The Cop Next Door

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Chapter 3

Dropping the bag with the last strawberry frosted doughnut from the bakery onto Vivian’s bed, I went back to my room to study. Riley and I texted back and forth a few times, and I found myself giggling at his silly replies. Viv poked her head inside my room with offerings of chocolate and binge watching Netflix shows. And I finally spilled the beans; about Officer Rivera and most recently: Riley.

“He said that to you?” She gasped, her small, feminine fingers reaching up to cover her mouth in surprise. “That’s so dirty.”

“That’s what I thought!” I threw my hands up, relieved I wasn’t insane. Standing up, I walked over to the window and peeked out to the other side that faced the officer’s house. “He says such seemingly innocent things, but they’re laced with miles of sexual innuendo.”

“Well, I think you need some stress relief; use him, abuse him, lose him.” She winked, popping a piece of chocolate into her mouth.

“Yeah.” I breathed out, knowing I wasn’t capable of that kind of relationship.

“Let’s get your mind off of this.” She sprung up and marched over to our movie collection.


We sat on the couch watching Pretty Woman, Vivian was a huge fan of Julia Roberts. Each time it was rumored that she was in California, Vivian would drive hours to wherever the actress had been spotted. She reminded me of a young Julia Roberts sometimes, with her big smile and red hair.

“God, I love this part.” She whispered, mouthing the dialogue, “You’re late. You’re stunning. You’re forgiven.” I laughed at her cheesiness, glad that the girl next to me was my best friend. My stomach growled with hunger and I stood, walking to the kitchen.

“Need anything? I’m going to make food.” I called to her from the kitchen, pulling out a package of tortillas and a package of cheese. Quesadillas were one of my favorite snacks, cheese being my favorite thing period; nachos, cheese burgers, macaroni and cheese, pizza, grilled cheese - you name it.

“Grab the bag of M&M’s!” She yelled back, returning to reciting the dialogue of the 1990 classic. I smiled and flipped the quesadilla over in the pan, hearing the excess cheese sizzle against the stainless steel. After it was done, I plated my food and grabbed the bag of M&M’s before plopping back on the couch next to Vivian. “Thanks, Wifey.” She smiled at me and ripped open the bag. After a few minutes, she looked at the clock and then to me.

“Is if awful that I’m still hungry?” I chuckled and shook my head.

“What’re you in the mood for?” I questioned, grimacing as I wiggled the toes of one of my feet that had fallen asleep.

“Pizza.” She gushed, throwing her head back in mock ecstasy. Smiling and shaking my head, I reached for my phone, but to my surprise, it wasn’t on the coffee table. Frowning, I stood and jogged to my room, finding it on my pillow.

“How’d you get in here?” I mumbled, picking it up. My curiosity quickly changed subject as I noticed lights flash across my window. Tiptoeing to the window, I peeked through the curtain and watched as Officer Rivera stepped out of his black Camaro. The passenger side of the car opened and out stepped a gorgeous girl with flowing blonde hair. She wore a tight black dress and silver stilettos, wobbling up to the door behind the cop. A pang of an unfamiliar emotion boiled in my stomach, but I pushed it away to focus on watching the two go inside. Thankfully, the large windows in the officer’s living room gave me the perfect opportunity to be a weirdo stalker.

The couple sat on the couch, sipping wine from glass flutes for a few minutes before she kissed him. Her hands found his hair, pulling and tugging at the dark brown locks as they explored each other. The officer’s fingers dug into the woman’s hips, pulling her into his awaiting lap. Her dress hiked, revealing a dark red thong which he spent little time ignoring. Holding onto her butt, Officer Rivera stood and laid her across his ottoman, slowly pulling her dress over her head.

“I should not be watching his.” I whispered, fully aware that Vivian was in the next room waiting for me and I was being a huge creep. But I couldn’t tear my eyes away; the woman now completely naked beside the heels still strapped to her feet. The officer pulled off his shirt, revealing his chiseled figure and defined abdomen. I bit my lip, my breath hitching in my throat as he slowly pulled his black jeans down and stepped out of them. The only thing between them was now the fabric of the cop’s boxer briefs and I felt that familiar feeling run through me again.

And then our eyes met.

Officer Rivera’s green eyes found mine through the window, catching me watching him with this woman. His lips cocked into a smirk and he slowly pulled his boxers down. Keeping my eyes locked with his, he entered her and I could hear her moans even from where I stood. I swallowed hard, his eyes not leaving mine as he pulled out and thrust back into her. The woman clawed his back with her French tipped nails, obviously enjoying her time with my neighbor despite his attention now on me. A thick sheen of sweat spread over his back as he flipped her over onto her hands and knees, entering her from behind. I gasped, feeling a certain warmth awaken in my core. He bit his lip and wrapped his fingers around her long hair, pulling it to force the woman’s spine to arch and slammed into her backside relentlessly. By the look on her face, it was more than pleasing.

“Hey, did you fall asleep or something?” Vivian called from the living room and I broke out of my trance. My cheeks heated as I whipped my curtains closed and ran back to my best friend’s side. “Jeez, are you okay?” She questioned, noticing my heavy breathing and flushed face.

“Uh, yeah.” I shook my head, pulling up the Domino’s app on my phone. “What toppings do you want?”

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