Alpha Malcolm

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Chapter 21

Clio, Urania, and Erato had left briefly to begin preparing for Eden's trip into the void. Malcolm had not stopped pacing against the expensive carpet in the hotel room since it had been decided Eden would go.

"You're going to wear a hole in that rug," Eden teased softly, breaking the tense silence over the hotel room.

Malcolm stopped and looked at her. He stood still with his green gaze locked on her face for several moments before he sat next to her, Pulling her onto his lap.

Eden's face flushed and she let out a noise of surprise at the sudden grab he made for her. She let herself settle against him. Her face pressed against his chest as she listened to the sound of his unsteady heart beat.

"I'll be fine," she said softly.

Malcolm didn't say anything, and instead only wrapped his arms around her tighter.

Eden decided to stop trying to reassure him. It had seemed he had made up his mind and would not be put at rest until...well until this was all over.

The three women had returned.

"We're ready," Urania informed the two.

Malcolm slowly loosened his grip around her body. holding her face between his hands before softly kissing his forehead.

He gave her a small smile before allowing her to stand up. Erato took Eden's hand in hers and squeezed it gently as she lead her to the bed in the hotel room.

Clio closed all of the curtains and shut off the lights, locking the doors too.

Urania began to light what appeared to be floating orbs of light, gently bobbing and hovering in the air.

Eden inhaled shakily.

She laid down on the bed and rested her hands over her lap.

As Urania and Clio continued to make preparations Erato placed a necklace with a shimmering white crystal on the end over Eden's head.

"when you have found our sister, Take her hand in yours and hold on tightly. Then you must shatter the necklace. Keep it on but break it in your free palm. Then we will bring you both back."

Eden listened carefully and eyed the glimmering necklace that rested against her chest.

"if something goes horribly wrong and you are unable to retrieve her..." Erato had to pause. As if the thought of not getting back her sister was too painful to even consider.

"break the necklace and you will be brought back."

Eden nodded and gently took Erato's hand in hers.

"I'll bring her back. I promise," Eden swore. A feeling of determination began to swell in her chest.

Since this whole debacle had began Eden had been a typical damsel in distress. Always needing saving and protecting. She was tired of feeling useless and was ready to actually help those who so desperately needed it.

Clio walked over to the bed. A small ceramic bowl in her hands.

"I cannot begin to prepare you for the horrors of what you may experience. But I can help a little," Clio said as she pulled a vial from her pocket and unscrewed it.

"keep your eyes open," she instructed as she dropped the liquid into her eyes.

It stung like hell and eden let out a small curse.

"This will blur your vision while you are there. Hopefully making it so you do not want to tear your own eyes out," Clio mumbled.

a chill raced down eden's spine.

"how will I find Melpomene if I can't see?" Eden asked Clio.

"She will come to you. That necklace you are wearing is the only source of light that will be in the void. She will see it and know."

Clio took a deep breath.

"It also means that the light will attract some of the lesser demons to you. Making your soul a target. Our hope is that Melpomene finds you quickly," she said solemnly.

"It's ready," Urania called out from across the room. Clio looked over to her and nodded.

"Good luck, Ecaterina," Clio said gently.

Malcolm walked over to her. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked utterly disheveled as he knelt by the bedside.

"Stop looking at me like you're trying to find the words to say goodbye," Eden croaked as she felt her throat burn with emotion.

Malcolm shook his head and took his hands in hers, kissing them as he held them tight.

"Every time I look at you I am reminded that I will eventually have to say goodbye."

His words were heavy. She felt as if she would break into pieces from the weight of them.

She placed her hand behind his neck and brought his lips to meet her own. Kissing him and holding onto him tightly as she fought back the urge to cry.

"The elixir will only be active for thirty more seconds, I hate to be insensitive but we need to do this now," Urania interrupted.

Eden pecked his lips one more time before he drew away, forcing herself not to look at him. She knew she would start crying if she did.

Urania walked over and brought a glass up to Eden's lips. Eden swallowed the chalky tasting mixture and coughed after she had downed it all.

Instantly she began to feel dizzy. It was like falling asleep except her heart was racing and she could practically taste the adrenaline in the back of her throat.

She heard someone say something to her as her eyes slipped close but she couldn't make out the words. The world around her had turned to ash.

Her eyes snapped open and she was standing up.

Before she could even make sense of her surroundings a deep chill had seeped its way into her whole body. She could hear screaming.

she looked around but her vision was blurred. It was dark so very very dark but she could make out purple and blue shadows.

Some were distorted and moving in irregular patterns.

A tear slipped down her cheek as she heard the bone chilling noise of a young child screaming for their mother.

She had made it to the void.

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