Hunted by the Jaguar

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Haunted by a cruel and brutal past, Danielle and Raul, must overcome their differences and learn to trust one another if they are to survive the war waged upon all shifter kind. Fate deals out more malicious cruelty when two lost souls are thrown together with deadly intentions. Danielle has no knowledge of her identity, having been abducted as a child. Desperate circumstances forced her hand to do unspeakable things, things that will haunt her nightmares forever. Raul, still torn by the death of his father, is blinded by rage and hatred. Forced to shoulder a responsibility he wasn't ready to burden, he must face the enemy of an ally if he is to protect the community his father and fore fathers built. Both Danielle and Raul must learn to put asside their differences, join forces and rebuild the bond they once shared if they are to eliminate the enemy.

Romance / Fantasy
K. L. Lord
4.7 10 reviews
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Unknown point of view... for now.




I slowed down to a stop, clutching my abdomen as I retched. I’d been running for a solid hour. I was worn down with sleep deprivation, as well as having an empty stomach. The guy chasing me was relentless and I doubted he would stop until I was dead.

Despite it being vampires that hired us, my boss, Kane, was the one who had just murdered this guys friend in cold blood.

The crew I was travelling with had just been caught off guard and slaughtered one by one. I knew one thing for sure, I couldn’t run forever. There was no way to outrun a jaguar shifter, especially a pissed off one, who was hell-bent on revenge.

All I wanted was to find some food, maybe crash out somewhere safe. That was looking highly unlikely, as there wasn’t a human town around for miles. We'd been on the road for weeks and I hadn’t slept properly in days. I was running on empty and I doubted I’d last the night. He was hot on my tail and I was beyond exhausted. I’m a darn good hunter, that was for sure, but I’m only human.

I slumped forward, holding onto a tree trunk. The cries of the hunt giving me the confirmation that I was done for. I couldn’t run anymore. It was over. I deserved this.

As soon as my crew had been brought down, I had no choice but to run. I never signed up to be a part of a war between vamps and shifters. I was here for the shifter blood and to cash in on the proceeds. That shit was worth more than gold, and just one small vial of it would keep me fed and sheltered, for well over a year.

I said we should've left as soon as we got what we came for, but no. My shithead of a boss wouldn’t have it. He just had to take down one more, like it was a God-damned competition.

He’s now deceased, thanks to Mr Kitty Cat who was chasing me. He saw to that. Kane, the greedy son of a bitch, just wanted more and more and he didn’t give a single fuck who died in order for him to get it. Serves him right.

Kane was responsible for killing innocent shifters, not me, but I did help to track them down, so that made me just as guilty. I deserve this, all of it.

I gave up, closed my eyes and slid down the tree trunk, waiting for it to be over. The sound of heavy footsteps surrounded me. I began to hyperventilate as fear won out, forcing a stray tear out of the corners of my eyes. Natural instincts took over and I needed to look... to see... when he was going to deliver that fatal blow. My breath hitched in my throat as he loomed over me, and I bottled out at the last second, preferring not to know. I squeezed my eyes shut tight.

Voices echoed around the forest while they decided what to do with me. Both men emerged partially clothed. I was expecting pain to follow next, knowing he was going to enjoy these next few moments. One of the men who had been chasing me hadn’t even bothered to shift during the chase. It was as if he relished the game of cat and mouse and when he did shift back, he still looked just as deadly as the man stalking towards me. I could only hope that they grew bored during the chase and would grant me a swift death, but who was I kidding? I braced myself ready... any second now.

I could try begging for my life but it’d do me no good. The guy hunting me looked like a mean son of a bitch. One who doesn’t dish out second chances. He appeared almost seven feet tall, the size of a house, muscle upon muscle. Caramel coloured skin and jet black hair, Latino features. Exactly the type I would’ve gone for, in another lifetime.

He nudged me with his booted foot, forcing my eyes to snap open. I tensed rigidly, breathing hard through my nose, deafened by the sound of my pounding eardrums.

I swallowed hard as my gaze travelled slowly upwards past his army-style combats, past his muscular torso until I looked him straight in his eyes. It hurt me to hold his gaze but the storm that raged inside his eyes were commanding me not to defy him. His emerald green iris's, with black slits for pupils, were filled with a venomous hatred, piercing straight through to my soul. At that moment, under his penetrating glare, I felt nothing but shame, remorse and worse of all...regret.

Time came to a standstill as we stared into each other's eyes. The sound of his comrade calling out behind him, turned his attention from me.

“Raul, is everything OK? Who’s the girl?”

My hunter, the guy named, Raul, didn't break our eye contact once, as he replied. “She’s mine.”

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