Alpha Malcolm

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Chapter 6

“Oh my god you totally slept with him. You slept with the alpha!”

“Genevieve shut the hell up I did not have sex with a goddamn werewolf.”

“Well you’re really missing out, Because let me tell you they have the stamina and-”

“Dear god please don’t tell me about your sex life,” Eden groaned covering her ears.

Genevieve snickered and playfully poked her sisters side.

They were currently at Gen’s house, planting apple tree saplings in her tiny back yard.

Harrison happily played in the grass, pulling up tufts of the stuff and throwing it into the air.

The sky was azure and not a cloud adorned the atmosphere.

“So you’re telling me. You woke up in just your underwear in Alpha Ílios’s bed, with him in the room. And you didn’t hook up?”

“Okay first of all. I wasn’t in his room, it was a guest room. Secondly, you know I am a restless sleeper, I took the dress off myself.”

Genevieve smirked and patted down the warm dirt around the freshly planted sapling.

“You’re sure you didn’t have too much too drink and that you just forgot?”

“Yes!” Eden cried.

Eden brushed the dirt off her hands on her worn faded jeans.

“Like I said, I tripped and hit my head hard enough that I fell unconscious, he was just taking care of me.”

Eden didn’t want to tell her sister about the attack. She didn’t want her to worry.

Suddenly Genevieve gasped and looked at Eden with a stony expression.

“You don’t think Alpha Ílios did anything while you were-”

“Of course not,” Eden interrupted, placing a thick layer of bark around the sapling.

“Hah! You defended him! I knew you liked him!”

Eden shoved her older sister over and stuck her tongue out.

“I do not do werewolves. You of all people know I stay far away from them.”

“But clearly you haven’t been able to stay away from Alpha Ílios,” Genevieve snickered.

Eden held up a gardening spade whilst glaring at Genevieve.

“I will impale you.”

Genevieve laughed and shook her head.

“So when do you go back to work? No concussion right?”

“Yeah my head is fine. I go back to work tomorrow.”

Genevieve shook her head as she began digging another hole.

“You are so damn lucky. You get paid to wear beautiful dresses and accompany that gorgeous man at parties.”

“It’s not as if that’s the only thing I do at work,” Eden interluded.

“Sorry my apologies.”

Eden smiled in satisfaction.

“You also do Alpha Ílios.”

“That’s it I am going to kill you.”

Genevieve laughed and jumped to her feet running out of Eden’s reach.

Eden scrambled up and chased after her. Laughter and empty threats echoing throughout the yard.


Due to the fact Eden’s car still remained at Malcolm’s castle she was informed a chauffeur would be picking her up.

Eden entered the car and was greeted by a middle aged man named Benson.

“Hello, Miss Glace, how is your head?”

“Fine, thank you. I am feeling much better.”

Benson nodded and proceeded to begin the trip to Malcolm’s castle.

Eden passed the time the way she normally did, with her nose buried deep in a novel as she absentmindedly sipped from the styrofoam cup of tea she made before she left.

When they reached the castle Eden was dropped off at the front. She was still amazed by the utter vastness of the structure.

She walked into the entrance she was told to go in from and was immediately greeted by Beatrice

“Oh god are you okay? I thought you died,” Beatrice gasped.

“I’m alright,” Eden laughed.

“Great! Let’s get you back to work follow me.”

Eden followed closely behind Beatrice.

“What’s my odd job today? Going undercover as a spy and gathering top secret information?” Eden taunted.

Beatrice stopped walking and looked at Eden.

“Actually, yes.”

“No I’m totally kidding,” she continued, walking again.

“Alpha Ílios has requested to see you. He wants to assure you are well enough to be working.”

Eden crossed her arms over her chest and silently followed Beatrice up a flight of stairs.

“Where are we going?” Eden questioned, she didn’t remember his office being on this side of the castle.

“Alpha Ílios is currently in his green house, so that’s where we’re going.”

“His green house is indoor?”

Beatrice rose an eyebrow.

“You’ve noticed the enormous glass dome on top of one of the towers on the castle right?”

Eden’s brow furrowed and she nodded.

Beatrice looked at her expectantly.

“That entire thing is a greenhouse? I thought it was for decoration.”

Beatrice smirked and shook her head stopping next to a door.

“As I am sure you know, Alpha Ílios is a renowned biomedical engineer. He has found more vaccines and antidotes right here in this greenhouse than any other location in the world.”

Eden nodded.

Years ago, When the war between werewolves and the three headed demon Cerberus erupted. so did a lethal plague called purpura morbus. The sickness picked off the human race like flies. Only thirty percent of the world population was human. The rest were werewolves.

Alpha Ílios was the man who discovered the cure for the disease. He halted the seemingly non stopping depletion of humankind.

Beatrice opened a large door at the end of the hallway.

A flood of light streamed out from the open door.

Beatrice gestured for Eden to enter.

Eden slowly walked into the glass room.

The greenhouse was possibly the most astounding and beautiful thing she had ever witnessed.

Life sprung and flourished in every corner and hung from the celling.

Dark earthy and light springy greens covered the large room. There room also had sun bleached furniture scattered about. Light wood and white cushioned couches and hanging chairs.

Eden also noted countless books that were strewn about on various surfaces.

The room was entirely unorganized and untidy unlike the rest of the castle. Yet the chaotic swarm of plants and the warm glare of the sun gave the room a peculiar type of syncronicity.

Eden heard the door shut behind her.

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