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The Sicilian Affair

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Chapter 1 - Falling Into Place

It was dark outside.

There were no stars in the midnight sky, it was simply too quiet for a Friday night.

The sound of sirens going off in the distance was of no aid to Tomas Carsingni.

He stood half naked inside his bedroom, with his forehead resting against the hard window pane as his skin absorbed the cold sensation that the glass had to offer.

He found it soothing, the ability to still feel something meant that he was still human. That he was not completely numb.

His ocean blue eyes were lost in the overview of traffic lights flickering in the distance from his penthhouse, it reminded him so much of Sicili. The one place he missed but swore to never step foot on again.

He breathed out a loud sigh into the receiving end of his phone. The worried sound of his mother’s housekeeper on the other line made his heart clenched painfully inside his chest as she delivered her monthly report about his mother’s condition.

“How sick is she, Silvia?” He asked.

Part of him didn’t want to know. The thought of his mother laying in her death bed was very unsettling. He wasn’t ready to see her like that, not when they had so much unresolved issues. Not when he still hadn’t told her that he had already forgiven her.

“Sick enough for Dr. De Vega to request for a home nurse, I’m afraid. She still won’t eat, Signore Tomas and threatening to call you has almost stopped working.”

He raked a hand through his thick black hair before letting a heavy breath escape his mouth.

His mother was sick and very stubborn and now he’d have to go back there -- to that place.

He wasn’t ready.

“When did the doctor last see her?” He quipped, walking over to his night stand, careful not to wake his sleeping mistress, as he took his box of cigarettes and lighter.

“Three days ago, he prescribed her with several medications including one for her lack of appetite. She takes them herself but I supervise, the doctor said it was okay for her to do so, just as long as I was there while she’s taking them.”

His frown deepened as he walked out of his room and onto the balcony. “What did you say his name was again?”

“Doctor Luciano De Vega. Why?”

“Just curious.” He replied, brushing off her question.

He took a cigarette from the box and lit it.

A small moan broke from his throat as he exhaled the smoke, there was no better stress reliever than this, well, apart from sex, of course.

“When will the nurse arrive?” He prompted, suddenly finding himself curious about his mother having a home nurse.

The idea actually soothed him. Just knowing that a nurse would be there at hr every beck and call, providing her comfort made him more at ease.

“On Friday. Tomasa?”

He smiled.

Silvia hasn’t called him that since he was twelve, he remembered it so well. She had been like a second mother to him and even after years of trying and begging her to resign and finally move into her very own cottage by the sea to live out the remaining of her life, stubborn Silvia just would not burge.

But as much as he missed her frequent scolding and impeccable cuisine, Tomasa missed her, her grey hair which was always pulled back into a bun, her buttery scent and her soft brown eyes that gleamed with happiness everytime he’d fly her daughter over to Sicili, just to surprise her.

Three years was long time to be away from his home, his Sicili.

“Si?” He inhaled yet another smoke.

“It’s time to come home. She needs you.” There was no space for a debate.

Her tone of voice had told him so. Only Silvia would dare talk to him like that.

“I know.--” he grimaced, flicking the ashes off his smoking stick . “--I’ll be there on Monday. That’s the earliest I can manage.”

“Good. She’ll be very pleased to hear that.”

“Tell her I said--” he paused, said what?

Nothing came to mind.

He loved his mother, maybe he didn’t tell her as often as he should and lately his calls to her had reduced to once a month.

Even his mistresses received more calls from him than her.

“Signore Tomas??” Silvia’s voice broke through his thoughts.

“Nothing Silvia. Don’t tell her anything. I’ll call her tomorrow morning.”

“It would help if it was around breakfast, that way you could persuade her to eat.”

His lips curved into a smile, “Of course. Goodnight.”

He ended his call, staring out into the night.

He silently wondered whether he was really ready to go back. He had lied when he said to Silvia that Monday was the earliest he could travel. He knew damn well that if he wanted to, he could be on a plane by tomorrow. But he needed time, time to rid himself of the ghost that still haunted that place. He needed to prepare himself to face his demons.


Tomas slowly staggered back to reality.

“--What are you doing out here?” He heard from behind him as a pair of soft hands snuggled around his waist.

“I was on the phone, didn’t want to wake you.” He said tossing the rest of the cigarette away.

“It’s cold out here, come back to bed.” She moaned against his back.

Her breath felt warm against his skin.

Tomas turned around, his brow immediately touched.

A smile crept on the side of his mouth.

Only Danielle could be this daring and bold to stand naked outside on his balcony. This was one of the reasons why she was his favourite, there was nothing that they couldn’t do together.

Danielle had been his mistress for almost two years now. They had met at one of his business functions, when one of his associates had introduced them and eversince then, they have been hooking up. Oh, Tomasa had other women, but Danielle - she was different. She understood him without him having to say the words.

The sight of her porcelain white skin made his pulse quicken. What a tempting sight she was, with her dark hair rippling against the soft midnight breeze.

Right now, he wanted nothing more than to have her bend over the rails and buried himself deep inside of her with just one thrust. But having sex out in the open would have to remain one of his secret desire, the last thing he wanted was to have his mother read about it in the magazines.

Danielle lifted her head to meet his gaze, her eyes shimmered with devilish intent, pleased when she saw his eyes raked hungrily over her body.

“You better come warm me up, Mr Carsingni.” She spurred seductively taking his hand in hers and lured him back inside.

All the while his eyes never left her swaying hips.

As soon as they reached the bedroom, Danielle pushed Tomas on the bed and crawled over him. She looked like complete vixen with her long dark hair hanging loosely around them.

She eyes widened when Tomas caught a strand between his finger and drew it to his nostrils.

“I like the smell of your hair.”

“Mmmm... Really?...Is that all you like?” She teased, drawing small imaginary circles of his chest.

He let out a small chuckle.

“It’s the only compliment you’re getting for tonight Danielle. Your ego is big enough as it is.” He let his fingers trail on the side of her arm and finally rested on the small of her back. She shuddered at his touch.

She raised an eyebrow at him. “Are you sure you’re not talking about your own?”

He laughed at her remark and she flushed.

“If it’s as big as yours then I’m surprised that we can both fit into this room.”

She wrinkled her small pointed nose and snorted, “I think that’s why we’re so great together.”

The blood in his face drained and gone was his erection.

“Don’t play around with me Danielle.” His voice was gruffed.

She, out of all people knew that he didn’t do commitment. That’s why they had this agreement. They’d simply call each other whenever one of them had an itch to scratch.

“Relax casanova, I wasn’t hinting on a relationship. You know that’s not me.” She scoffed, shaking her head at him.

After a moment of hesitation, Tomas nodded and looked up at her smiling face.

Clearly she was amused by his reaction.

“Now, aren’t you suppose to be warming me up?” She taunted, lowering her head to his.

Their lips touched, his arms instantly went around her and he gathered her close to him. Her breasts were pressed against his hard wall of a chest, her thighs straddling him.

His mouth slanted hungrily over hers, seeking, salivating demanding for the sweetness that she possesesed. He slid his hand down her body finding the narrow of her waist.

“I thinking I should scare you more often.” Her soft sultry voice rasped when she tore her mouth away from his.

Her soft, luscious lips made their way to his neck and started trailing hot, wet kisses down to his chest. Her eyes glistened with untamed lust as they boar into his. She continued her treasure trail toward the ‘V’ of his boxer and stopped when she finally reached her target.

With an effortless tug at his brief, his thick semi aroused manhood hung loose. She licked her lips at the delightful sight, salivating the impatience to have it in her mouth. Her hand grabbed hold of his shaft and slowly started to rub him back and forth. She could feel his blood pulsing through his now fully erected shaft, the sight alone caused her clam to drool.

Normally he would be into her teasing foreplay but now, he very much doubt that he would last through it all.

Unable to retain the groan of satisfaction that purred through him, Tomas’ hands were instantly on hers, placing them on her straddled hips keeping her from moving any further.

“What’s wrong baby?” She asked, her brown eyes filled with concerned. “Don’t you want me too taste you?”

He grinned, as his hands found the soft curves of her hips and grabbing a handful of her bossoms.

“Maybe later. For now, I just want to be inside you.”

He lifted her off of him and pushed her deep into the matress.

He was now on top of her with her hands pinned above her head.

His eyes lowered to her full breasts dangling against his chest. The rosy peaks were hard, he loosened his hold on her with one hand and pinched one of her erected nipples.

Her eyes dilated, she let out a small wild cry that made his blood quicken.

“Baby...” she plead spreading her legs wider underneath him so that she could feel the hardness of his arousal moving against her.

He planted his lips back on hers, taking his stiff arousal and slowly rubbed it against her sleek opening.

She cried out against his mouth and he swallowed her crazed moan.

Tomas could feel his knob throbbing against her wet slits, yearning to be fully embedded deep inside of her.

The thick scent of sex lingered inside the room. Tomas laid wide awake watching Danielle’s shoulder moving up and down in a slow rhythmic pace.

The feisty Danielle Whitton had drifted off to sleep after their second round and he, as usual couldn’t. After several failed attempts, he sighed in defeat, pulling back the covers and got up from his bed.

No matter what he did, it was always the same scenario night after night. It was always him, standing wide awake looking out into the sombre horizon from his bedroom window. He couldn’t remember the last time he had gotten a good night sleep.

After an hour or so, he made his way out on the balcony and lit himself yet another cigarette. The blazing tip flickered in the dark as he inhaled the soothing smoke, phasing out into the night.

Thoughts of the place, he used to call home invaded in his mind.

Soon he would have to go back.

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