It Has To Be You...

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3 || Karma? You There?

I almost forgot that I was the one who had kept the house key the whole time.

Oh no.

I hide behind a hedge.

It was getting pretty late, I’m doubting my plan to stay there until Elisa leaves. I heave a sigh and approach them slowly.

Don’t do it idiot. You’re heading towards your grave! My thoughts kept on pushing me to bail and maybe hang out with the plants for a few days.

I need to face it, I also need to apologize. They may strangle me to death but it’s only a possibility.

“Hey,” I say softly. I look at both Elisa and Edcel’s faces, they began sending icy glares.

“I’m so sorry!” I squeal. “Please forgive me!”

“I can easily forget if you can politely buy me a box of donuts.” he smiles innocently, replacing the glum expression. “Oh! Scratch that. Make that two boxes!”

“Two boxes?! Ugh! I hate you and your greedy stomach!” I punch his shoulder. “Are you kidding me?!”

“What do you think?” He asks seriously. He points at my bag where my poor wallet lays. “You’re freakin’ rich, don’t bluff me.”

I sigh as a confirmation of his request.

Edcel leaps and fistbumps the air.

“How about you Elisa?” I shift uncomfortably to my best friend to focus on what she’s going to say. She’s still not smiling. I give Edcel the keys while we’re at it.

“I’m still deciding.” Elisa says blankly and then gives me one of her trademark smiles. “I’ll tell you what you need to do tomorrow to gain my forgiveness.”

I know for a fact that she’s not going to make it easy for me.

“Before you go,” I leaned closer and whispered to her ear. “Did you tell Edcel about the ′thing’?”

“Maybe.” She shrugs, lifting both her shoulders in reply.

“Why won’t you tell me?” I exclaim. I grab the door knob as soon as Edcel left the door open and left.

Elisa raises an eyebrow, “Ain’t it obvious? You aren’t forgiven yet.”

Realization struck me as she said that. “Oh yeah.”

“Well, see you tomorrow ‘Ivan’.” She winks at me. I blushed when I heard her emphasize that name.

“Don’t say it out loud!” I tried to shush her. “If Edcel finds out I’ll never hear the end of it!”
Elisa giggles and started cracking jokes about me being all worried and in different levels of panic.
Is it that bad trying to hide my crush’s name from my mean brother?

It wasn’t that late and it was summer already so what the hell! I don’t want to waste my activeness for nothing!

I stole —borrowed Edcel’s jacket and went off.

The donut store is a couple blocks away so I walked. It was peaceful, dead and silent. Just how I like it when it’s dark outside.

Ding! I hear the familiar ring of the bell of the donut store after I opened the door.

There weren’t many customers today, now that it was late anyway. All I saw was a poor old man begging for food or money outside.

Poor guy...

The guy by the counter sighed when I approached him.
What’s your problem? You wanted this job didn’t you? Stop making your customers hear your loud mutters. Rude!!! I wanted to glare at his face so badly!

“What did you say?!”

Hold it.
Don’t tell me he heard all that. Please.

He was so intimidating, add those dark rings under his eyes right now and presto! He’s a drug addict. His skinny self made him unhealthy and shabby .

“U-u-umm...” I started fidgeting with my hands, it was a bad mannerisim I needed to get out of my system. It’s one of the things that completed my list of vulnerabilities. “N-nothing.”

“Nothing?!” The cashier gave me a ′do you think I’m dumb′ look. “Who are you trying to fool with that silly excuse of yours? It’s ridiculous.”

“We should forget all this ever happened.”

“You’re BANNED! You are not allowed to buy from this establishment anymore! I don--”

“No...” I looked pathetic, it came out as a whimper in his eyes. “All I wanted was to buy two dozens of donuts!”

He didn’t say another word. Already on his way back to his station behind the counter.

Anger filled my veins, I forgot what shame was. I’m fuming with rage over him, a jerk I want to punch so badly. I tightened my fists as I started to come at him yet again. “You don’t have the authority to ban me! Who are you? You should know your place in this world, and you being the owner isn’t one of them!” I spat.

He too had enough of me and held my collar, tugged it and threatened me. “Don’t you DARE talk to me like you know any better! I’m practically the owner because my uncle own’s this pile of junk!” He said it so wickedly that it meant the end of our quarrel.


I didn’t speak. Nor did he.

He pointed at the door, signalling me to get out. “I don’t want to see your face here. GET OUT.”

I sighed in defeat, as I turned around to leave I heard him cuss and say,“Never come back.” I saw his reflection, he was shaking his head as if I should know better than to barge into his shop and ruin things.

I left without bringing home anything. I hate him. I check my watch out if I still had time to go across town to get it all over it.

No. It was pretty dim.

I was on my way home when it suddenly rained heavily.

“It’s raining cats and dogs!” said someone in front of me. Though I think I know the person. Do I?

Pfft. It’s so childish that it’s cute. I laugh internally to myself.

Oh yeah, need to find a shed.

I know there’s one nearby. Ooh! A bus stop, perfect!

I saw a clear vision of the stranger ahead of me. A little TOO clear. He was the one who screamed the idiomatic expression a minute ago. You know, ’bout the raining cats and dogs thing.

It was him.

Ouch! Why does the rain put all its anger through its raindrops!

I hate crying clouds. But I hate it more when you are about to share a shed with the guy you puked on earlier.

No other choice, I NEED to hide under it even if it had to be with him.

He noticed me but didn’t attempt to do anything. Just standing there, he too might have no choice but to stay with me.

I’m not dreaming, am I? I simply ask my mind, blinking twice at his gorgeous face while staring at the heavens to supply an answer. Or is he really here, right in front of me?

It seems like a dream, with all the these unbelievable events happening around simultaneously...everything was magical. At least it felt like it was.

“You want me to pinch you?” he looks pretty amused at my expression.

Not again...

I really need to stop saying my thoughts out loud.

I shake my head automatically.

“No thank you!” I reply steadily. “I’d rather not know.”

I cover my face flushing in pink with my unoccupied hand. Sort of peeking through a tiny space between my fingers.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he chuckles. “Don’t I deserve an apology?”

“I swear, you do.” I pause. “Aren’t you going to force the life outta me?” I was still waiting for his fatal punch.

“For what?” he asks, playfulness visible in his tone.

“For EVERYTHING, obviously.” I explain, playing along.

He takes a step forward. “I’m not that type of guy.” His expression was melancholy. “Let’s just forget about everything that involved the accident.”

Is he serious? Forget about everything?!

Why ain’t I glad?

Should I be glad?

Obviously, he wouldn’t forgive that easily. I mean, who would be that humble?

The horrible events came running through my mind, replaying one respective clip over and over: that roller coaster ride.

“Hey,” he waved his hand around in front of my face to see if I was conscious or not, ruining my fog of revelation.

“Ah. I get really sick on roller-coasters and you had the misfortune of sitting in front of me so, uh...sorry.”

“Then why did you ride it in the first place idiot?” he smiles and laughs.

“Because my best friend forced me to?”

“Why is that a question?”

“What if she’s here, I’m uncomfortable talking about her behind her back.” I shiver. “I feel guilty all of a sudden.” I slumped on the ground, appearing to be lifeless.

He sat right next to me. The rain never failed to make everything indistinct. We were still waiting for the rain to stop. As if it gave us spare time to talk.

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