Alpha Malcolm

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Chapter 16

The car pulled up to a large building. The main entrance was decorated with columns and pillars. Wide steps leading up to the massive doors.

“Where are we?” Eden asked.

“The pack house.”

Her brow furrowed.

“The pack house?”

Malcolm unbuckled his seat belt and then her own.

“The pack house is a building designated for meetings and councils amongst the alliance and other werewolves with positions of power.”

Eden nodded slowly. Everything felt like an alternate reality. In the past hour everything she thought she knew had been turned upside down and then turned several directions.

Malcolm opened her door and extended his hand to her. She stepped from the car. Taking his hand and following him up the steps.

The foyer inside was quite big. The floors sleek and marble. The domed ceiling making the room feel even bigger. She noticed Candice was sitting behind a desk.

She had been the woman who had shown Eden to Malcolm’s office the first day they met.

“Welcome Alpha Íllios. The other members have arrived and are in the north council room,” she said.

“Thank you, Candice,” he replied politely. Giving her a nod.

Malcolm continued on. Pressing a button on an elevator.

“Are you sure I should be present for this? I could just wait in the lobby.”

Malcolm looked at her.

“You hold just as much title and power as I do. While I will not force you, it would please me beyond measure to have you by my side for this.”

Eden nodded softly. Her grip tightening around his arm. The two stepped in the elevator. Malcolm pressed another button. They waited.

“Why is a meeting being held?”

Malcolm smiled softly.

“Because Pythia’s followers are attempting to kill us. This is to be expected.”

He almost seemed amused.

They stepped out of the elevator and walked down a hallway. Malcolm opened a door. Letting Eden enter first as he followed behind.

A table of men and women stood up. She only recognized a few. She identified Silas Rennings and his mate Michelle. They were the sovereigns of the U.K. Silas was rumored to be one of the most powerful alphas in the world. They were an older pair. Silas’s beard speckled with gray. Laugh lines starting to show around the corners of Michelle’s eyes.

She looked over and saw the other Rennings family. Jax and his mate Talia. Their oldest daughter Lilian was there but Icarus was no where to be found.

Eden recalled them staying with Malcolm for a while. She had completely forgotten.

“Thank you. You may be seated.”

Everyone sat down.

Malcolm took a seat at the head of the table. Eden took the only empty seat next to him.

“The fire has been put out. However, something quite more disturbing has been discovered,” a man Eden didn’t recognize informed.

Malcolm turned his attention to him. Beckoning him to continue.

The man briefly hesitated.

“Wolves heads have been found on stakes scattered about the capital.”

Eden felt her heart drop.

“Have they been identified?” Silas asked.

“They aren’t werewolves, Alpha. Just regular wolves.”

Talia’s brow furrowed.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s still a clear threat.”

Malcolm nodded in agreement.

“The humans and other pack members all assume that this is the work of rebels. Mere heathens trying to overthrow Alpha Íllios.”

A look of confusion passed Lilian’s face.

“Are you saying that’s not what it is?”

The whole room seemed to grow cold.

“I regretfully do not have the time to explain the entirety of the complex situation. But the situation at hand is being caused by a blasphemous evil. A supernatural force from hell.”

Lilian’s eyes widened.

“What can we do to stop it?”

“The only way to end this all is through my soulmate, Eden.”

All eyes were on her now. Her cheeks instantly grew red.

“You’re going to make her immortal?” Silas asked. He almost sounded as if he disapproved.

“If that is what she wants yes. We are going to try,” Malcolm answered firmly.

“How is that going to fix this issue?”

“Pythia and her followers will not rest until Eden is dead. Their only tie to this world is through her. This can only end two ways,” Malcolm answered.

“And those are?” Michelle asked.

“She becomes an immortal, or she dies,” he said. Though his tone was collected she could see a flash of deep set pain in his eyes.

“So why don’t we just kill her? Becoming immortal cannot be an easy feat and lives are being lost because of these demons it’s-”

The man who had spoken up did not get to finish his statement.

He had been thrown out of his chair. His body flying backward and colliding with the wall behind him. He slumped to the ground. Leaving a large crack in the wall.

Malcolm hadn’t even moved a finger. Yet his eyes were practically on fire.

“For you to even think that let alone verbally suggest it disgusts me. This is situation regards me and Eden and will be handled as quickly as possible.”

The whole room was dead silent. Malcolm’s words echoing in her mind.

“If anyone lays a hand on her so help me I will cast them into hell myself. Have I made myself clear?” Malcolm asked.

The man groaned in pain.

“Yes, Alpha.”


Eden’s heart was pounding. Malcolm’s demeanor and tone was calm as ever. Yet she could see the fury in his eyes and the slight clench in his jaw.

“What steps must we take to make her immortal?” Jax asked.

He was probably the only one in the room brave enough to ask that at the moment.

“We have to locate my muses. The process cannot be done without them.”

“Muses?” Michelle asked.

“There are ten muses total. However, at the end of each previous cycle Pythia has managed to kill one of them. Only four still survive. Urania, Clio, Erato, and Melpomene.”

Eden’s head began to hurt.

“Will the four of them be able to complete the ritual? Is there anyway to do it without them?” Silas questioned.

Malcolm slowly shook his head.

“Each muse has a sacred artifact that only she can use. He needs them if he wants it to work,” Talia answered.

Eden’s eyes widened. How did she know that?

“Yes, Just like Talia’s Scythe,” Jax added.

“Do you know where they are?” Lilian piped up.

“The muses are elusive and keep to themselves. They are scattered, yet I know the location of one. And have a few predictions for the rest. I’m hoping Erato can further help us once we find her.”

The room was quiet for a moment.

“And if they refuse to help you?” Silas asked.

Malcolm’s brow furrowed in displeasure.

“I am their god. They will not abandon me. Of that I am sure.”

“If the moon goddess were to appear and ask you to help her would you?” Jax asked. He knew he was walking a thin line.

“If the moon goddess had the idiotic idea to show herself to me I would tear her heart out without hesitation,” Malcolm said calmly.

Some other members at the table noticeably flinched. Most werewolves avidly worshiped the moon goddess.

Silas’s brow furrowed.

“Please keep in mind, Malcolm, that it has been only twenty years since we had to deal with Cerberus and his hounds. I will not stand by and let another demonic force push out race out if existence,” he hissed.

“And we still don’t know where the third hound is. Ís could be anywhere. Working to free his two brothers and to finally kill us all,” Michelle said.

A shiver ran down Eden’s spine.

“Do you all fail to realize that the other half of my soul is at stake here? Do you think I would ever ask or expect any of you to live without your mate?” Malcolm’s voice began to raise. His fists clenched.

“I have had to live without her. I have watched the light leave her eyes six times before this. I would sooner worship the moon goddess than see that light fade away again.”

He was almost yelling. Fury burning in his green eyes as he stared at the people before him.

“We understand, Malcolm. We’re just worried. We’re your friends, and we’re here to help,” Talia said softly.

Malcolm quickly settled down. He smoothed back his hair.

“I will be taking a plane to Los Angeles within the hour to find Erato. Does anyone have any objections to this?”

The room was silent.

“Who will maintain order and rule over Wales while you are gone?” Silas asked.

Malcolm smiled.

“Lilian. I would be deeply grateful if you would take my place as Alpha of Wales for the time being.”

Lilian’s mouth fell open in shock.

“Yes. Of course,” she replied.

“I would like to accompany you on your journey,” Talia announced.

“Me too,” Jax said.

Malcolm shook his head.

“I am humbled by your gracious request to assist me but I must insist that me and Eden go alone.”

Talia nodded. A sad smile on her lips.

“This meeting is over. Thank you all for your time.”

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