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In search for my soulmate

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“I lost you in my last lifetime, I won't allow it happen in this one, never!” Axel mumbled as tears slid down his pale cheeks. He was born as a overlord, creature who had to look after the magical world where he was one of a kind. The creature that never saw corruption, evil, lust and greed. The creature that was forcefully thrown into the world where the humans are supreme. He was curious, naive, pure, yearning for a companion. Thrown into a world where humans are supreme what will await his uncorrupted self?

Romance / Fantasy
Diana M.
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Chapter 1.o

I smiled at the morning sun breaking through the thick green branches of the tall mighty trees, running down the cheerful river I felt my heart flutter in happiness, the world fed me with energy. Earth was satisfied, plants were singing and swaying along with the wind, animals happily played and danced around.

Engulfing a mouthful of fresh morning air, I nimbly skipped the playful roots of naughty trees which always tried to trip me up, I smiled when I saw Asir flying in the air screeching at me, calling me to fly along with him. I once again looked at the wide expanse of the field that showed up after I ran down the hill. The herds of horses were running around, or munching on a juicy grass. The younglings were skipping, and neighing at each other.

Sigh, such a beautiful day. I smiled and greeted the habitats of my little world, humming the primal song to bless it. Looking up I marveled at the wide expanse of a seemingly endless sky, noting down the fluffy white clouds swimming along with the wind.

Asir screeched at me once again making me look at his challenging eyes, smiling at him I opened up my white wings and stretched them, allowing them to bask in the warm sunlight.

And then I ran, warming up the muscles of my body as I did so, after feeling the familiar burn I pushed and flew up chasing after the white eagle, who was brave enough to challenge the lord of his world.

Flying through clouds I giggled at the ticklish feeling, humming, I relished in the cool touch of a fluffy mass of water. Spinning round and playing with the birds who joined our game I closed my eyes in bliss.

I felt indescribable happiness and peace, soon enough I overtook my lifelong friend earning a dissatisfied screech from him, making me laugh out loud. Looking down I stared at the vastness and beauty of the world that never ceases to amaze me.

Suddenly, I felt the restlessness of the earth and the forest. How confusing, this has never happened before, I frown as a bad promotion appeared in my heart.

Following the directions of the wind, I soon found the source of the distress. Seems, the distortion appeared in my world. I looked at the strange vortex hovering in the sky intrigued, it’s the first time I saw something like that. The vortex looked beautiful, mesmerizing...

But, it was the reason of the world’s distress, meaning it was destructive and harmful. I approached it carefully, trying to find a way to get rid of it, but no matter what I tried it remained unresponsive. I was feeling the pain of the earth, it was in pain, and the pain was slowly intensifying .

I felt it’s pain, tears slid down my cheeks as the earth showed me what was this vortex doing to my world. It was sucking away it’s life, the images of the earth dying, forest withering, rivers and seas drying up, animals dying and the world turning into the desolate lifeless piece of land plagued my mind, causing a terrifying pain to spread through my soul.

No, I couldn’t let this become the reality, so I did what father taught me before reuniting with the mother earth. I chanted the forbidden song, the song that will allow me to carry away the world and save it from the doom.

I felt how my connection with the world grew stronger and stronger, until it became part of my being, I watched mesmerized how the world slowly compressed till it was the size of an eye and embedded itself into my forehead, sharp pain made me blackout . When I woke up I was surrounded by darkness, the vortex was still floating in the space, but I was more concerned about the living beings in the world.

The relief flooded through my body when I felt that every living being in the world was perfectly alright. Suddenly, I felt the suction force, my head snapped up to the vortex. I tried to get away, but my efforts were fruitless, I ended up falling into the vile thing. The enormous pressure made me blackout once again.

I have no idea how long I was out, but when I woke up I was no longer surrounded by the darkness, I smiled at the view of the lush trees and floweres, but they did not respond to my calls. How strange, I sat up and tried to shake off the dizziness.

Trying to feel my surroundings, I got even more confused. This was not my world, I felt the earth throbbing, but it was not alive, the greenery was alive but had no conscience, the animals were far weaker and less intelligent. Looking around, everything was so different, the trees were much shorter, even the pond was not alive!

And there was a weird thing standing all mighty and aloof, the horse made of stone, the water coming out of the weird shaped rock. I stood up and started walking around curiously, this huge thing seems to have similar purpose as my little wooden house that father has built from dead trees.

Walking around I gasped at the size of this house, seems the beings living here are as gigantic as the trees.

The sun was too scorching, I frowned, this will harm the plants, need to help a bit, so I did what I always do, I started chanting the song, the wind that I summoned was so different from cheerful one from my world, it had no soul, no feelings, as if it was a mere instrument, so sad,...

I watched the white clouds gathering, those fluffy cute things slowly turned grey in color and blessed the land with the rain, I smiled at the teardrops falling onto my face, my mood was so playful, so I started to dance.

I love to dance, but doing it alone was not so good, I felt Asir calling out from my world, so I summoned him out, smiling at the puzzled condor I told him to dance along, he screeched at me cheerfully as I spinned with my hands open and head looking into the endless sky.

Asir was flying in attempt to dance along, I giggled, closing my eyes I relished in the feeling of the rain falling down, proving that I’m alive. A happy laughter escaped my mouth as I fell down on the damp grass, Asir came down onto my chest, his black eyes peering down into my red ones, I couldn’t help but kiss his beak.

This world seems to be interesting...

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