It Has To Be You...

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2|| There You Are

Edcel and I have searched everywhere. Elisa was nowhere to be seen. We even split up to make things faster.
Where did that girl go?
I suddenly felt my stomach grumble. I forgot to eat breakfast today. I wanted to find Edcel and make him eat first. I don’t think he ate either.

“Edcel!” I yell. “Where are you?!”

Why does Edcel have to be the same height as me? I’m practically small compared to everyone in this amusement park.
I’m amusing, ain’t I? I’m lost. That jerk, we should have stayed together like bubblegum.
Wait! If I were Elisa where would I be?
I should have thought of that strategy in the first place!
Well, she loves landscape views and being high up the sky. Of course! The ferris wheel, she was also begging to be on that ride. Maybe not, she might be looking for the both of us too.
I should check it out first!
I felt the buzz of my phone in my pocket.
Now what?!
I read the message and it was from Edcel : ′We’re by the ferris wheel. Come fetch us. Hahaha
They’re absolutely pure evil, they’re the example of it. I can tell that Elisa have already told Edcel about our little fiasco by the roller coaster.
I replied to the message, ′No way am I risking my life there. What if the ‘guy’ will be there?!
What guy?′
Shoot. Elisa didn’t spill the beans.
I should leave! I need to make up a story in the nick of time to cover up the whole incident. I felt my stomach grumble again, so I decided to eat brain food on the way home - maybe get advice from Katie.

The chilly air made me hungrier by the minute. I dug under my jacket to protect me, it didn’t work. What food establishment should I go to? I tried to distract myself by thinking as much as possible. Aha! I chose the nearest café plus it served the best milkshakes ever! The sweet scent of caffeine greeted me first. I saw the familiar glass case now advertising a new set of delights.

“Hi. Umm...where’s Katie?” I asked the cashier there.

“Oh...she’s on her break. It’s not her shift yet.” The waiter pointed on a door leading to her.

“There you are!” I squealed. “Yummy sandwich you got there.”

“Oh, this? My mom made it.” Katie said. “Why’d you come finding me? Need some life lessons again?” Katie wondered why, flashing a smirk. I kind of had second thoughts telling her but there was no backing out now. Oh well...

After I told her ’every single detail’ of what had happened; she clearly laughed at me.

“Damn, seems to me you found your soulmate. Lucky you.” Katie says she envies me that I already found my forever.

“Much likely an arch-enemy.” I say emphatically. I shifted to Katie to prove how serious I am.

She offers me a sympathetic smile. “If you don’t want him to be your enemy, then apologize to him.” Katie takes both my hands and pats it gently like a grandma would do. ”Only if you encounter him again.”

I heard the alarm of her fancy silver watch. “Whoops! I should go. My break’s over.”

I went to the counter along with her. “I want to order the regular please.” I winked.

“Sure thing.”

After a few minutes of disappearing into a room, she reveals my milkshake and gives me a piece of paper folded into a half. I pay her with a tip and that is when I notice. “This isn’t what I ordered.” I whisper to her ear. It was a dark chocolate milkshake- at least it’ll make me feel full for long.“I think you’ve mistaken mine for someone else’s.”

“A little gift for you.” Katie winks at me and hands me tissues to wrap around the cold drink, “Read the note when you get home.”

“Thanks Katie!” I say gratefully, grabbing all my stuff and head to the door.

Before I opened the glass door, I heard her shout. “Cover for me next time?”

I sigh.
I knew it was too good to be true.
I give a thumps up in the air-not turning around and left the café immediately; not wanting any more requests.
Does that simple act of generosity really need to be repaid?
The sky was already splashes of pink and orange. I quickly finished slurping my milkshake and threw it into a nearby trashcan. When I was a few blocks away, I saw Elisa and Edcel awaiting my arrival-to strangle me maybe?. Looking furious while looking at their watches tentatively. That’s when I knew...
I messed up big time.

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