Shades of Desire

By NativeBeautie All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller


A Rom-Dram story filled with, Shades Of Affection, Shades Of Erotic, Shades Of Anger, Shades Of War, Shades Of possession, Shades Of Jealousy, Shades Of Love, Last but not least Shades Of Burning Desire, Including Dominance, Infatuation, and power. Dominic Shard: Coldhearted, Frenchman mob boss, who has a distorted past. The city of Paris fears him, Dominic thought he could never love nor feel compassion. That was until he met a Beautiful innocent pure soul... Enrica Smith: During summer break, Enrica didn't think sudden Love nor a Cold, possessive, handsome man would come her way, Taking care of her paraplegic father after Enrica's mother died years ago as life is now Calm and sweet. However when the two emerge and locked eyes. Dominic Shard vowed he would never let Enrica go but life isn't as always lovey-dovey as it seems... Being a criminal does come with its perks involving Death and Gunfights putting Dominic's loved ones in jeopardy... Including Enrica.

Shades Of Desire - Pilot

Dominic Shard

“You sure this guy is okay? you checked him out?” I asked my worker, good friend, Tig Norton. He sits beside me at the tables while we smoke waiting for our new contact to arrive. Days like this I could be out working and enjoying the day and not sitting on my ass waiting for people I don’t know.

“Yes, I wouldn’t let a weasel get involved in the business Dominic” Tig assured. I nod my head, placing the cigarette butt between my lips. We call men who aren’t truly strong, small, sneaks their way to get ahead by betrayal, lies, and murder... Weasels, I’d dealt with weasels in the past and I tend to get rid of them in order to make life run smoothly for all of us.

“I’ll be the judge of that Tig” Recently the business has been slow and more workers have been disappearing in the past few weeks and months. I tend to get to the bottom of it.

The time waiting for the guy has finally come to a conclusion, spotting a man wearing a black suit comes strutting toward our table. He looks stern but the nervous glint in his eye needs to vanish if he’s gonna work for me. The man is about my age, blonde hair and bulky form.

“Sit” I ordered. He nods sitting across from Tig and me. “Tig informs me you are a hard worker, Charlie” I start off easy, flicking off the ashes.

“Yes, Mr. Shard-”

“But if I told you to shoot somebody could you do it?” I asked raspily. He remains quiet for a second before answering.

“Yes,” He tries to maintain his posture. I narrow my eyes hating his weak and hesitant form. I can’t have this kind of person in my line of work, It will be mortifying for me and the business... but I’m desperate as ever for workers.

He just needs to be taught some discipline.

“And you do know the consequences of being rogue? don’t you?” I asked again leaning forward.

“Tig here informed me on the matter, Yes and you have my word... and life if that ever happens Mr. Shard but I guarantee you, sir, I will be loyal to you and the business if you hire me” He spoke with a hard tone. I glanced at Tig as he cocks a brow.

“We’ll see about that Charlie... Alright I’ll take a chance on you but when you arrived I saw the nervous wreck in your eyes and I can’t have anybody see my workers weak nor pushable which is why you will be roughed up in order for you to work, I can’t have a damn pussy inside my business!” I raised my voice. He gulped nodding his head.

“I get what you’re saying Mr. Shard, So please do what you have to do, I understand” He willingly accepted. I nod once knowing he’s tired of being nervous and is looking forward to becoming stronger and tougher by this beating, so signaling my hand for my guards to come over.


“We have a nooby joining us today gentleman, This here is Charlie hutter... and he’s agreed to the protocol BD666,” I told standing to our feet. They all nod their heads as they began escorting Charlie away for his assignment being left with Tig.

“And what if he won’t survive protocol BD666?” Tig asked. Finishing my cigarette I start heading towards the car.

“Then we’ll have to keep interviewing don’t we and what’s the big deal? you survived didn’t you” I shrugged.

“I just happened to be lucky Dominic”

“And let’s hope Charlie is too” Reaching the SUV, my driver, Adam opens the door as we both get into the backseat.

“I’m fucking thirsty, Let’s go have a drink” I suggest. “Sounds good to me” Tig agreed.

Minutes later we arrived at our favorite bar in the valley, ′The Shard′ which I designed and built four years ago, It’s been popular ever since. We both head inside seeing the place is packed... As usual, however, I’m not complaining, the more money people spend here, I profit from.

“The usual Dominic?” Asked Tig. We make our way into the backroom where a private bar is located including more of my workers along with girls.

“Yes,” I reply taking a seat on the leather sofa. I noticed two girls looked my way with flirtatious stares. I show no interest as Tig walks over, handing me my scotch with ice. Loosening my dress shirt, unbuttoning the top buttons I relax a bit before I head back out to handle business.

Tig takes a seat beside me holding his own drink. “All business pushed aside, How’s the wedding coming along?”

I sighed “A pain in my ass, My sister knows around this time of year I’m very busy but she doesn’t care, she has to get married” I roll my eyes.

“At least she’s marrying Barren-”

“Fuck Barren, I have no idea what my sister sees in him but I don’t give a shit as long he takes her out from my hair, I could use the peace” I rant having a gulp of my scotch.

“Got that right, Priscilla can be a pain in the ass” Tig chuckles, I glared at him as he puts his hands up in surrender.

“My bad, Imma go get another drink, have fun” Tig excuses himself leaving me alone with my drink.

It’s been two hours, still drinking and a bit buzzed, I guess I lost track of time as time flew by, I managed to bait a pretty girl as she straddles my lap, My hands kept fondling up her half-naked body knowing the alcohol is making her tempting to my taste.


“What!?” I reply in annoyance looking behind the girl, spotting Tig.

“Calvin called, Charlie has passed the protocol but Niko had to stabilize him due to severe injuries” Tig informed.

“Good, at least he didn’t fucking die. once he heals then he’ll go again, Now everyone get out!” I ordered. they began to leave but the girl on my lap started to move. “Where do you think you are going?”

She seductively bit her lip “So you want me to stay?”

I smirked “What do you think” The room finally cleared as we’re left alone fulfilling our pleasures for the day.

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