Alpha Malcolm

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Chapter 17

“How long are we going to be gone?” Eden asked. This whole idea worried her.

“I do not know. Months perhaps,” Malcolm replied.

“Wait but what about my sister? And my nephew?”

Malcolm looked at her.

“I will send word to my staff and invite her to stay at the castle. I promise her and her son will be safer there.”

Eden nodded. She wished she had time to say goodbye to them. To at least explain what little she could, and hopefully ease their worries.

“I had a staff member transport your belongings to the plane already,” Malcolm said.

Eden smiled softly.

“Thank you.”


Eden had fallen asleep in the car. She awoke curled up against the door and her head resting against the window.

The sun was setting. The sky looked like it was on fire.

“Are we at the airport?” She asked groggily.

Malcolm reached over and unbuckled her seat belt for her.

“Something like that, yes.”

But Eden didn’t see a massive airport outside. It looked like a private site for personal aircraft.

The man owned a helicopter why would it surprise her if he owned his own airport as well.

Eden got out of the car it was chilly and the wind blew against her clothes and hair.

She wished she had more time to prepare. To think things over, and contemplate what her life had now become.

But there was no time for that. Pythia’s demons had already begun to act violently against the country of Wales.

And things were bound to escalate.

“This way, love,” Malcolm urged as he wrapped his arm over her shoulders.

They walked around the car and began to approach a massive plane.

It was sleek and black and Eden didn’t even want to imagine how much it cost.

There were a few people bustling about. They all looked very busy and in a hurry.

A man with a baseball cap and worn leather gloves approached Malcolm.

“The plane will be ready for take off in five minutes. Everything is ready for your flight, Alpha.”

“Wonderful, I think we will board now, thank you,” he replied.

The man nodded and took off in another direction.

“Are you ready?” Malcolm asked.

Eden nodded.


She couldn’t help but feel a thrill of excitement. She hadn’t traveled much in her life due to lack of finances and opportunity.

They walked toward the aircraft. Walking up the steep steps that led to the interior of the plane.

Eden gasped. The jet was absolutely luxurious. Sleek large couches and chairs lined the walls and plush carpets adorned the floors.

The interior was white and lined with gold and the walls were made of sleek dark wood. She even noted an open door toward the back of the cabin where she could see a large bed and other things a bedroom would have.

Malcolm removed his suit coat and set it on one of the couches.

The cabin door closed, and she could hear the stairwell being wheeled away.

“Why do you have a bed in here?” Malcolm’s eyes shifted over to hers.

“Interesting that is the first thing you note about the setting. All I need to do is get to a high enough altitude and switch on the auto pilot. If you desire to spend the flight that way-”

Eden gasped and color flooded to her cheeks.

“I was just thinking it was odd you have a full size bed and room on an airplane. God you are so full of yourself,” she stammered in embarrassment.

“I promise you that’s the last thing on my mind right now,” she added for emphasis.

Malcolm’s small smirk remained but his eyes turned dark.

He began to walk toward her. Eden’s breath hitched in her throat.

A sound of protest began to build from her mouth. However, she was abruptly cut off.

Malcolm had pinned her up against the wall. His hands met the wall next to her upper torso. Forcing her arms up.

Eden let out a small whimper and her lips parted and her cheeks flushed.

She hated how much the small move aroused her.

Eden glared at him and tried to move her arms downward and force his hands off the wall. To free herself from the cage of his body.

But her attempts were futile and his hands didn’t budge. Eden knew deep down that she didn’t really want them too.

The thought stung her pride. And she verbally lashed out to try to take a piece of it back.

“So what? Because we’re soulmates you get to touch me whenever you want?” She asked.

Before she realized the rudeness of what she said, she felt Malcolm’s hot breath against her ear.

“You should know that at any given moment I could have you beneath me, begging for my hands and mouth against your body”

A quiet strangled gasp escaped her mouth as she felt her body begin to hum with warmth.

“I know every plane and every curve of your body. I know every sound of pleasure that pours from your lips. I know exactly how and where to touch you to drive you to the brink of insanity.”

Eden’s eyes fluttered shut and her head craned back. Chills covered her skin as she tried to calm her quick breaths.

God, she had never been this turned on in her entire life.

“I am not touching you, Eden Glace. But you will later wish that I was.”

She opened her mouth to speak. Eden had melted. He was right. He had not touched her. Yet her entire body felt as if it were about to burn up.

Before she could reply he abruptly pulled away. Her arms fell, and she had to press all her weight against the wall to keep her knees from giving out.

Malcolm looked at her as he removed his black tie.

“Now if you’ll excuse me. I’ll be in the cockpit. We’re already late as it is.”

Eden stared at him. Still, in complete shock. All she could think of was why he was so far away from her? He was definitely too far away.

“Make yourself comfortable, love. It’s going to be a long flight.”

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