It Has To Be You...

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Lauren Bleu doesn't believe in fate nor coincidence. She needed to witness it to believe it. Little did she know that it would change her life into oblivion. It all started in an amusement park that recently opened by their neighborhood. Thanks to her disbelief in both fate and coincidence, both give her signs that its worth believing and just maybe more than just simple myths.

Romance / Drama
Jhara Mae
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•~•~• PROLOGUE •~•~•

It was the the day after the last day of school. Summer finally begins!

Elisa invited me to go to an amusement park that just opened last week. It’s today and I don’t think I want to go. Let me tell you one thing, I always feel queasy whenever I ride one of those dizzy and nerve-wracking rides.

I heard the doorbell ring which meant Elisa is already here to pick me up.
Hooray for me! (hint the sarcasm)

“Hey Lauren! Ready for our big bonding day?” Elisa grinned madly.

It’s not like I wanted her to pick me up but she insisted and didn’t want to accept ′no′ as an answer.

So here I am, practically being forced to join.

“Hey! Wait up!” I heard a familiar voice behind me, catching breath as the voice got closer. “Don’t you people know how to wait?!”

I turned around only to see my older brother Edcel sweating from ′multitasking′ all around the house just to catch up on our stroll in the park.

“What? I didn’t know you we’re coming with us Edcel.” Elisa glared at me. It’s obviously because she believed in the quote, ‘the more the merrier’. “It seems that someone doesn’t want you to come.”

Edcel also looked at me with those cobalt blue eyes that were now dark and icy. He didn’t look amused that we were about to leave him behind.
I didn’t talk to both of them on the way.

Besides, both of them were upset with me anyway so there’s no use in trying to start a humorous conversation with any of them. I kept quiet and gazed above me. I am always mesmerized by nature and the surroundings around me.

Is fate really unpredictable? The question unusually popped into my mind suddenly. It would take a while to answer it so I grabbed my pastel turquoise backpack and took out my journal along with a pencil that had an eraser which was demolished entirely. I jotted the question down quickly even if it was barely understood.

“Lauren, we’re here!!!” Elisa let out a high-pitched squeal that made my ears go numb temporarily.

“Ack!” I made sure Elisa knew she caused my ears to sore while covering my ears with my two palms. “Thanks for the punishment, Elisa.”

“No problem!” Elisa winked.

Edcel ruined our playful conversation when he started patting my shoulder over and over so it made it ache internally. Ack!

“What is your problem Edcel?!” I scowled.

“Let’s ride on that one first!” Edcel didn’t mind making my shoulder all sore from his frequent patting. His palm was clammy and heavy as barbells. He kept on pointing at the most humongous roller coaster ride we have ever seen in a while. He resembled a kid who wanted cotton candy so badly that he pouted.

“Woah!” Elisa said in awe. “Let’s do it!” Elisa fist bumped Edcel. She was in with Edcel’s death wish but I wasn’t! I’m not ready to die yet!

Sometimes I wonder why Elisa isn’t Edcel’s best friend because as you can currently see, they have much more similar interests. I kind of wish Elisa would be willing to be Edcel’s crazy weird girlfriend. I’d probably ship them both!

The rides were terrifying. I already got goosebumps while we were still waiting in line for a turn. I don’t know what to do. I covered my face with my palms, I felt like I needed to weep. I wanted to bail out... I peeked a bit to see the ride. This time, I felt nauseous. I closed my eyes really tight and then I noticed something warm got wrapped around me. I thought someone was hugging me for a moment there but he still did something nice, he put his coat on me. Maybe he caught me shivering in this snowy winter day.

“Don’t worry Lauren, you’ll be fine...” Edcel gave a considerate smile

My brother’s so caring. I hugged him back afterwards. I can’t stop being afraid but at least my reckless brother is with me.

I hope my persuading skills aren’t too rusty.

“Guys, there are better rides here.” I try to utter with a sickly sweet tone. “Look at that ferris wheel! Its much better than that boring roller coaster ride.”

“Boring? What are you talking about?!” Elisa and Edcel snarl. “It’s totally the opposite of boring.”

“It’s more like exciting to me!” Edcel laughs indistinctly.

“How about let’s do it later?” I ask uncertainty visible in the tone of my voice. “Save the best for last?”

The two exchanged looks, and to my astonishment... they agreed!

The first ride we went to was scary, much more frightening than the roller coaster. Maybe I’m regretting persuading them. Maybe.
I forgot what it was called but it had a pattern of going up and down. Definitely not worth trying. The people start below behind a very tall infrastructure, I began panicking when I was strapped tightly to the chair. I was squeezed between Elisa and a dude I barely recognize from school. The chairs are now being lifted high gently. But then...we were suddenly boosted up, when we reached the top of the contraption; we were immediately dropped down. I frantically kept on panting and thinking of anything somewhat positive in this particular moment of life and death. The whip of wind flowing through my tufts of hair made the adrenaline rush run through me faster than I could ever imagine. I felt like I went to hell and heaven and went back again. After that experience with this ride, I will never ever set foot here again. Thank God I did not puke.

“Woohoo!” Elisa whooped in the air and raising her arms around. “Let’s go on that one next!”

“Oh hell n--” I was trying to object against another life-threatening monster ride until Edcel ruined my objection. I am not going to get on any of those crazy contraptions!

“Definitely!” Edcel yells excitedly. “You’re cool Elisa! You’re so different from other girls I’ve met.”

“Damn you!” I hit Edcel on his arm with mine. “Stop cutting me off when I’m trying to talk, ’kay?”

“Just a hobby I’ve come to know.” Edcel snickers wickedly. “You can’t stop me even if you wanted to.”

As we scurried past several crowds, I saw even more rides that were you know what. Elisa looks at each one devilishly. “Hee!Hee!Hee! There’s more!!!”

“Bloody hell no!!!” I yell in discomfort.

Edcel and Elisa laughed at me mockingly afterwards, chanting ‘scaredy cat’ repeatedly.


Hi to anyone who is reading this story. Thanks for giving it a try! I am open to criticisms and/or suggestions to make this story better. I love you guys! I hope you love this story as much as I do! Thanks again to everyone!
Love Lots!!! ♥

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