls, and girls, and girls, and more girls.

“I can take you to Pluto and back,” I found myself blurting out before I could stop it.

Bobby turned to me, eyebrows sewn together in disgust. “Dude, no.”

When I realized the context of my words, I sat up straight and scrambled to recant my words. “No, I didn’t mean it like that. I meant that one of my dads is hosting a galaxy show during carnival week. I can get you front row seats.”

His gaze narrowed on me. “So?”

“So, girls love stars and stuff.”

Bobby redirected his gaze to the blonde, who had finally caught his stare and was beginning to make her way over to us. He was silent for a while as he thought over my proposal, then spoke when he finally came to a consensus in his mind. “Not a bad idea, Ryan. Not a bad idea at all.”

I gave him a forced smile in return. “Well, you know me. Just full of great ideas.”

“You know,” His words were directed at me, but his eyes remained glued on the blonde who was getting closer by the second, “you always know what to do when it comes to girls. I’m surprised you haven’t gotten a girlfriend yet.”

That’s because I’m not into girls, stupid.

I opened my mouth to respond, but before I could, Bobby held up a finger to silence me. “Hold that thought. Blondie’s making her way over as we speak. Is my breath good?” He didn’t give me any time to prepare as he leaned in to breathe on me.

I shoved him away. “Yeah, yeah. It’s fine.”

“Teeth?” He grinned widely.

I merely rolled my eyes. “You’re good.”

Bobby held out a demanding hand. “Condom?”

I wished I could have been more surprised than I was. “Seriously?”

A small smirk curved his lips. “Seriously.”

“At a neighborhood pool in the middle of the day where kids are running around and the locker rooms smell like dirty chlorine?” I questioned further.

He shrugged. “Don’t come crying to me when nine months from now, you find out I have a kid.”

“You do know that-”

“Condom,” he said in a more demanding tone.

I really wished I hadn’t agreed to carry around condoms just in case he needed one. It sounded like a great idea at the time, but it sounded ridiculously dumb when he was asking me in public. “Fine,” I muttered as I fished into my back pocket for a foil package. “And you better use it wisely, because I don’t want to hear about your impromptu sandwich bag story again.”

He snatched the package from my hand, shoved it into his own pocket and shook his head in disbelief. “You’re always looking out. I have no idea what I’d do without you, man.”

Before I could reply, the blonde appeared beside us with a small smile plastered onto her porcelain face. I knew whatever I tried to say wouldn’t register through Bobby’s mind, because he already focused all of his attention on the blonde’s way-too-revealing cleavage.

I flashed them both a fake smile before standing abruptly from my seat and padding my way towards the lemonade stand hosted by a couple of little girls.

After paying for a cup of water-downed lemonade, I propped myself up against the nearest wall and watched from afar, as Bobby flirted his way into Blondie’s pants.

I already knew how this would end. He would sleep with her, tell me how great of a girl she was, then never mention her name ever again. If I asked him about it a week from now, he wouldn’t even recall meeting her.

Bobby Cooper wasn’t at all the perfect person. He was hot-tempered, selfish, insensitive and a whole bunch of other degrading words in the book.

But I was utterly, completely, dangerously, and foolishly in love with him.

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