Alpha Malcolm

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Chapter 2

When Genevieve had heard Eden got the job she rushed over to Eden’s tiny apartment to congratulate her.

Genevieve worked in an orchid that frequently delivered flowers to the castle.

“You got the job!” Genevieve squealed giving her sister a hug.

Eden grimaced.

“Edee got the job!”

Harrison also ran towards Eden and embraced her legs.

Eden couldn’t help but to grin at her four year old nephew.

She picked the small child up and kissed both his rosy cheeks. Harrison grinned at her.

“I have your uniform here,” Genevieve gushed, handing Eden a box.

“It came in the mail a few days ago.”

Eden forgotten she had put down her old address, Genevieve’s home, down on her job application.

Eden grimaced and cautiously opened the box, expecting some kind of fetishized tiny black ruffled dress with garters and thigh high socks.

A plain, fit and flair black dress looked back at her.

It was accompanied by white tights and flats.

Eden nodded in approval. It had been hell trying to get a job, no one wanted to hire a human these days when the world was swarming with a stronger and “more intelligent” race that called themselves werewolves.

Eden thought of them more as savages.

“What was it like meeting the alpha of Wales?” Genevieve proded.

Genevieve had been working for Alpha Malcolm for two years, yet she had never seen him, many of the deliveries Genevieve made were extremely brief. Genevieve was lucky if she got to even go inside the castle.

“A bit unsettling.”

Genevieve smirked.

“So you’re attracted to him?”

Eden flashed a murderous glare at her sister.

“I would never be attracted to someone of that species.”

Genevieve looked solemnly at the ground.

“Did you have to bring that up now?”

“They’re monsters, Gen.”

Harrison had began fussing, he pulled at his mothers skirt, wanting to go home. Eden didn’t blame him. Her apartment barley had room for standing.

“They think humans are inferior to them, we’re practically slaves,” Eden reminded.

“Just because Harrison’s father is a werewolf-”

“He left you. Genevieve. Colton left you alone with a child to raise.”

Genevieve’s eyes clouded with tears and she looked down. Colton was a touchy subject.

Eden furrowed her brow in concern and regret and embraced her sister.

“I’m sorry, Gen. I shouldn’t of brought it up.”

Genevieve sniffled and composed herself.

“When do you start working?”

“I already went a few times to the castle this week for training and what not, my first real shift starts tomorrow morning.”

Genevieve squealed excitedly.

Harrison began screaming and crying. He was no doubt exhausted.

“Well I’ve got to get going, harry is hungry, no doubt.”

Eden nodded embracing her sister and walking her to the door.

“Come visit us soon, okay?”

Eden smiled and nodded.

She closed the door behind the two and pressed her back against the thin frame.

Sliding down until she sat on the floor.

A crow cawed from outside.


The drive to work was painful and Eden thanked the stars above her that her job was so high paying or she wouldn’t of been able to afford the gas required to make the trip.

She watched as the castle came into view. The towering structure tall and daunting before her.

Everything about the estate was perfection. The interior, the garden, even the ivy that grew along the sides seemed not to dare to grow out of line.

As she pulled in and handed her car off to a valet Candice greeted her once more.

“Hello Eden how are you?” She smiled.

“I’m doing alright.”

“That dress fits you stunningly,” Candice beamed.

Eden blushed and tugged at the hem of the skirt.

Candice began walking with her head high toward an entrance to the castle, her pencil skirt causing Candice’s wide strides to seem almost confined.

She motioned for Eden to follow her.

Even after Eden’s training she doubted that she would ever be able to navigate the massive structure with ease.

As they entered the magical estate Candice piped up yet again.

“The technical name for your position is maid however because the staff here is minimal if someone asks you to do something, you do it. Understand?”

Eden nodded which earned a painfully bright smile from Candice.

“Think of yourself more as a helper than just a housekeeper or maid or whatever you’d like to call it.”

Candice’s shrill voice was beginning to give Eden a migraine.

“I’m handing you off now to Beatrice. You will be working alongside her the next few days until you get the hang of things,”

And with that Candice scurried away.

Beatrice was tall and thin, she had sleek dark hair complimented by cat like eyes.

“If I’ve already been trained is it really necessary for me to shadow you?”

Beatrice smirked at Eden.

“This way,” she gestured.

“Alpha Malcolm is having a banquette dinner tonight and we need all the help we can preparing for it.”

Ah yes, Alpha Malcolm’s renowned parties. Known for their extravagance and luster.

“Why exactly does he throw all these celebrations?”

Beatrice shrugged.

“Why not?”

Eden let out a huff of annoyance as she followed the girl through a massive doorway.

The room Eden beheld nearly took her breath away.

It was almost as if someone had carved out a section of the castle and placed a mansion within it and called it a “banquet hall.”

The entire room was gold and white. Lit with seemingly thousands of chandeliers, twinkling with precious gems and the light chatter of other staff members.

Stairwells leading to secret alcoves and hidden balconies that jutted out from the walls above like secret hideaways lined the room.

Eden even took into account a large turquoise fountain bubbling and sparkling, below it a vast pool, steam rising from the body of water and swirling into the air. It was utterly enchanting.

The room was so large and so extravagant Eden didn’t know where to look or how to take all of it in.

“Beautiful isn’t it?”

Eden nodded dazedly.

Beatrice laughed and nudged Eden.

“Come on wide eyes, we have work to do.”

He watched above from one of the various balconies as the girl and his other staff members prepped for the celebration.

The uniform was meant to be plain and almost tasteless but Malcolm couldn’t bring himself to tear his eyes away from the girl.

The dress hugged against her body in the most maddening ways.

He watched her with an animalistic gaze. His brows furrowed and his fists clenched as her wide brown eyes took in her surroundings.

She moved with the type of calculated grace that made him want to sweep the little nymph off of her feet and take her far away.

The way her familiar brown eyes greedily took in everything, sparkling and dancing in the light positively enchanted him.

Her smile seemed to light up the room with its sheer gleeful candescence.

Malcolm dragged a hand down his face and reached over to the table beside him and picked up a cigar with trembling fingers.

He lit the cigar and took a long drag.

“So it begins.”

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