The Rider boy and the Bookworm girl

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It is a roller coaster journey about two teenagers. Welcome to 'THE RIDER BOY AND THE BOOKWORM GIRL'. They first meet at high school. Stephanie Shultz after breaking up with her boyfriend, James King moves Los Angeles which is pretty big. Her siblings are pretty much trouble. She experiences everything new. She is a senior high in Lakewood High. She is good looking girl and was normal until her boyfriend and her best friend betrays her. Books were the only thing that helped her truly and she became a bookworm since then. She gets heartbroken and learns lessons by the life on the way. She is kind -hearted but once she gets pissed no one can control her. She can get mean sometimes and sarcasm is her first language. She can't get along with her siblings. There she meets with Harley Parker, the rider. Harley sits at the most front desk of the class while Stephanie sits at the last desk. Harley have just few friends in school but he have bunch of people out in the city who will die for him without thinking even once. He is handsome and has a perfect body. Girls obviously throws themselves at him but he prefers to generally hook up with girls which aren't from his school. But there's more than that, that no one knows...that he hides...that he isn't proud of...that doesn't allow him

Romance / Adventure
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Sixteen ft. Changmo

“Wow!” I exclaimed while finishing my drink and slamming the glass on the table.

The music around was booming hard in my ears and I couldn’t see the sight of my so called best friend and my boyfriend kissing each other passionately. I took out my phone and clicked photo of their kissing by zooming the camera.

The disco lights were making me dizzy and the music so loud on the top of it. I was about to get up from the bar stool when someone grabbed my hand.

“Leaving already? Would you like to have a dance with me?” a guy with good looks asked me. You dance at club? No that’s ball. As far as I know this is a club and not a ball.

“No thanks. I am not in the mood.” I said politely declining his offer.

“Fine, but can I have your number, please?” he asked desperately.

“No.” I said flatly.

“Wow. Do you know that you are straightforward?” he said irritatingly.

“I already knew that. But thanks for reminding me.” I said and left the club. This was a farewell party arranged by student council in club but little did I know students from other school too came.

I dialed Jacob, my elder brother but obviously he didn’t answer. He was in the party too and he was supposed to drive me back but here we are! I get it. He must be busy with his best friend and his girlfriend.

But it hurts when my brothers care for someone else. Care for everybody in the world but me.

Oh wait! By brothers....let me introduce you with everything and everyone around first. Let’s go back to my life.

I am Stephanie Shultz, currently 16. My dad, Tony Shultz and my mum Tina Shultz are very beautiful couple.

I have 2 brothers. One is elder than me by 2 years to whom I introduced you earlier, Jacob Shultz. Other one is Fin Shultz who is younger than me by one year but more like my twin. Still both of them treat me like trash.

They both are super handsome and obviously because mum gave them beauty while I inherit more like my dad which is obviously not very pretty. Still I love my dad. He is cool. Always listens to me and above all buy me things and gives me more pocket money than my brothers.

I am just an average looking girl who fell in love with a guy in school namely James King. He is a popular guy and has everything a girl would want in a guy. He is super duper handsome and I hardly could resist his beauty. He is sweet. Those beautiful eyes and his masculine body...oh god. I was a girl with hearts in her eyes whenever I looked at him.

I had crush on him since middle school and I wanted to tell him my feelings when Fin destroyed it all. Fin became friends with James and told him everything I have dreaming about. His intention was to make fun of me and get revenge since I broke his play station but by- mistake.

The revenge he took was intentional and his pure intention was to make me cry just like I did. But it happened otherwise when James came to me and told me about his feelings and that was totally unexpected for me.

He told how he too liked me since middle school and always observed me. I still remember his words “you are a beautiful girl Stephanie and you just attract me...I don’t know why but I LIKE YOU. Will you be my girlfriend?” he ran his hand through his hairs and blushed.

Tears flowed down my cheeks as I remembered his words. He was so sweet and cute back then. Our relationship was pure and healthy...until today. We have been together for a year and he was my first love... my first first kiss.

He always understood me. He even introduced me to his parents. They are super sweet. He has a little sister who is a year younger than us. Yeah Fin and she are of same age.

I was walking down the street. This town...this alleys and everything I am going to miss them. Soon I will be move to city due to my dad’s job transfer. There’s this city which is near New York and is very big.

I don’t want to leave this place. I’ve been living here since I was born. All those moments will turn into memories. Everything...

I closed my eyes inhaling cold breeze.

“I am gonna miss you so much Steph. I don’t know how I am gonna survive without you. You know you are my everything.” James said while hugging me tight.

“I am going to miss you too.” I said while my eyes were already filled with tears.

“Don’t cry baby. Oh wait I have gotta gift for you.” He said smiling sadly.

“And that is?” I asked wiping my tears.

“Well you better wait till the party. The gift, you’ll get it at party tonight. Ah! I am late I gotta go or else you know Chloe will kill me if I don’t pick her up.” He said smiling sweetly and in rush. Chloe King was his little sister more like his minion. She looked beautiful.

Not only was he a sweet boyfriend but also a sweet big brother and a good son unlike my brothers. Somewhere deep I wanted a brother like him. Caring, funny and big hearted but I got him as my boyfriend which is why I am more than lucky.

I gulped the lump in my throat and wiped my tears. This is it. I am not going to cry over it anymore. You have to handle yourself Stephanie. You are strong.

I unlocked my phone and stared blankly at the photo. It hurts.

I sat on the bench nearby and it was really dark. I wanted somebody to hug. I put my earphones and started music to boom and it was playing ‘When I first saw you’ by Jamie Foxx feat Beyonce.

Way to go. Perfect timing.

I sent the photo to Whitney, also used to be my friend and wrote ‘Thanks to you I will be careful not making friends in future.’ I blocked her phone number. I unfriend her from Facebook and unfollowed her from Twitter and Instagram.

I gulped hard. James...I took a deep breath and sent the photo to James and wrote the message ’Thanks for the gift. Goodbye and take care J

Holy mother of butterflies! Did I just send that?! Why the smiley face? Why telling him that I still care ′take care’ my ass.

I did the same with James. Unfriending him from facebook and unfollowing him from Twitter and Instagram.

What happened has happened. I walked whole way to home and it was lonely so lonely. Fin and Jacob are so dead when I see them in home. Well if that’s possible because we are moving tomorrow morning.

Never make any friends in future and don’t fall in love with any real person. If that happens there is a high possibility that history will repeat itself. Life sure gives you lemons. Note to self.

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