Heart-to-Heart [Poetry from the Heart #2]

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Closing the Distance

As she stood on the sidewalk

Waiting for her knight

Who was walking across the street,

Clueless to her presence

Just a yard behind—

So close, yet so far.

The distance was too much,

She wished she could close it,

But she did not find in herself

The strength to do so.

She remembered

When she saw him last,

His words to her,

The way he smiled at her.

She was happier then,

And so, it appeared, was he.

She stood, waiting,

Waiting and wondering,

If he would come back to her,

Those happier times back.

She loved him more

When he was not around

But now that he was,

She wished

She could speak to him once more.

He looked straight ahead –

Back to her –

She wondered

What it was

That was on his mind—

What it was

That bothered him.

As she pondered,

He turned around

And spotted her—

Her heart skipped a beat

In delight;

He smiled as his eye caught hers,

And began to approach her,

Closing the distance…

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