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From the Darkness into the Light…

There were days

When I felt nostalgic

Just thinking about you—

The way you used to smile at me

The way you used to tease me,

The way you wanted to know more about me.

I despised your presence then,

I thought that you were being nosy

And that you had no right

To know anything about me.

But now that I come to think about it,

I wonder why I thought that way,

It makes no sense;

I can’t believe now

I thought that way about you.

Now that you are not with me,

I miss having you around.

I miss you so much that, one day,

I was lost,

Wandering around in a dark alleyway,

Waving my arms about frantically—

Panic level going up by the minute.

I walked about like that for a time,

I don’t know how long it took,

Before, finally, seeing a bright light

In the distance,

The Light of Hope,

Signifying the end of the passage

Of hopelessness;

In its place,

I experienced something I had never felt before:

Shining, renewed Hope.

When I saw that Light,

I was filled with happiness

And hopes

That I shall find my happiness

On that side.

But before I could reach that light

I was lost yet again –

Over and over again –

Before I finally realised that

Gone are the days when I was silly and naïve;

Now, I have to be stronger,

In order to live my life,

In order to be reunited with you.

And at last

I reached the end of that passage

Of ugliness and sorrow,

Into the Light of Hope and Happiness.

A big smile slowly spread across my face,

And I knew that I was back again.

I felt worthy once more—

I realised that it was only natural

For human beings

To be lost

In the feeling of hopelessness

And wander around aimlessly.

I learnt that

To find a way out

Is the most cherishing moment

Of human life.

When I saw that Light,

I was filled with happiness

And hopes

That I shall find my happiness

On that side.

And indeed I did:

I found you again.

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