Alpha Malcolm

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Chapter 3

When the staff had finished polishing and preparing for the celebratory event Eden was pulled aside by Beatrice.

She pulled her into a large restroom and handed her a glittering mass of fabric.

“What is this?”

“Your new uniform.”

Eden’s brow furrowed as she examined the beautifully crafted dress Beatrice had given her.

“Malcolm Ílios assigns a few of the staff to dress as guests.”


“To see if people are enjoying the party and sometimes to pick up information he can’t gain on his own.”

“So we’re spies.”

Beatrice smirked.

“In a way,” she winked.

“What am I even supposed to do?”

“Enjoy yourself,” Beatrice shrugged as she began to strip out of her gray A-line dress.

“One thing you need to learn,

Eden is that even though your position is technically called a maid, Alpha Ílios has a strange tendency to assign his staff members with untraditional tasks.”

Beatrice slipped off her black tights and promptly slipped into the short strapless green dress.

“Beatrice, I’m not good at socializing. I’d much rather work as a traditional server tonight.”

Beatrice walked over to the elaborate golden framed mirror and began to fuss with her hair.

“Call me, Bea,” she replied, applying a coat of ruby red lipstick to her lips.

“There’s no changing your job now. Candice chose you to be Malcolm’s escort for the night.”

Eden felt as if she were going to be ill.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Escort. Like his date.”

“You’re telling me a man like him is paying someone like me to be his date?”

Bea closed her lipstick tube and rolled her eyes.

“Don’t flatter yourself, alpha Ílios always has one of his staff members as his escorts.”

“What why?”

Eden was beyond bewildered at this entire situation that had become her job.

“You have to have a date to come to these kind of parties, and in the past when Malcolm chose a daughter of a prime minister of something as his date well....”

Eden crossed her arms over her chest impatiently.

“They tend to get a bit attached to him, if you catch my meaning.”

Eden rolled her eyes.

Bea grabbed a pair of black stilettos and slipped them onto both her feet.

“Look, it’s really no big deal. You just have to walk around with him and be polite to his guests. I’ve done it hundreds of times it’s easy,” she assured, ushering Eden to stand in front of the mirror.

“If you’ve done it this many times why can’t you do it? And why wasn’t this apart of my training?” Eden already hated that she was working for a werewolf. Being forced to spend time with him would be even worse.

Bea unpinned Eden’s hair from its bun, letting her hair fall down in loose waves down her back.

“Eden, my dear. It would be too time consuming if we trained you for every task and job that may be asked of you.”

Bea finger combed Eden’s hair and began to arrange the strands to frame her face.

“I’ve worked here for a very long time and sometimes even I get assigned a job I’ve never done before.”

Eden’s brow knit together.

“Such as?”

“The other day one of my superiors asked me to taste test about a dozen confectionary sweets.”

“At Alpha Ílios’s estate, we don’t just specialize in one type of job. We all do what needs to be done.”

“This is the weirdest place I think I’ll ever work at,” Eden mumbled.

“It’s not as if we get tasked with killing people or to fill out paperwork,” Bea retorted rolling her eyes.

“Besides. All of the housekeeping staff will be dressed as guests tonight.”

Eden was convinced Alpha Ílios was actually insane for paying people for this kind of thing.

“Don’t there need to be people carrying around trays of champagne and restocking refreshments and other things like that?”

“Remember the towers of champagne glasses we set up? That should be enough for tonight. And if anything else needs attending to one of the staff will discreetly get it done.”

“I know it all feels strange but trust me Eden, working here is the easiest money us humans can make in this day and age.”

Eden slowly nodded. Trying to fathom what else would be in store for her as she worked here.

“Alright guests have already started arriving so hurry and put this on,” Bea urged.

Eden took the dress from Bea and quickly removed her current attire.

Bea helped Eden into the silver glittering gown.

The dress was form fitting and was floor length with slim straps and a v-neckline.

Eden had never worn something more beautiful in her life.

“Are you sure I’m getting paid for this?” She breathed, staring at her shimmering reflection in the mirror.

Bea nodded and turned Eden’s head toward her. She pulled out the lipstick tube and expertly applied the ruby shade to Eden’s plump lips.

“Perfect. Now put these shoes on and you’ll be good to go,” Bea announced handing Eden a pair of matching silver high heels.

Eden’s eyes widened in fear.

“There’s no way I can walk in those stilts.”

Bea shrugged.

“You don’t really have a choice unless you want to wear your already dusty maid flats.”

Eden cursed. The dress she wore stopped just above her ankles and regrettably did not cover her feet.

Eden begrudgingly took the death shoes and put them on.

“You look killer, now go to Alpha Ílios’s office, you’ll meet him there.”

“I still don’t understand why people have to have a date to attend a party.”

“Good luck!” Bea called before shutting the door behind her.

“Wait I don’t know where his office is!”

Eden half ran half tripping over her own feet walked to the bathroom door and pried it open.

The previously empty banquet hall was now filled with sparkling laughter and the swish of dresses and gleamed of expensive suits.

Eden wobbled out of the bathroom and ducked through the crowds of people. She tried to locate one of the disguised staff members in the sea of people and failed.

How on earth was she going to find Alpha Ílios’s office?

She huffed in annoyance and managed to get through the crowd and to the massive main entrance. She fought against the current of people pushing to get inside the banquet hall and finally ducked out of the way.

She sighed in relief and began to walk left of the banquet hall trying to remember where his office was.

It had been weeks since she was “interviewed” by him in his immaculately sized office.

She approached the end of a hallway and saw security guards blocking the doors that must of led to another section of the castle.

“Hi I’m Eden Glace, I am a new staff member here and I was told to meet Alpha Ílios in his office?”

The two security guards exchanged a look with each other and smirked.

“I’m sorry miss Glace but the party is located down this hall to your left. Thank you and have a good night.”

Eden huffed in annoyance. She had no form of identification and these two werewolf guards obviously thought she was some obsessed human girl trying to find Alpha Ílios.

She folded her arms over her chest and glared at them.

“Look. It’s my first day on the job and my coworker, Beatrice told me to meet Alpha Ílios in his office. Please I’m just trying to do my job.”

The guards face hardened.

“And we’re doing our job by keeping humans like you out of the restricted areas,” he growled.

“Alpha Ílios already has a mate don’t bother, sweetheart,” the other added cruelly.

“Well thanks you two freaks of nature have been absolutely no help at all,” she huffed as she began to turn around.

The guard on the right growled and lurched forward, backing her against the wall.

“What did you just call us, human?” He challenged.

Eden may of been bold but she wasn’t an idiot. She knew that these type of alpha beefy werewolves were hot headed and not to be messed with. She didn’t have a death wish.

“Nothing, I said thank you for the help,” she replied in a flat tone, her expression blank.

“That’s what I thought,” he mumbled backing away.

Eden quickly turned around and walked away and down another hallway.

Her sole goal was to get as far away from the two beefy werewolves as fast as she could.

After several more turns and going down a few more hallways she allowed herself to stop.

She considered going back to the banquet hall and trying to find Beatrice or one of the other staff members to help her when she realized she had not the slightest clue how to get back to the banquet hall.

“Damnit!” She cursed.

This was it. She was literally being paid just to follow her boss around make small talk with his guests and she couldn’t even do that.

She was going to be fired.

She was going to be fired and then she wouldn’t be able to help her sister pay rent. And then her sister wouldn’t be able to support Harrison and then-

“Are you lost?”

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