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"You know what?" Damien said in a low voice. I stared up him, my arms crossed in annoyance, and waited for an apology. Instead, he smirked. "Suck it Up, Princess." Once upon a time, In land far far away , There lived a boy And a girl. Her name was Eleanor, His was Damien. And, For petty reasons, This boy called this girl Princess. To mock her, Annoy her, And infuriate her. She preferred the more traditional nickname of 'Di*k" to refer to him. They met by chance, to their dismays, But after that first glance, They always seemed to cross pathways. He glared at her at first, She yelled at him to no ends But when the fire would calm They accepted each other as -meh- friends After the many chance meetings And the many rude greetings They learnt to tolerate each other Shocklingly, they didn't mind one another. Once they were enemies, Then those feelings began to fade Only to make their relationship More confusing by the day. There were other in their lives, That kept shattering their laughter, Because of these other people it seemed impossible To dream of 'happily ever after' Once this boy called her Princess As a joke, A lie, an insult. But as time passed Slowly, at last, He began to belive in Fairy Tales She slowly saw him as a Prince. But there is always a witch, And the bad guys Even in the realest fairytales

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1. School Glorious School

I groaned as the alarm clock sounded throughout my room. Fumbling to sit up, I blindly slammed my fist against the irritating machinery.

First day of school after Summer. Yay...

I slipped off the bed, but somehow managed to miss the floor and instead face planted on the wooden floorboards. “I hate school” I mumbled to myself. Even the floor seemed more comfortable to sleep on than get ready for school. My eyes slowly drooped shut and before long, I was in dreamland on my bedroom floor.

“Ellie lets g... What the hell?” Garbled voices sounded in the back of my mind, but I was too comfortable to be bothered by them. “MUUUM! Eleanor is asleep on her floor!!” I faintly heard the voice of little brother, Elias, followed by some chuckling. I then heard a click and then some stomping.

“Dear God! Eleanor Harlow Bridges!! Wake up right now or I’ll pour a bucket of ice water all over you!” My mother’s threat cut right through dreamland, and I shot up and looked at my surroundings, confused as to how I ended up on the floor. I discreetly pulled out a wedgie and groaned.

“School, glorious school” I huffed, blowing the stray strands of hair falling all over my face. “Can’t I skip today?” I groaned, stretching my back. I giant yawn escaped my mouth, causing inhumane sounds to come out.

“No, you have 5 minutes to get dressed!” Ordered my mother, before stomping back out of my room. The sound of her heels vibrated as she stepped down the stairs. “I blame your father for this!” I heard her ramble as she went, “He used to be a lazy ass back in high school. Hell, he still is” I scoffed and rushed into the bathroom.

I just hastily brushed my hair with one hand while merely managing to clean my teeth with my left hand. I let out a strangled cry as I accidentally yanked on a knot in my hair. “Dammit, stupid hair” I cussed, giving up and just spraying hairspray all over to make myself look sane.

Dashing out of the bathroom, I yanked open my closet rummaged through for something that was clean and in a presentable state.

Which was very hard to find.

“You know what? I’m taking the bus!” I heard my brother shout. I guess he finally gave up trying to wait for a ride from me. I ignored him and continued searching until I found a white sweater, which I don’t even remember owning, and paired it with some galaxy tights.

“Hurry up, Eleanor, being late on the first day of school is disgraceful” My mother shouted from downstairs.

“Calm your farm” I mumbled under my breath as I grabbed my bag and literally bulleted down the stairs. Before leaving, I managed to give my mother a quick kiss and stuff my mouth with a waffle.

“You’ll never be a lady” I heard my mothers voice say just before the door slam shut behind me. I ran to my white Toyota and jumped into the car. I felt like I was driving like one of those guys in Fast & Furious.

Except with a speed limit of 50km/h.

I irritatedly tapped my steering wheel as I waited for the light to turn green. I was just a right turn away from school, and would have made it on time if it weren’t for this light. As soon as the light turned green, I honked at the car ahead of me to go.

Yes, I was one of those people, who want the car to move as soon as the light is green. I mean, I have places to be, and slow cars agitate me.

I rammed my foot on the accelerate pedal and headed through the school parking lot gates. I was driving at a considerably fast rate, so when a black Lamborghini dashed out of nowhere, jamming my foot against the car brake didn’t stop what was coming.

The front of my car scraped against the black Lamborghini and left a visible dent and scratch marks. The fast halting of my car caused me to thrust forward in my seat and hit my forehead on the steering wheel.

“Shitcakes!” I exclaimed before parking my car and getting out of my car to examine the damage done. Swiping the hair away from my face, I knelt in front of my car. When I noticed a huge dent close to my number plate and scrapes all around it, I felt tears immediately in my eyes. “Oh, my baby” I whimpered, tracing the damage with my fingers. I then stood up and flipped around to see which asshole caused this.

“Oi, you, with the brown, unwashed hair!” I exclaimed, as his back was towards me. He also seemed to be looking at his car, cussing. When he turned around, I had to take a second to realise who he was.

Damien Clarke. The school’s apparently ‘it guy’. The football player with stunning hazel eyes and brunette hair. The one who had the heart breaker smile, which flashed his dimples. The one all the girls drooled over.

Well, not me. He’s still a dick.

“Are you blind or are just a terrible driver, because your stupid ass ruined my baby, my car!” I spat out, stomping towards him.

“Darling, I’m pretty sure you’re the blind one. And my hair is clean.” He ground out, glaring at me. I glared right back.

“Well, I wasn’t the one speeding like the freaking Flash. You owe me an apology!” I shouted, staring up at him, as he was taller than me. “And car repair. Also, your hair looks greasy”

“Your car is a piece of shit,” I gasp at his words, “compared to mine. You just fucked up my Lamborghini, you aren’t getting an apology. And my hair is clean”

“A rich boy like you can buy another one, I can’t!” I hissed, my glare hardening by the second. For a second, his eyes flashed with pure rage, his jaws set as his hazel eyes angrily bore into mine.

And then he smirked.

“You know what?” He said in a low voice. I raised an eyebrow, almost expecting to hear an apology. He leaned down until he was right in front of my face. “Suck it up, Princess” He then stormed off to his car and drove away, leaving me bubbling with rage in the middle of the car park.


I just really wanted to start another story :D Thoughts? Continue or Delete?

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