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Possessive Guardian Demon

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Xavier Zane Westmore

Xavier Zane Westmore

Columbus, Ohio.

I was given the job to guard Catherine Aggie Ecaterina sixteen years ago and tomorrow it will be seventeen years. Never in my time of guarding have I felt anything like this towards who I was supposed to be guarding, and I don’t think I should be feeling it either.

Most guardians are Angles, though I am a bit different, I am a demon. My family is the only Guardian Demons, we have been for millennia, and we always stand out, and always are in the top ten guardians of our generation.

Because we are demons we can be a lot more, how do I say this? Violent. Without our subconscious nagging at us, Westmore’s are known as the only ‘tame’ demons, that’s why we are the only Guardian Demon heritage. The rest are angels, was I bullied because of it?

Hell no, because I’m a fucking demon, and even Angels are scared of demons even though they are the hunters of them. Yes, I hear the whispers people say about me, about one day the Westmore’s are sooner or later going to return back to there dangerous ways. Who knows, we might. Though not all of them are bad, I hear the girls, since I am a demon I have stronger hearing than the Angels, and I don’t think a lot of these Angel girls wouldn’t mind seeing me without a shirt.

Guardians don’t protect humans even though they think we do, we don’t. We protect Kruans, Kruans are humans with special abilities, but when in battle these powers weaken. So there are us, Guardian Angels, or in my case, Guardian Demons to protect them. These powers awaken when they turn seventeen and that’s when we tell them that we are their Guardians.

Can humans have Kruans? Yes, can Kruans have humans? Yes. Just depends, if you have a power and not a lot of it like its weak and if your spouse has a weak power you can have a human. Just like if your human and your spouse are human but you both have that spark of power in you your child could be a Kruan, it’s complicated.

Both of Catherine’s parents are Kurans both of their guardian angels have left because both of the Kruan’s are over forty, the guardian angel can leave the Kuran when they are over forty, but they can also stay with them until death. Not unheard of, neither is leaving them at forty, but the number one rule of this whole job is.

Don’t fall in love with your Kruan.

Not very hard to do considering Guardian Angels are very attractive, also, you can’t fall in love with your Kruan, you can fall in love with another’s. The consequences of falling in love with your Kruan? Possibly being banished, even if you’re not both of you will be wiped off each other’s memories then pushed to the other side of the globe to where you will never see another again. Kinda brutal.

Though I know how hard it is not too fall in love with your Kruan, I managed to keep my emotions in check. You see when you get to know someone from the inside out, they grow on you.

I was talking to my buddy Yancy Swanson when I heard a loud squeal from inside Catherine’s bedroom and I glanced in to see her friend Lola shaking Catherine over a part in the movie I rolled my eyes before going back to the phone and Yancy asked “What the fuck was that? A pterodactyl?” I snorted as tugged at the end of my black jacket sitting beside Catherine’s window outside her apartment on the fifth floor.

“No, it was her friend Lola.” I chuckled looking down over the edge at the people passing by, they couldn’t see me because I wore a cloaking device called a helix, and basically a helix distorts the human eye from seeing us but rather seeing through us. Yeah, fascinating. It just clips onto your wrist and with a quick code, you can activate it.

I heard a laugh at the other end of the phone “Didn’t know your girlfriend was into pterodactyl’s as friends.” My chest twisted at his words, and I muttered “She isn’t my girlfriend Yancy.” I heard a sigh at the other end.

“No, true, she never can be. Though the rules say no falling in love, never states how far you can go.” He egged me on. I clutched the hilt of the dagger strapped to my leg as I hissed “Stop giving me idea’s.” I heard a chuckle from the other end of the line before I picked my self up standing in front of her window as I rested my forearm on the bricks above the top of the window sill as I looked into her window.

Catherine sat with Lola on the ground as she helped her draw something, looked like a hand. Her friend squealed something along the lines of ‘Keep talking’ and Catherine blushed as she spoke and I listened carefully.

“Well, he’s hot. Obviously,” This made me frown and my frown increased when a smile came over her face. “he listens to me when I rant about books and acts like he cares when I cry over books, he holds me when I get depressed over something and he buys me things when I can’t afford them, he’s perfect.” Her voice lifted as if she were talking about an angel, anger boiled in my stomach.

"XAVIER!" Yancy’s voice practically screamed from my phone I blinked shaking my head as I snapped my attention back to the real world.

“Yeah?” My voice sounded distant like I had been silent for a year.

“The hell man! I’ve been calling your name for like five minutes, did you fall or some shit like that?” I frowned as I looked back at Catherine her long curly blonde hair fell to her waist with natural spots of black, brown, and red her bright blue eyes sometimes brown. Depends on her mood what colour eyes she has, her body was perfect like an hourglass and she wore clothes to cover it up. I wish she didn’t around the house.

“I’m fine, just got distracted.” I sighed pushing off the wall so I stood up straight on her window sill my thumb hanging off the side of my belt. I heard him clicking his tongue from the other side of the phone.

“I say you just kiss her already,” Yancy said cooly causing me to nearly fall off the side of her building. “I mean you don’t tell me about your dreams, but I am sure they are more...” his voice trailed off for a moment. “In-depth. Yes, I meant that as an innuendo also.”

I was shocked by his words so I snapped “Yancy!” he roared with laughter on the other side. Damn this kid has no sympathy for my emotions, Yancy is the only one who knows about my feelings for Catherine, he is the only one that will. Though he’s never seen Catherine, he said by the way I describe her he would like to meet her. He didn’t elaborate when I asked him to.

Her friend Lola went to sleep and she pulled the note that creepy guy gave her out of her book and Yancy was telling me how his Kruan gracefully tripped this morning and fell on his face when Catherine’s face lit up and she rushed out of her room and I said “Hey, Yancy, I gotta go. Catherine’s leaving.”

“Go catch your princess kid.” Yancy chuckled.

“Shut the fuck up,” I muttered hanging up the phone.

I ran from sill to sill keeping up with her as she ran her fastest down the street, the apartment buildings came to an end and I jumped up grabbing a pole jutting out from a restaurant sign and hauled myself up onto the roof and ran across it jumping off the roof I landed on a one-story convenient store and I tucked before shooting back to my feet and jumping off the store’s roof onto the ground all while being silent and keeping track of Catherine.

She came to a stop at a tree where the creepy guy that gave her the note sat. I narrowed my eyes scaling a nearby tree as I crouched on a tall branch my hand near the throwing dagger in my boot. My phone buzzed and I mentally cursed myself for not silencing it, but they didn’t hear it.

Grabbing it from my pocket I saw the caller ID and it was Yancy, rolling my eyes I picked it up and whispered “What is it, Yancy? I’m kinda busy.”

“I know that,” He said and I could almost picture him rolling his eyes “Just saying don’t be late for the meeting tomorrow, I know tomorrow is your big day to introduce yourself to Catherine tomorrow, but the Westmore’s have to be there. I’ll watch Catherine for you.” He had lowered his tone to a whisper so the people I was watching couldn’t hear him.

“Yeah I know, we have all of this planned out alre-” My voice stopped working as the creeper known as Drake leaned down and kissed Catherine, right on the lips. Something sparked inside me causing my jaw to clench along with my hands, a cracking noise sounded from my phone.

“Xavier?” Yancy asked worry lanced into his voice.

“He kissed her.” My voice was darker than it ever had been before and slightly raspier than I could’ve imagined.

“Xavier, you need to calm down. Breathe, look awake before you do-” He was cut off as a shattering noise sounded from my phone causing me to look at it in surprise.

My phone laid in my palm crushed by my own strength, my palm bled from where the glass cut my skin but it slowly patched itself back together. I didn’t catch the conversation before the kiss, but I caught it afterwards.

“Did you like your birthday gift?” Drake asked caressing his thumb over her cheek, I am going to break him. She smiled burying her face in his chest the smile on her face seemed to show how much she really liked it. I can do better. My mind rang, goddamnit! I can’t think like that, if she wants to kiss human guys she has every right to kiss human guys...

Even if my every fibre wants to rip apart anyone who touches her. Though it could just be the demon in me, or well, the evil in me? Considering I am a demon, it’s hard to say I have one living in me.

“Happy seventeenth birthday, Catherine Ecaterina.” Then he kissed her again he kissed her once more at her door after he walked her home and each time my anger grew, this is what happens when you have been around someone for too long and they are completely opposite of you and it weirdly turns you on.

I stood on her windowsill again crouched this time as she twirled around in her room and Lola awoke as she asked “What the hell Cat?” Her voice was hoarse from sleep and she squinted at Catherine under the light.

“The most amazing thing happened!” Catherine gushed gripping the note in her hands as she held it close to her.

I can give you a night that you won’t forget, my mind rang once again and I cursed myself with a whisper turning my head back to Catherine and her friend as Catherine whispered something causing Lola to shoot to her feet and asked “He did?!

Catherine nodded enthusiastically and Lola tackled her in a hug as they both laughed on the ground and Lola laughed “You go girl.” I clenched my jaw again as Catherine gushed over him again.

A flash from my right caught my attention and Yancy emerged from a dark blue portal his light grey wings folded tightly behind him his dark tanned skin and his vibrant cyan eyes glowered at me his dark Guardian clothes covered in dirt.

“What hell, Xavier!” He whispers yelled as I shoved him back from the window as Catherine looked out it, I know she couldn’t see me, but I wasn’t going to chance it.

“I’m fine, no one is dead.” I said glaring at him “Why the hell are you here?” I asked.

“To make sure you didn’t fuck anyone over dipshit! Where fuck is your phone asshat?” Yancy cursed a lot, so I was used to these amount of curses in a sentence.

I handed him the crushed and shattered remains of my phone and his eyes widened as he took it “For fuck’s sake man, damn you where pissed.” I gritted my teeth together as I peeked back around to see Lola and Catherine still gushing over what happened.

“Can I see her now?” Yancy asked.

“What?” I asked “No! You can wait until tomorrow to see her.”

“Seems like you can barely wait until tomorrow to tell her we exist.” Yancy pointed out and I flipped him off and he returned it.

I sighed sliding down the wall as I set my head in my hands and asked: “What am I going to do?” Yancy sat beside me as he rolled my broken phone around in his palm.

“Well,” he chuckled “like I said before, they never stated how far you can go.” He gave me a naughty look in the dark night “Go ahead and fuck her.”

Grabbing his wrist I shoved him off the side of the building and he caught himself with his wings and flew back up crossing his arms across his chest as he laughed “Just an idea, but hey, I might do it if you don’t.” I glared at him darkly, he raised his hands in surrender.

“So when are you going to tell her?” Yancy asked, but there were two questions.

“What?” I asked, “I know what your asking but your asking two questions.” Yancy smirked.

“When are you going to tell her about us,” His gaze met mine and he smirked, “and when are you going to tell her about your giant crush on her?”

I thumbed him in the head as I snapped “Do not!” Yancy laughed slapping my hand away.

“Anyways,” I said rolling my eyes “I’m probably going to tell her tomorrow night after her day is over so she doesn’t feel like she is being stalked on her birthday.”


The next morning Yancy came back over and he said his dad was watching his Kuran for a few hours while I am gone, I told Yancy he didn’t have to that I would find someone else. Though he said it was fine, I am pretty sure it’s more of the fact he wants to see Catherine. Don’t know how I feel about that.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can.” I said watching as Catherine brushed her hair, she wore some thin leggings with some brown boots and a tight shirt with a thin grey jacket her bright blue eyes shining as Lola laughed “I think Drake’s gonna faint.”

“I think I’m gonna faint,” Yancy said staring at Catherine wide-eyed his eyes gliding down her body, I dead-legged him.

“You’re not here to drool over her, your here to protect her.” I hissed at him glaring at my best friend darkly and he gave a sheepish smile. Rolling my eyes I un-zipped my dark leather jacket and my black wings fluttered open the feathers where golden tipped. Giving Yancy one last glare I took off into the air.

We used to have bat wings, but since we got ‘tamed’ we fell in love with angles and our wings slowly morphed into angel wings, my mom had yellow wings and my dad had red wings. Though I have black wings it’s from my heritage somewhere, the golden tips I know are from my mom.

My great-great-great-great grandfather Alexander Westmore was the strongest guardian of his generation, we still haven’t really started changing from out demon looks, but there is a picture of him in the Hall of Fame. He still has horns jutting from the top of the messy black hair, he still had some red scales on his face and arms, and his eyes slit like dragons and as crimson as blood. His nails weren’t curved but sharp and pointed like talons his teeth weren’t normal either, he had fangs. His wings weren’t feathered they where gigantic bat wings.

People were terrified of him.

Though every time I see his painting and statue I wonder how the generations changed so quickly, Alexander looks more demon than he does anything else. Now I look more human or angel than demon. In fact, the colour of my wings is the only indication that I am a demon.


Xavier Zane Westmore

Careen, Mapal.

I sat in the meeting which was just talking about how we can make our timed lifetime infinite like angels, yes since we are demons we don’t live forever. Though we live a long time, like five-hundred years. Angels don’t die of age, they can die in battle but not of age.

The bigger question, why do I have to be here? I know I am the next generation of Westmore’s but I think I should only be here if they found a way to actually make us not die of age.

My phone buzzed and I looked at it, It was Yancy, I opened the message he sent me.

Damn dude, I know you can’t have this girl. Can I? Hook a brother up, those hips are so teasing!

Yancy I am going to beat you senseless if you touch her. I texted back.

So that’s a no? He texted back.

Definitely not, she’s dating that Drake guy. I texted doing my best not to shatter my new phone.

Not if you have anything to do about it. By the way, she just bought this really skimpy dress for the club she’s going to tonight


Gotta go mate! Have fun!


<3 Bye!

My blood roared in my ears and I took three long deep breaths before putting my phone back into my pocket so I didn’t crush it, again.

The meeting was over three hours after that and it was already going on for two hours before it, yay five hours. By the time I got back to Catherine’s house, the sun was setting and Yancy was sitting outside her window on his phone. I landed beside him shrugging on my jacket and my wings faded under it so I looked human.

Well, a human with a golden-silver eye and a purple eye. Yeah, I am really weird.

Yancy saluted me with two fingers as he stood and said “She’s leaving for the club in fifteen minutes, she’s in the bathroom changing right now.” I nodded glancing in her dimly lit room where Lola was leaning over a desk to lean closer to a mirror as she applied lip-gloss, she was also in a skimpy dress.

Catherine emerged from her bathroom and I nearly fell from her circular window, “Damn,” Yancy breathed his eyes darkening as he examined her from head to toe.

She wore a black skintight dress that barely covered her nice ass and her breasts look ready to pop out of the top of the dress her long tanned legs taunting as a starving wolf looking at fresh food. She wore mascara her light blue eyes shining the green ring around her eyes more prominent with the emerald necklace she wore around her neck, a new necklace.

“Xavier,” Yancy warned griping my shoulder tightly and warningly “don’t, wait, just another hour or two.”

“She needs to change.” I snarled my lips twitching as did my muscles.

Yancy pulled me back as I took a step closer to the window “She will, when she gets home, you will be with her the whole time she’s at the club. You can make sure she doesn’t do anything...stupid.”

“Yeah,” I said “ok.” Yancy looked at me and I glared at him and he sighed his wings drooping.

“I gotta go, don’t do some stupid shit, Xavier.” He warned his cyan blue eyes narrowing and I shooed him off.

“I know Yancy, I know, I can handle this,” I told him but anger still sturred in my stomach. Yancy clicked his tongue as he shook his head.

“How about you go watch my Kruan until Catherine gets back, and I will watch Catherine, because you look ready to lock her up, and she hasn’t even been around other guys in that dress yet.” Yancy tried.

He knows me far too well “Fine,” I spat “where is James?” Yancy gave me a pitiful smile.

“At his chess match.” Yancy chuckled shaking his head.

“Chess match?” I asked my eye twitching, Yancy nodded his lips twitching.

“I am going to fall asleep,” I muttered

“Don’t blame you.” Yancy laughed “I’ve done it before.” He glanced back inside “I don’t think I’ll have a problem staying awake.” I glared at him and he shrugged like there was nothing he could do to help it.

“Just tell him your Xavier, he already knows about us and will start looking for me, just don’t explain why your wings are black. Might freak him out.” Yancy explained shrugging.

James in seventeen, he just turned seventeen two months ago and Yancy really didn’t care if James found out he existed or not, he just did it to see the look on James’ face. Which Yancy described as priceless.

James had long greasy blonde hair with grey eyes and pale skin and skinnier than a stick. Pretty sure the only muscle this kid has is the ones that help him with day to day activities, and that’s giving him too much credit.

He stared at the chess board like it was his enemy and he looked so in thought I could almost see the clockwork in his head turning, this kid needs another hobby.

When he finished, and he lost, he stood outside his coat pulled around him tightly and he asked “Yancy? You there?” I dropped behind him silently.

“Its Xavier, Yancy’s busy today,” I said standing up fully.

James screamed spinning around as he jumped fifty feet in the air he looked at me his eyes widening “Y-Your Yancy’s friend right?” I nodded holding out my hand down to him, this kid is short also.

“Xavier Westmore.” He took my hand and shook it swiftly like I was going to punch him.

“James Heeko.” He said eyeing me warily as I cross my arms over my chest and just raise my brow when he wouldn’t stop staring at me then he asked “Why are your wings black?” I stiffened.

“Doesn’t matter, let’s get you home before I have to get back to my Kruan,” I told him walking past him my hand resting on the hilt of my family sword at my hip it swayed as I walked. James had to jog to keep up with me his long grey cloak fluttering.

“Why are your eyes different colours?” He asked and I looked back at him narrowing my eyes

I asked, “Have your parents taught you anything yet?” I tried saying it as nice as possible but I guess this kid is just jumpy, or I scare him because he flinched looking down.

“No, not yet, I just found out about you guys a few days ago.” He muttered, I sighed pinching the bridge of my nose. Shaking my head my phone buzzed and I picked it out of my pocket.

She’s home, I’m on my way she’s in the shower right now.

Ok thanks, just trying to get James home. He is very curious.

He’s also gay



I swear Yancy wants to make me have a heart attack. Just because they are angels doesn’t mean they are all perfect and happy, sometimes they are worse than humans.

Knocking on James door his mom opened and her light brown eyes widened as she gasped “You’re not Yancy!” I gave her my best smile.

“I am not, I’m Xa-” I was cut off as she flinched

“X-Xavier Westmore?” She stuttered her eyes wide I nodded slowly and James muttered something under his breath but I caught it.

“Great everyone knows him except me.”

“Come on Xavier, we are so happy to have you here!” She gushed opening the door and I saw James father sitting on the couch frowning but when he saw me he shot to his feet.

“Actually,” I laughed nervously “I was just watching James because Yancy was busy, I have to get back to my Kruan.” His mom seemed to frown but she smiled as she grabbed James and nodded.

“Alright!” She said peppily “I am glad you were able to watch him, thank you, Xavier, for stepping in.” I nodded, damn Yancy has to watch some weird people.

I nodded opening my black wings and taking off into the sky flying back to Catherine’s place.

Landing on her window Yancy was playing a game on his phone and he asked “How was Careen?” I shrugged sitting next to him my heart pounding.

“Its the capital of Mapal, which is a city full of snobby angelic people. I know it is the biggest city in the Angelic world, but they can turn down the snooty-ness.” I laughed and Yancy laughed also as he nodded.

I heard the shower turn off and Yancy glanced at me as he patted my shoulder standing opening his light grey wings “Good luck man.” I nodded my head spinning as I disabled my helix opening her window as I crawled in shutting it behind me and Yancy smirked at me before flying away.

After about fifteen minutes of lying on her circle window, I got bored so I examined the dagger strapped to my hip I was currently trying to deflect the moon’s light in another apartment’s open window across the alley, when her bathroom door flew open and she screamed, I looked to the right realizing how this looks.

I was sitting in her window one knee bent the other one kicked out casually as I played with a knife and wore black clothes and wasn’t here before she got into the shower.

“Hey, Catherine.” I said, and I am pretty sure I scared her.

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