The Cop Next Door

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Chapter 21


Dax drove us back to his family home. He helped me out of the passenger seat and led the way through the front door. With neither of us having a plan, we slipped into the kitchen to make something to eat. Dax recovered a frozen pizza from the depths of his parent’s freezer to which we both agreed wouldn’t be so bad. Dax slip the cheese pizza into the oven and close the door quickly. Leaning against the counter, I watched him move in front of me and dip his head down, catching my lips with his own. I melted into the kiss immediately, wrapping my arms around his neck in attempt to climb to his eye level. To assist me, Dax wrapped his large hands around the underside of my thighs and lifted me onto the counter. He stepped between my legs and leaned his forehead against the exposed skin of my chest, his warm breath traveling down the cleavage of my dress. An army of goosebumps rose across my skin and I shivered involuntarily.

We were silent, but it didn’t matter. I looked down at Dax with emotions that I didn’t recognize in my eyes, my head spinning. I needed him to make the first move, but I knew he wanted to do things at my pace, which ruined any chance of him taking charge. So when he finally lifted his head to meet my gaze, I was surprised when he took my hand and helped me slide off of the island.

“Come with me.” He mumbled softly into my hair as he pressed a sweet kiss to my temple. I nodded, confused at his behavior. Dax never struck me as the type to be gentle; hell, I witnessed him having sex and he was anything but. Yet he was suddenly taking things slow and it made me feel inadequate. I followed him to a room I had never seen and when he opened the door, a small smile played on my lips.

I was in Dax’s childhood bedroom.

My eyes scanned the walls, finding old rock band posters pinned to the walls, pictures of young Dax with his friends and family in frames hung and displayed like art. I grinned at a specific picture of Dax as a teenager, just coming into manhood with scrawny arms and legs.

“What happened to this kid,” I teased, glancing back at him with a coy smile.

“Hey, not all of us come gorgeous straight from the womb like you, Princesa.” He said from behind me.

“Oh stop, you were such a cutie.”

“And now?” He questioned, the playful edge to his voice becoming evident.

“You’re alright...” I turned to face him, a cheeky smile on my lips. Dax strode forward, shaking his head and laughing lightly.

“Well I’m honored that you think so highly of me, nena.” He mumbled, his hand cupping my jawline while his thumb brushed across my cheekbone.

“Nena?” I questioned, biting the inside of my cheek, “What does nena mean?”

“Babygirl.” He answered simply. It was one word, three syllables. Yet suddenly, my core was burning with need, radiating outward as my skin began to warm. I stretched onto my tiptoes and attempted to kiss him passionately, but because of my small stature compared to his giant status, I merely pecked his lips. Dax chuckled and craned his neck, eliminating the distance for me to kiss him the way I needed to. In my second try, Dax kissed me back fervently, backing me against the wall. My fingers disappeared in his soft dark brown locks, pulling and tugging gently at the roots. Dax’s tongue flirted with my bottom lip and I obliged, parting my lips to deepen the kiss. I moaned into his mouth, feeling lightheaded and hungry for more.

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“We can stop whenever you want,” Dax whispered softly and I smiled, taking his hand in mine.

“Dax,” I used his fingers to gently slip the thin straps of my dress down my arm. “I don’t want to stop.” With a nod, Dax leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to my lips while his hands pulled the entirety of my dress off. His eyes bore into mine as he placed my hands on his chest. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt until it hung loosely on his shoulders. He shrugged it off and kissed down my neck, his tongue gliding over my collarbones painstakingly slow. Finding the clothing ratio between us to be far less on my part, I slowly pulled his belt through the loops of his Chinos and let it fall to the floor. My fingertips flicked the button of his pants through the hole and he helped me pull them off of his legs. The moment seemed so intense, we were breathing so hard and yet we had done nothing but take each other’s clothes off.

“I don’t think we ever talked about this, but I’ve never done this.” I swallowed hard, anticipating some sort of crazy reaction. Dax was quiet for a moment, his bottom lip caught between his teeth in thought.

“Well, I’m not going to lie, I don’t hate the idea of me being the only guy you will have been with,” I rolled my eyes and smacked his chest. He laughed quietly and leaned his forehead against mine, “Are you ready for this?”

“Yes.” I answered instantly, not a single thought having to pass my mind to know the answer to that question. Without another word, Dax continued to kiss down my body, coming back to where he had left off right between my cleavage. Dax dropped to his knees, his eyes now level with my breasts.

“Hermosa [Beautiful].” He whispered, his breath hitting my nipples and causing them to firm. A soft sigh escaped my mouth and I fluttered my eyes closed while Dax blew cool air against the hardened buds. I almost ached with need and not long after, Dax’s warm mouth enveloped my nipple, his teeth skimming the bud, his tongue quickly soothing the bite. I whimpered, my fingers pulling at his hair for more. Dax then moved to my left nipple, his tongue working and swirling around it with the same vigor as he had my right. With one last kiss applied to the wet skin, Dax’s tongue slipped down my navel, his teeth gently tugging at the lace of my underwear. He looked up at me, his eyes trained on me as he slowly tugged them down. I took a deep breath, enjoying the sensation of his breath against my sex. With his eyes still looking into mine, Dax spread my legs and licked up my inner thighs. I knew I was already wet and I could feel him smirk against me, his tongue inching closer and closer to where I needed him to be. And almost as if he could read my mind, his tongue jutted out and licked up my folds. I spluttered out an incoherent jumble of letters, unable to connect any fragment of higher thinking. Finding my cl!t, Dax gently nipped at the bundle of nerves before his tongue ran circles around it vigorously. My mouth involuntarily formed in the shape of an ‘o’ and my fingers dug into his shoulders, my knees beginning to buckle from beneath me.

“Delicioso.” He murmured, causing vibrations to rack through my throbbing sex. Going south, his tongue suddenly eased into my entrances, curling its length inside of me. My back arched and I whimpered his name, my eyes welling. His mastered tongue pumped in and out of me while his thumb worked my cl!t, causing me to shake and writhe from above him. My knees began to feel like gelatin, wobbling like a newborn and about to give out. As I began to fall, Dax caught my thighs and lifted me against the wall, my legs now wrapped around his waist. “Tell me how that felt, Princesa.” He mumbled as he kissed across my shoulder, sucking love bites into the skin.

“I-I-” I swallowed, my head still spinning. “G-Good.” Dax smiled against my jaw and opened up the nightstand beside him, pulling out a golden foil package. With one arm supporting me, Dax slipped his boxer briefs down his legs and I felt his member graze against my backside.

“Do you want to keep going?” He asked, searching my eyes for any signs of discomfort.

“Please.” I nodded, taking the foil package from his hand and ripping it open. “S’il vous plait, Monsieur. [Please, sir.]" Dax’s normally bright green eyes darkened as I spoke French to him, his grip on me tightening. The latex slipped onto Dax’s member and he situated himself below me, his tip slicking between my folds. I looked into his eyes as he slowly push in, my walls tightening around him. He groaned lowly, biting his lip to control himself.

“Te sientes tan jodidamente bien. [You feel so fucking good.]" He growled, taking a deep breath. Once he had his hips pressed to mine, he waited for me to give him a sign to move. It took a few moments for me to adjust to not only the intrusion, but his size. After awhile the pain melted into a delicious burn and I nodded for him to continue. He recoiled and thrust again, this time slightly faster. With each thrust, the sensations began to shift from painful to earth-shattering pleasure. My hips began to buck against his in attempt to push him to go faster, harder, deeper. His fingers dug into the skin of my ass as my nails scraped down his muscled back. I kissed him hard, tasting myself on his tongue as he fucked into me. Our hips met and divided over and over, causing sounds to echo throughout his bedroom. Without missing a beat, Dax carried me to his bed and threw me onto the firm mattress before grabbing my legs and pulling me to the foot of the bed. He threw my legs over his shoulders and plunged back into my entrance, grazing something within me that made me see stars.

“Juste là, s’il vous plaît ne vous arrêtez pas, monsieur. [Just there, please do not stop, sir.]" I cried out, my head thrown back and my spine arched. Dax readjusted himself to another angle that managed to hit that specific spot repeatedly, my core swirling in a pit of heat and satisfaction. I fisted the sheets, Dax’s name falling from my lips in the form of moans on repeat.

“I’m close, I’m close,” I whined softly, to which Dax licked his thumb and began to rub figure-eights against my cl!t.

“Déjalo ir, nena. [Let go, baby girl.]" He grunted into each thrust, encapsulating one of my nipples in his mouth. My core built and built, and built until finally I shattered, my legs becoming noodles as my toes curled in ecstasy. Dax rode out my orgasm, my walls tightening around his c!ck, bringing him to his climax. With one final drive, Dax spilled his seed into the latex inside of me, his chest heaving above my trembling body. I kissed the tattooed muscle, the taste of his sweat solidifying what we had just done. He slowly pulled out of me and discarded the latex in a garbage bin, falling into the bed beside me.

“Wow.” Dax said breathily, his eyes on the ceiling.

“Wow.” I nodded in agreement, my cheeks red and hot. This was when we finally noticed the black cloud of smoke hovering at the ceiling of Dax’s bedroom. We looked at each other in confusion until we remembered: the pizza. Dax quickly pulled on a pair of joggers and ran downstairs to the kitchen. Tired and out of breath, I opted for lazily slipping Dax’s dress shirt over my bareness. My eyes caught sight of a shadow shifting in the moonlight and I crawled out of the bed to investigate. Dax’s voice boomed from the kitchen, coughing from the amount of smoke. I cocked my head to the side, my heart freezing in my chest as I watched a shadowed figure step forward.

“We haven’t officially met, Jane,” The man’s voice was deep, calm, and collected. “I think it’s about time that we do.”

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