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Possessive Guardian Demon

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No, Nein, Non, Uh Uh.

Catherine Aggie Ecaterina

Columbus, Ohio.

So Drake invited Lola and me to a club the night after my birthday and we accepted, so Lola took me shopping we both got new dresses and she bought me an emerald necklace that I thought was pretty when I asked why she said she forgot to get me a birthday gift; we laughed about it.

That night I was getting ready when I felt something click inside me like a piece of me sliding together. I nearly dropped my mascara as my body trembled my legs giving out but I caught myself on the counter as my vision doubled.

What the hell?

Suddenly it stopped and I fell to my knees pressing my forehead onto the floor I took a deep breath, shit that felt so weird.

Standing I made sure all my makeup was fine before walking out and Lola smirked at me her eyes gliding down my body, she nodded and I thought I saw someone outside my window but when I looked over they were gone. Could just be my imagination.

Lola handed me a fake id and taking it gently I put it in my small purse. Lola nodded as she said, "Drake better not have too much to drink tonight, or he might do something stupid." She winked at me setting her id in her purse. Rolling my eyes she hooked her arm through mine and we headed down the stairs.

Drake sat in his trunk waiting on us since there were only three seats I was in between Drake and Lola, and Lola laid like a sloth in her seat causing me to scoot closer to Drake pressing our thighs together, he smiled at me making my heart bump again.

We arrived at the club and our IDs worked as we were able to sneak in. The club was huge lights flashed everywhere, people danced on the color-changing glass floor. Gave me a headache, and I suddenly wanted to go home as the stench of alcohol burned my nose and lungs.

"You ok?" Drake asked swinging his arm over my shoulder I nodded pressing my arm under my nose as I surveyed the club my anxiety shooting up.

"Yeah," I muttered, "I'm fine, just smells bad." I knew he couldn't hear me but he nodded anyway. See he's nice and tried to figure out what's wrong.

The night was a blur of lights and drinks, pretty sure I am drunk, but I don't really care.

Drake drove us home his hair was a mess from when we were kissing, he dropped Lola off at her house then me at my house and we kissed goodbye before I hopped out and walked up the stairs thanking god my parents were on vacation.

After dumping the dress off, I walked over to my dresser grabbing some clothes I glanced out my window and the moon shone into my room shining brightly making the sparkles in my carpet glitter. Yes, I have glitter in my carpet, and only because Lola and I had a glitter fight when we were five, yes five, glitter is hard to clean up.

After I finished washing I smiled at my reflection thinking through what happened today and last night, this is a fantasy come true. He looks good, tastes good, and is nice. No one is better.

Sauntering out of my room a man sat in my window, his head whirled around and his different-colored eyes met mine, they widened and he nearly fell off the window; my piercing scream filled the room and I quickly slammed my hand over my mouth holding my chest with the other.

One of his eyes was silverish gold and seemed to shine in the moon's rays while the other was a deep lavender purple and seemed to glow dimly also. His hair was as black as night and combed off messily to the side his broad shoulders brought out his breathtakingly handsome face.

A silver dagger glittered in his hand along with a ring on his middle finger and I pressed myself to the wall.

"Hey, Catherine." His voice rang surprise rolling off his tongue, his voice was deep and alluring like I was a fly and I was being lured to his web.

"W-Who the hell are you and how do you know me, how did you get in my room? Why do you have a dagger?" I blabbered off, still trying to phase through the drywall.

He slid from the window with smooth, cat-like grace setting the dagger on the window sill he held his hands out to me as he said calmly "I am Xavier Westmore, and I am your guardian."

"L-Like guardian angel?" I asked and he nodded slowly letting his hands fall and slip into the pocket of his jeans.

"Little more complicated than that, but yes I am a guardian, I know your name because of my job, it was given to me, I've known you all your life. Your window was unlocked, that's how I got in, and don't worry the dagger was because I was bored and messing with the moonlight. Not to harm you in any way, that would kinda be the opposite of my job." He explained examining me.

I made my way over to my bed not taking my eyes off him as I sat on it and asked "How is it more complicated than being a guardian angel?"

He sighed slipping off his ring on his middle finger and leaning against my bedpost he flicked it like a coin and caught it, he did this three times before he spoke "I am not an angel, I am a demon, a guardian demon."

I screamed a few more times but his amused expression never left his face as the golden ring caught the moon's light every time it flew into the air and back into his palm. "S-So you are not gonna hurt me, you're a good demon?" I asked

He smiled showing his line of perfect white teeth, geez this guy looks like a --octopus, only Drake is good-looking...

"Yes, I am a tame demon, I won't hurt you. Kinda defeats the purpose of being your guardian if I do." He explained with a chuckle.

"R-Right, where you there when Drake and I..." I asked causing him to snicker.

"I was there when you and Drake kissed, I didn't go to the club though, I had something to deal with, in fact, I haven't been with you all day." He told me a smile tugging at his soft-looking lips.

"Why are you telling me all this now? Why not before?" I asked and he chuckled slipping his ring back on his finger.

"Because we are only given permission to tell you we exist at seventeen, no younger, though we have a choice not to, sometimes we don't." He explained.

"I need some sleep," I muttered pressing my palm against my forehead my mind racking from all this new information.

"Yeah," Xavier said messing with a cuff on his wrist, "Good night Catherine, we can talk more in the morning." I nodded and watched him strip off his jacket and large black wings seeming to unfurl from the air, he opened my window stepped on the window sill he jumped off before taking off into the night air.

"Good night," I whispered into the darkness before walking over to my window and closing it and looking down at the sill, and noticing he left his dagger.

I picked it up feeling the cool metal against my palm thinking through everything that happened and one thing floated through my head.

Xavier looks like a total badass.

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