The Cop Next Door

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Chapter 14

I didn’t get a chance to be on my phone until we were driving down the highway. Traffic was awful and despite it being December, it was still in the high eighties. I peeled out of my light jacket that I had thrown on just as Vivian answered her phone.

“Jane?” She called into the receiver shakily. Tears welled in my eyes as I smiled at the sound of her voice.

“Hey Viv, are you okay?” I let my head hang down in sorrow, “I’m sorry to get you mixed up in all of this.”

“Stop it right now, you’re my best friend, Jay. Don’t you think for one second that I’d want to be anywhere else but in mortal danger with you.” We laughed, I missed her. “So where are you?”

“On my way to Mexico,” I laughed in disbelief, “With Dax... Where are you?”

“Miami, as soon as Dalila rescued me, she booked us a flight to her house down here. It’s gorgeous, Jane. I wish you could be here.” Vivian gushed and I smiled out of happiness for her.

“Well, we might not be seeing you too soon, Dax didn’t want to take a plane because flights are easily traceable. We’re driving.”

“Isn’t that like, a twenty-seven hour drive?” Vivian asked and I nodded to myself.

“Yeah, and it doesn’t help there’s a ton of traffic.” I chimed sarcastically, glancing at Dax from the corner of my eye. His jaw was clenched in irritation, we’d moved very little in the hour we’d been on the highway.

“Jeez, well, let me send you this playlist. It’ll take your mind off of the time.” My phone chirped with a notification and my eyebrows cocked in confusion.

“Thanks, Viv, but I better go. Looks like the cars in front of us are moving a bit faster.”

“Okay, just call me when you get to Mexico, alright? Maybe we could Skype.” She suggested, making me smile.

“Sounds like a plan. Love you, Viv.” I made a kiss sound with my lips.

“Love you, Jay.” She cooed in return before we hung up the phone. I reclined in Dax’s passenger seat, the black fabric feeling hot and uncomfortable. Dax’s mood seemed to lift as we exited off the main highway and turned onto the interstate, the GPS making it known that we would be on this road for a hundred or so miles.

“Do you mind if I play so music?” I asked quietly, suddenly feeling like a little mouse. An hour and a half ago, I was ready to proclaim my feelings for him. Now I felt like I might melt into a puddle if he even looked in my direction.

“That’d be great. Maybe I could relax a tad.” He chuckled softly, but his voice sounded tight and hoarse. I nodded and plug the aux cord into my phone, selected the playlist Vivian had sent me. As I scrolled through the list, I realized I’d never heard any of these songs. The first came on, a heavy slow song that made me want to move like I was exotic dancer.

Hold me close I’m wasting away / Hold me close I’m too fucked to stand

I gasped quietly as the beginning lyrics sounded through the speaker system. From the corner of my eye, I watched Dax’s eyebrows shoot up. If I survive this, I’m going to kill Vivian. But to play it cool, I let the song continue to play.

Clothes in front of your new daddy / Stick my ass out for all it’s worth / Stay like this until the grave daddy / Drop your ass, what’s your self esteem worth?

“This is Vivian’s playlist,” I bit my lip and he glanced over at me, his eyes drifting to my mouth.

“I figured.” He licked his bottom lip and I felt my teeth bite down harder on my own. Something had changed within the car, something about the air. It was thicker, hotter than moments ago but when I peeked at the temperature gauge, the heat hadn’t shifted. Beads of sweat cascaded down my neck, following the curve of my throat and slipped down my cleavage. I needed to take something else off to cool down, but I knew it may stir trouble. But after several minutes of near heatstroke, I tore off my tee shirt and threw it into the back seat, leaving me in my white cropped tank top.

After a few more songs, it was hard to think about anything but my sexual frustration. I wanted to jump into the driver’s seat and straddle the man, but the logical and sensible part of me knew that was dangerous for more reasons than one. When the seventh song came on, I had to put it to a stop. I reached for my phone to switch to a less sexual ensemble, but Dax’s hand met mine.

“I like this song, do you mind if we listen to it all the way through?” He glanced at me, something in his eyes made nod and listen. His lips moved to the lyrics of the song, his tongue lulling each word like a quiet symphony. Oh lord, please help me. “Like a cop I’m cuffing I’m copping a feel / Little mama got ass when she walk in them heels / She love when I eat it, she make it meal / Baby girl, screaming / I give her the pillow so no one can hear.” He sang softly and as if he spoke the magic words, my underwear became saturated.

“Oh lord, give me strength,” I mumbled, swallowing hard. “How many more hours?”

“Twenty-three, but if you wanted to stop at a hotel, we can.” Dax offered as he lifted his shirt over his head, flinging it in the backseat like I had. My mouth ran dry and I quickly looked out of the window. Count the trees, clouds, and birds.

“No, let’s just keep going.” I ran my fingers through my hair. This was going to be a long drive.



1. Precious Possession - Anna Wise

2. Garden - Emeli Sande

3. Electric - Alina Baraz

4. $ecret - Goapele

5. Crush - Yuna

6. What is Love - Kingdom

7. Do Not Disturb - Teyana Taylor

8. So High - Doja Cat

9. Sacrifices - Tinashe

10. All the Way Down - Kelela (Kahn remix)

11. Kiss it Better - Rihanna

12. Body Party - Ciara

13. All the Time - Jeremih

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