It Has To Be You...

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We have already gotten our asses on five rides, lucky for me I haven’t humiliated myself just yet. Although, I do feel queasy and a bit dizzy on our last ride so it means if I ride on another, it’ll obviously end up being a horror movie. I flinch involuntarily when Elisa quickly grabs a hold of my hand. Her grip can be easily said that I can’t let go unless she wants to, she has an iron grip for your information. Plus, I’m weak compared to Elisa, so if I try to escape out of her grasp, it will end up being fractured. I don’t want to risk any bones being broken.
What does she think she’s doing?!

“This is going to be the last ride for the day!” Elisa sighed. “We can go home and watch movies after this if you want.” She beamed at me with a toothy grin. I’ve missed that smile of hers, it’s rarely seen.

I heave a sigh too as I see the last ride that will probably end my life along with my soul too.
It made me look pale and feel nauseous inside. Should I make up an alibi to escape? Before I can decide if I should, Edcel tugged my sleeve on the other side; so I’m in between the two of them.
I gulp.
This is it, the last ride of the day. If you do this, you’ll never be forced to do it again.
Here goes nothing.

“Just try not to puke.” Elisa held my shoulders now.

I can leave! Maybe get out of this predicament. She wouldn’t stop me if I did.
Do you know that feeling when you can’t feel your legs or any of your parts functioning? That it ain’t complying?
Yeah, I’m tingly all over and cannot manage to move away from the roller coaster.
Why does this happen at a wrong time?
We are near the cars. The wind here is really strong and breezy; it makes me shiver and hide under my denim jacket. We picked the fifth car because it was in the middle, I didn’t want the back or else we’ll likely get left behind if the screws which is the only thing that attaches the cars were to be loose—just taking extra precaution, you never know! I sat beside Elisa while Edcel sat behind us with a stranger and bailed at the last minute because he said that he wouldn’t enjoy the rides if he went with an empty stomach.
Judging by his face, he’s going to find a food stall that sells corn dogs, he’s actually obsessed with it!

“This is going to be the best ride ever!” Elisa concluded. “Don’t close your eyes on me Lauren, capisce?”

She holds out a finger and makes me pinky swear. Childish, right? But she’s awesome for that.
The ride already started to move forward. It made my heart race and give me butterflies in my stomach.
It’s finally happening! I’m facing my fear!
We were near the peak of the tracks; I noticed that this was quite a view: everything was beautiful apart from the pollution all around. Then the way down helped me have the urge to puke. I might have rejoiced too soon.
Please no...
It would humiliate me too much.
The horror!
I can already sense the liquid rising upwards to my mouth. It tasted really bad, it’s going to burst any second. I just can’t hold it, the space in my mouth ain’t enough. That’s when Elisa somehow noticed what’s happening, her eyes widening and full of panic.

“Swallow it while you still can!”

“But I can’t.” I muffled in defeat.

I can’t hold it anymore, the vomit’s forcing itself out. Elisa already got away from me as much as possible while shielding herself with her handkerchief. I’m ready to accept fate! No matter how humiliating this is going to be.
At last, it bursts out of my mouth and onto someone’s hair. Gross, I know.

"What the hell is this?!” The guy in front of me began to freak out, touching the gooey stuff on his dirty blonde hair. “My damn hair!” He curses under his breath and tries to turn around to look for the culprit but can’t. He scowls, “Who the heck did this?!”

“Are you okay man?” the person’s best friend asked. “That’s nasty!”

“It’s fine.” he replies stiffly.

What does he mean fine? Is it the girl code type of fine that he isn’t really fine or I should stay away from him or if I do, he’ll burst any minute.
Lucky for me, the ride was still moving and those things that keep you stay put during the ride was a life saver. His best friend beside him started to laugh. “Dude, you look like a mess!” I can tell that he was side glancing and tried not to laugh or he’ll be the next victim.
The taste of barf still lingered in my mouth. Just somewhere in there. Ew. The nausea felt sour, like my insides were pickled. My face flushed in heat.
Idiot...’re dead...
After the ride, I didn’t mind leaving Elisa behind, after all...she’s going to make fun of me anyways. I sprinted, gasping for air as quickly as possible. It was difficult, I have asthma. Let me just tell you that it didn’t help at all. I felt weak and numb from running. I hope he doesn’t know who messed all over him. I spotted Edcel at a corn dog stand by the restrooms. Thank goodness! I stride towards him, I was sort of wobbling due to the dizziness I felt while panicking. I fell into his arms. Plop! I knew I was in good hands so I whispered in his ear out of all the strength I gained while resting in his grasp. “Let’s get outta here,” I looked at his puzzled face. “I feel sick.” I explain.

“What about Elisa? Where is she?” Edcel looked worried. “We can’t just leave her here.”

Ugh...almost forgot about Elisa.
Seriously? She is capable of going home herself. I wanted to argue with Edcel. Although, I was too tired to. So I went with it. Went with the flow.
The only problem? That guy I encountered earlier.
I’ll already be dead before I ever reach my cozy home again.

“This is going to be fun.” I gulp.

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