Heart-to-Heart [Poetry from the Heart #2]

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Do I regret thinking of you?

No, not once.

Do I regret pining for you?

Embarrassed perhaps, but never that.

Do I regret ever meeting you?

Gods, no!

But, I do have some regrets – only about you.

I regret being rude to you all those years ago.

I regret not being able to meet you when I want.

I regret not being able to be with you whenever I want to.

I regret making the wrong decisions regards you.

I regret failing to recognise your feelings of good-will regards me.

I regret choosing to ignore you in the first place.

Where are you now, love?

Is your heart is still around?

Can you still forgive me?

I know it will take time,

But I shall be patient.

I deserve to, after all I’d done.

Despite these regrets, though,

I love you with all my heart,

And wait for Time to give me your answer.

But, please do remember that

I will never regret having you in my life.

Ever. And that’s final.

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