The Cop Next Door

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Chapter 5

The next morning before work, I received a bright orange envelope on my doorstep. With my coffee in hand, I picked it up and noticed it was addressed to me, from Santa Ana PD. A frown instantly formed on my face as I ripped open the letter and read the print.

Defendant: Jane Elisa Kingsley
Age: 21 years (10/31/1996)
Time of Citation: 3:02 AM
Violation: Public Nudity/Indecent Exposure
Code: 314 PC
Officer: 414 / Daxon Rivera

His signature finalized the citation and my blood boiled at the sight.

“Are you freaking kidding me?” I screamed, not caring if I woke Vivian. I dropped my coffee and ran across my yard into his, marching up the steps of his patio and banging on his front door. “Open up, Rivera! I know you’re in there!” The door gingerly opened to reveal a very sleepy, very shirtless officer groggily looking at me with a slight smirk.

“Good morning, Ms. Kingsley.” He spoke, his voice deeper and more rasp from having just been woken up. God was he sexy... Wait, no.

“What the hell is this?” I threw the orange paper at him and he read it over.

“Hm,” He looked over the print thoughtfully. “Oh, yes. This is the ticket I left on your doorstep.”

“No way!” I gasped sarcastically. “I’m just wondering why.” He leaned against the door frame, a cocky smile on his lips.

“Go out with me.” My eyes nearly fell out of my head, my heartbeat thundering in my chest.

“No!” I yelled, poking his chest. “You gave me a bogus ticket! This better not be going on my record, I will fight this in court-”

“It’s fake.” He interjected, still smiling despite my rejecting him. “So is that a hard no, or...?” He asked teasingly, leaning forward slightly to catch me off guard.

“Hard as freaking rock.” I hissed before turning on my heel to leave. The officer quickly wrapped his fingers around my wrist and pulled me back to him, our chests now flush against each other.

“Then lets be friends.” He whispered, his minty breath hitting my lips. I bit my own, feeling the familiar urge to get rid of the space between us.

“O-Okay..” I stuttered, pushing some space between us. “But that means no flirting, no pushing personal boundaries-”

“No looking into the other’s window when they’re fucking a girl they brought home.” Dax smirked, winking cheekily. Blood rushed to my cheeks and I shook my head, walking down the stairs of his patio. “Wait!” He caught me again and frowned. “I’m sorry, I was just joking.” I rolled my eyes and continued walking. “Where are you going?”

“School.” I answered bluntly, pulling my front door open.

“So... Friends?” He called over to me.



“And just like that, no more sexy talk?” Vivian pouted, walking me to my final class for the day. I shrugged, my eyes finding Riley who had saved a seat for me next to him.

“That what he said, and honestly I’m relieved. Now I can focus on other things.” I smiled hopefully, holding my books to my chest like a giddy school girl. Viv rolled her eyes and followed my gaze to Riley.

“Other things like animal-loving surfer boy in there?” She questioned, her hands now on her hips. My grin gave me away as I waved her goodbye and entered the classroom. I took my seat next to Riley and he leaned over to press a kiss to my cheek. A deep blush consumed my cheeks as I watched several people look our way.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist.” He chuckled, pulling out his laptop.

“People are staring.” I whispered, looking around me at the girls who were starring daggers into my head. Riley wrapped his arm around my shoulders and leaned into his seat.

“Don’t worry about it. They’re just the background, all that matters is right here.” He mumbled into my ear as the professor started to teach. The class went on just as normal, except for Riley and I playing footsie under our desks. When the lights came back on prior to taking notes off of the projector, I collected my things and stuffed them into my backpack. “Hey, I’ll carry that for you.” Riley said, pulling one strap of my backpack over his shoulder. Smiling in thanks, we walked to my car and he slipped my things into the passenger seat.

“So the guy, your neighbor, from last night-”

“We’re friends. Just friends.” I blurted out quickly causing him to laugh.

“Don’t worry, Jane, I trust you.” He slipped a few strands of hair behind my ear. “I just need to know if it’s something I need to worry about.”

“Absolutely not.”

When I got home, I set my things on my dresser and slumped into my bed. The past couple weeks had really hit me hard. The feeling of my favorite pajama set had my body aching for a much needed slumber. But then, almost as if I was being punished, someone knocked at the door. I trudged to the front door and opened it to reveal Officer Friendly.

“Evening, Gorgeous.” He winked, dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans and a black v-neck. “Get dressed.” He pushed past me and entered my room as if he’d done it a million times before. His fingers breezed through my closet before settling on a pair of light-wash skinny jeans and my old Rolling Stones t-shirt.

“What’re you doing? How'd you get in my house?” I questioned from the doorway, utterly confused.

“Vivian let me in and we’re going out.”

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