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Possessive Guardian Demon

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(Book 1) Love was forbidden for these two, but rules didn't quite sit right with them. "Stop!" He yelled grabbing my wrist roughly and pressing them to the bedspread over my head as he growled leaning his head down "I don't want to hear it." "Xavi-" I was cut off as his lips locked tightly onto my neck wiping all things from my mind but him. "You belong to me, no one else, and if anyone tries anything." He dragged his tongue over my neck and finished with a snarl "I'll kill 'em"

Romance / Fantasy
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Catherine Aggie Ecaterina.

Columbus, Ohio.

I might be a nerd, I have read every mythology book you can name, I have spent hours of my life in many many mythical worlds but even after all my dreams and tears of all those books I knew none of it was real. The real world was a pain and quite frankly? Absolutely boring.

Sitting through history was so annoying, I could be home reading or drawing instead of doing this even maybe playing a couple of games on my laptop. I don’t play many games, but, when I do it’s not for long. I might be a ‘nerd’ but I do work out, enough so I don’t look like a doughnut. Though I am still very, eh, chubby. My mom says I’m curvy, though, she’s my mom and mom’s always think the best of their children. Most, anyway.

Mr Clent, yeah that’s his real last name, don’t worry I already asked if he was Superman. He said no, sadly. I know I was super bummed also, though, I don’t know why I knew Superman wasn’t real. Sometimes I just get caught up in my own fantasies. Is teaching how Del Minto was a Pirate in the Caribbean, who was an inspiration for the movie ‘Pirates in the Caribbean.’

Right now I am reading a book about a girl named Michelle who just found out that she is a witch and has to go to this forest to save her family from a death spirit before New Years that’s in a month with this guy named Samuel who was a new kid at her school and apparently, really hot. Like every book guy.

Though haven’t you noticed that every evil person in a book is ugly? Or is that how we just vision them, is as ugly? What if they are actually hotter than the protagonists love interest? Why am I thinking about this so much? I am about to ruin every book I’ve read. I need to stop.

Or it might have to do with the fact that they all have some relation with demons, and I know that demons are evil and evil is gross. I know all demons are pictured ugly and I will always picture demons ugly, nothing will change me from picturing demons as ugly. Because, well their demons and need to be pictured as so to fathom their evil.

The bell rang ripping me from my mental rant, I have friends yes, its just they don’t read like I do it’s not really easy to talk about it to people. Though one of my closest friends Drake Andrews, and he listens to me as I rant even though he has no idea what I am talking about

I also might have the slightest crush on him.

Even though I would choose a perfect book guy over any human, if I have to choose a human and I know I do, Drake is definitely close to that perfect book guy. Blonde-brown hair with hazel eyes, absolutely beautiful. Also, he is super nice, can’t forget nice!

“Cat!” Lola said with a wave at me as she approached me her beautiful dark eyes shining as she wrapped her arm around my shoulders and asked “Have you been thinking about Drake again?”

Blushing I mumbled, “How’d you know?” She laughed as she flicked my arm.

“Because,” She giggled “everytime you do your eyes are wide and bright.” She shook her head as she said “Your whooped kid, like, so whooped you drool around him.” I shoved her away but couldn’t help the smile on my face.

“Am not!” I protested with a pout.

“Am not what?” A deep voice rumbled snapping my attention as his choppy blonde-brown hair also snapped my attention than his hazel eyes followed by his golden tan. I swallowed the lump in my throat.

“She isn’t passing up girls night tonight, right Cat?” Lola said with a mischevious smile, I glared at her and she just glanced at Drake who was waiting for an answer.

“R-Right!” I stuttered putting on my best smile as my heart thundered louder than a hundred racehorses in a gym. Drake smiled and I swear my heart was going to explode.

Lola rolled her dark eyes as she winked and smiled "We should get going, we are going to plan what to do on her birthday tomorrow, she'll be seventeen!" Drake raised his brow and his eyes met mine and I melted, well, my insides melted.

"Happy early Birthday, Cat." He chuckled ruffling my blonde curly hair, seriously my emotions need to chill the hell out. "Oh!" Drake said rummaging through his bag as he pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to me as he smiled again and laughed "Read that when you're alone." He glanced at Lola when he said alone causing her to raise both her brows in suspicion before a wolfish smile fell on her face.

"Will do," Lola said taking the letter and putting it in my book I was reading before she leads me away.

So my last day of being sixteen rolled by quickly and since I read Percy Jackson I expected some world-changing thing to go on when I turned sixteen, sadly nothing happened though, maybe when I turn eighteen I can find my mate.

Yeah right.

Mate? Oh yes, I know about those too, like I have said before. I have read everything. Though I am not all too interested in vampire stories, some can be entertaining, and no I don't like Twilight, it is, I don't want to say disgrace, but its bad.

Lola only went home to grab some clothes and since we have known each other all out lives when Lola walked in with a duffle bag my mom asked "Is that a body? Because if so the shed in the backyard is empty and there is a blue tarp in the corner."

"No Jenna, it's clothes, but mentally noted." Lola laughed and my mom turned around to face her and put a finger to her lips before turning back around to finish cooking.

We made our way upstairs and Lola plopped onto my bed as she laughed "Ok, so we are going to watch movies and talk about Drake." I cringed.

"Movies sounds fun, talking about Drake? I don't really know." I told Lola rubbing my arm and she groaned as she shook her hand walking over to me messing with the curl in my hair.

"Please?" She asked, "I tell you all about my crushes and things." I laughed shaking my head as I grabbed her wrist lowering it to her side.

Laughing I said, "Sometimes you tell me too much, like your dreams." She wiggled her eyebrows her lips twitching as she fought off a smile and failed. Walking past me she opened the curtains to my room revealing the night sky.

"Ok well you can talk to me about Drake, it won't be that bad." She laughed going through my movies.

We watched a movie and afterwards I was teaching her how to draw a human hand and she asked "How cute do you think Drake is?" I guess there is no avoiding it.

"Well, he isn't cute. He's hot." I mumbled focusing too much on my drawing causing Lola to squeal and to throw off the steadiness of my hand creating a line I didn't need, I playfully glared at her.

She stood as she twirled around the room and sighed "I've never heard you say that about any guy. This is all so new to me, keep talking." I blushed but I kept talking.

"Well, he's hot. Obviously," I said smiling as I continued "he listens to me when I rant about books and acts like he cares when I cry over books, he holds me when I get depressed over something and he buys me things when I can't afford them, he's perfect." I ranted on.

Lola squealed jumping up and down, she grabbed my hand and pulled me up as she spun me around until I couldn't see and we collapsed onto my bed laughing. "Ask him out," She panted smiling at me.

"What?!" I squealed shooting up.

"You heard me," She laughed sitting up "Ask him out, he obviously likes you. You're just naive and think you look like a fat homeless person." She isn't wrong, I do think of myself as that.

"It's because I do, and Drake? Drake is a god." I sighed leaning back against my bed. Lola shook her head as she grabbed my hand yanking me up.

"Well, I'm going to bed, your going to read that note he gave you." She said with a small smile as she climbed under her covers and I swear, it was one second later before she was asleep. Rolling my eyes I opened to where she stuck it, pulling out the note I unfolded it.

Cat, meet me at the park under the Big Tree at midnight, please.


My mouth hung open at the note and I checked my phone it was, 11:55. Guess I am going to be five minutes late. I ran down the stairs as quietly as I could grab my scarf off the rack shoving my feet into converse and ran down the street to the park that was ten minutes away.

I arrived at the Big Tree, which was the biggest oldest tree in the park and Drake sat under it the glow of his phone illuminating his face.

"Hi," I said a bit breathlessly, his head snapped up and he smiled as he stood sliding his phone into his jacket pocket.

"Hey." He said walking over to me his eyes gliding over me and I shifted. He scratched his neck as he said "I guess you got my note?" I nodded biting my lip nervously and she chuckled softly and I didn't realize he had been walking closer until the tips of our shoes hit and I looked up into his hazel eyes his minty breath fanning over my face.

"I wanted to give you your birthday present." He said with a smile and I blinked as I smiled back.

"You don't have to get me a birthday present Dra-" I was cut off as his lips crashed into mine, I felt my eyes widen as I gripped his shirt his hand reaching up to hold my face. I reached up tangling my fingers in his hair the gel rough against my fingers.

He pulled back his hand still cupping my cheek as I breathed "Drake," He smiled down at me and through the smile, I thought I saw something in his eyes, hunger maybe? I set my head on his chest.

"Did you like your gift?" He asked his hands going around me as he held my lower back, I nodded a smile on my face as I looked at him trying to hide how much I really did like it.

"Happy seventeenth birthday, Catherine Ecaterina."

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