Alpha Malcolm

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Chapter 10

Eden’s lungs malfunctioned as Malcolm entered the room she was cleaning.

The memory of his lips against hers and his hands on her body burned brightly behind her eyes.

She watched him from the corner of her eye as she continued to dust the large golden harp before her.

Malcolm looked to her and smiled.

“Hello, love.”

“Hi there,” she breathed.

Malcolm took a seat on one of the couches in the room and continued to look at her.

Eden dropped the rag and wrung it in her hands.

“Was there something you needed?” She asked, trying to sound indifferent.

“Yes, actually,” he replied standing up.

“I came to find you to ask a favor of you.”

Eden nodded.

“As I am sure you are aware, my friend Lilian is currently staying with us.”

Eden nodded once more.

“Well the rest of her family has unexpectedly shown up. I was wondering if you would go to the north guest wing and help them settle in?”

Malcolm bit his lower lip ever so slightly. Eden’s brow furrowed.

“Yes, of course.”

Malcolm walked toward her. Invading her space.

He kissed her hand.

“Thank you, love.”

“Sure thing,” she mumbled as he smiled at her and exited the room.


Eden walked past the guest wing and saw a room with the door open.

She peered into the room and knocked on the door frame.

“Hello, my name is Eden I’m apart of the staff here,” she called out.

She saw that the room was completely void of any sign of a visitor. Save for a suitcase atop the bed and a duffle bag on the ground beside the white bed.

Walking into the bathroom, she found that it too was empty.

Eden’s entire spine stiffened in embarrassment as a low, suggestive whistle echoed from behind her.

She quickly turned around.

“Well aren’t you just the cutest damned thing,” the man chuckled, assessing her person.

Eden blinked.

The man was very tall and from where she stood she could tell he kept himself in pristine shape.

He had tar black hair and a light dusting of dark stubble along his jawline.

Eden’s mouth parted in shock when she saw his eyes.

They were golden.

His Iris’s were the color of rich honey with streaks of sunlight dancing through them.

No way they were real.

Eden blushed when she realized she had been staring.

“I uhm, forgive me. My name is Eden Glace. I work for Alpha Ílios.”

“Pleasure to meet you, sweetheart. My name is Icarus,” the man greeted, extending his hand.

Eden timidly shook his hand.

Footsteps rang from the hallway.

“Icarus, did you have an extra pillow I could-”

A woman entered the room and ceased talking when she saw Eden.

“Oh hello there,” she smiled.

The woman had the same dark hair and golden eyes as the man. The lines around her eyes and the streaks of silver in her hair suggested she was the mans mother.

Eden gave a small wave.

“Did you say you needed another pillow, ma’am?” Eden asked.

The woman nodded.

“Yes that would be wonderful thank you.”

“My name is Talia, who are you?”

Eden gulped. She recalled seeing pictures of Talia, her mate and her two children in magazines and all over the web growing up.

The alphas and their families were practically like royalty.

“My name is Eden Glace.”

Icarus nudged the woman.

“Can you believe Malcolm hired a girl like her to work for him?”

Eden felt a pang of anger sting at her heart.

Talia laughed.

“No. It’s almost as if he’s forgotten how to treat beautiful women.”

Eden narrowed her eyes and tilted her head to the side.

“I’m sorry, am I missing something?” She asked as politely as she could.

“Me and my son here just find it amusing that Malcolm hasn’t given you a ‘promotion’ yet,” Talia explained, winking.

Icarus’s gaze hardened.

“Wait unless...”

Eden folded her arms across her chest. Her professional demeanor fading.

“Unless what?”

Icarus rose a brow at her.

“Are you and Malcolm... involved?”

Eden turned crimson and she began to stammer.

“Icarus that is not polite to ask,” Talia scolded.

“I was just curious,” Icarus shrugged.

Eden took a deep breath.

“Well if either of you two need anything please do let me know. I’ll go get you that pillow.”

“I could think of a few things,” Icarus smirked. Looking at her suggestively.

Eden’s eyes widened.

Talia swatted her son.

“Manners,” she warned.

A blush bloomed over Eden’s cheeks and she quickly left the room as Talia began to lecture her son.

Eden walked down several hallways and into the laundry room.

She shut the door behind her and skimmed the shelves with her eyes for extra pillows.

When she found what she was looking for she grabbed two and turned around to leave.

“Eden! There you are!” Squealed Bea.

Cringing, eden turned around.

“Here I am,” she grumbled.

Bea’s eyes glimmered with mischief and the corners of her mouth were turned up in a smirk.

“So you’re fucking the boss huh?”

Eden growled in frustration.

“No, Beatrice. I am not,” she firmly insisted.

“But the two of you like to makeout in pools with no clothes on?”

Eden wanted to hurl both pillows at Bea.

“Bea it wasn’t what it looked like,” Eden sighed impatiently.

Bea smiled.

“I mean I’m not judging, if anything I’m proud. That man is beautiful. He’s practically a piece of art.”

Another brief flash of anger pulsated through Eden.

“Please just don’t worry about it, and don’t tell the other staff members,” Eden said.

Bea put both of her hands up defensively. Her silky dark hair swishing from the movement.

“Hey your secret is safe with me. I just have to be nosy. It’s apart of my job,” Bea winked.

Eden rolled her eyes and adjusted her grip on the pillows.

Beatrice folded her arms across her chest and glanced at Eden with satisfaction.

“Bea?” Eden asked.

“Yes, doll?”

She took a deep breath and dug her fingers into the plush material of the pillows.

“Does Malcolm usually do this kind of thing?”

Bea cocked her head to the side and feigned innocence.

“Do what kind of thing.”

Eden sighed in annoyance. Her hazel eyes flashing.

“Does he, um get...involved with his staff usually?” She questioned, stealing the word Icarus had used earlier.

Bea’s eyebrows knit together and she pursed her lips.

“Hmmm I’ve worked here for quite awhile and I’ve never been aware of any shenanigans between Alpha Ílios and his staff.”

Bea tapped her chin with her index finger.

“And I know about everyone’s shenanigans,” she giggled.

Eden smiled softly. Trying to hide her relief.

“You run along now you little vixen. Someone is waiting for pillows,” Bea urged. Turning back to her task of folding sheets.

Eden nodded and said a curt goodbye to the girl.

The two pillows were quite large in size and stacked atop eachother, Eden could barely see over both of them.

As gracefully as she could she walked around the palace. Trying not to trip and soil the pillows on the ground.

Out of nowhere she ran into something.

She gasped and scrambled to stay on her feet.

“Sorry about that, sweetheart. I can take those off your hands for you.”

It was Icarus. He plucked the pillows from her and tucked them under his arm.

He gave her a toothy grin and winked at her.

“Thank you, Eden.”

She blinked several times.

“You’re welcome, sir.”

Icarus walked past her, gently brushing his shoulder against hers as he did so.


For her lunch break Eden sat outside at a quaint table while she ate.

“May I join you?”

Her head whipped around and she saw Malcolm standing several paces away holding a book and a cup of tea.

The sun shone down on him and seemed to light his hair on fire and seep into his bronzed skin.

“Sure,” she replied, swallowing quickly.

Truth be told she was exhausted and was quite tired of being teased and taunted by everyone.

Malcolm smiled faintly and sat across from her, folding his arms across his chest.

“I assume you’ve met the Rennings?”

“Talia and her son, yes.”

Malcolm cocked his head to the side and cross his right leg over his left, leaning back in his chair.

“Did you happen to run into Jax?”

Eden shook her head.

“The alpha of Iceland? No.”

A chill ran down her spine as she recalled catching a glimpse of the mans picture in the paper.

He was one of the scariest looking men sh had ever seen. Attractive. But terrifying.

“Him and his mate are quite the contrasting pair,” Eden noted.

Malcolm nodded in agreement and studied Eden.

Eden’s gaze suddenly stilled and she felt her blood run cold. The sensation in her fingers leaving her.

Malcolm’s face fell with concern and he leaned forward.

“Eden, love. Are you alright?” He asked urgently.

Eden was unresponsive.

Malcolm followed her line of sight and looked behind him.

He saw what she had been staring at.

Three crows were perched precariously on top of the stone wall. All three staring back at Eden.

Suddenly Eden snapped out of it.

“Sorry I uh... I don’t know what that was.”

Malcolm’s face became graven.

Eden’s eyes widened. He looked sorrowful. As if he knew something she didn’t.

“Come, let’s go inside. It appears there’s a storm front coming this way.”

Eden glanced up at the dark heavy cloud on the horizon in the distance.

She looked back at the wall.

The crows were gone.

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