My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Ten

Links POV

My mind was going crazy. Chase had left the room to go and talk to Hailey. Never had my heart beat this fast before in my life. Not even when it was up to me to score a touchdown with only 30 seconds on the clock in the championship game against our high school’s rival team the Bulldogs.

My feet started pacing back and forth around the room as I started chewing on the remaining finger nails I had left.

“Link what’s going on? Who was it that called?” Sienna asked as she walked over to me and grabbed my arm. Stopping me mid pace.
“It was Hailey.. something wrong and I don’t know what it is.. she sounded so heart broken but I don’t know what it could be..” I replied solemnly.
Just then Chase walked back into the room. He looked shocked. Whatever Hailey told him must be big because Chase basically never shows any emotion.. I looked at him, trying to read his expression. But I was getting nothing. Shit, this is bad.

“Taylor, you drove here right?” Chase asked walking to the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of jack Daniels from off the island, taking a long swig of it right from the bottle.
“Chase what the hell is going on?!” Taylor asked walking up to him. Chase continued to pour himself a shot and take it back like nothing. Slamming the shot glass down on the marble.
“Did you drive here Taylor!” He said angrily this time, looking up at her. His eyes were welling up. Fuck this was bad.
“Yes she drove, what’s going on Chase. We can’t help you if you don’t tell us what’s going on!” It was sienna this time who spoke up. I think she was getting mad that Chase yelled at Taylor.

“I need someone to drive Link and I to my mom’s place.. it’s just outside the city..” Chase replied before putting the lid on the Jack and putting it in the cupboard.

“I can drive you baby, but what happened? Please tell us..” Taylor wrapped her arms around his waist from behind placing her head on his shoulders.
“I don’t want to talk about it right now.. just know that it’s important that Link and I get home as soon as possible..” Chase looked over at me, I could read his expression better now. It was something to do with his mom.
“Taylor, you and Sienna go get the car and bring it to the front of the building. We’ll be down in a minute ok?” Both the girls nodded their heads quickly grabbing their belongings and headed out the door. Once they were gone Chase let out a sigh and threw the glass at the wall. Shattering it into a million shards of glass flying all around the kitchen.
“Fuck!” He cursed trying to pick up broken pieces from the ground.

“Chase man, just go pack a bag of shit for us and I’ll clean this up ok?” I said walking over to him taking the pieces of glass from his hands. He nodded to me and stood up.
“He left her man.. he just fucking left her! She’s been all alone for almost a week now and we’ve been here not knowing jack shit! Fuck him! I fucking hate him!” Chase was crying now. He and his mom were always closer than him and his dad. They shared a strong mother-son bond. As did Hailey and her mother. My heart ached for Carla. She had been a motherly figure to me for basically my entire life. Chase got up and walked down the hallway towards his room, I could hear him cursing the entire way to his room. Once he was out of earshot I started to pick up the glass shards from
the ground. My mind must have started to wander because I didn’t even feel the glass slice open the palm of my hand until I started seeing the blood drip from it.
“Shit!” I stood up and grabbed the dish cloth from the rack on the backside of the cupboard door. Wrapping it around my hand I grabbed the broom and started sweeping the glass into a pile and then I discarded it. I walked down towards my room to pack some essential things that I’d need like my toothbrush and deodorant. As I passed by Haileys room I couldn’t help but open the door to peek in. I hadn’t been in this room is what seemed like forever. Once the door opened her scent filled my nose. I took a few deep breaths in. It was euphoric. My feet moved me into her room a few more steps as I looked around a bit. It was tidy but messy at the same time. Clothes thrown here and there like she couldn’t decide what she wanted to wear even though she looked amazing in everything she wears all the time. I continued to look around, it was then that I noticed a shirt on her bed. It was one of my shirts that she wore to bed often. I’m pretty sure she thought it was Chases. But I didn’t dare tell her it was mine, I loved the thought of her wearing my
Shirts to bed. It just made me think of how sexy she probably looked wearing nothing but that shirt and some panties as she slept. I picked up the shirt and brought it to my face. It smelled so much like her. Strawberries and vanilla. God it was so good.

“Hey man you ready to go- what are you doing?” It was Chases voice. I turned around to see him with his gym bag slung over his shoulder and his jacket in his arms. He looked confused as hell. Fuck me.

“I uh- I was thinking that uh- maybe Hailey needed some more stuff.. cause she probably only brought enough clothes for one night.. so I was just gonna grab stuff..?” God I didn’t even believe what I was saying how the hell was Chase going to believe me.. I gave him a small smile hoping to sell my awful lie. He looked at me for a second and just shrugged his shoulders.
“Whatever man, grab whatever chicks may need I guess. But hurry up I wanna get going” he turned and walked away back down the hallway towards the kitchen. I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding in and ran my fingers through my hair. Fuck that was close.
I quickly grabbed some extra clothes for Hailey, and a few things of my own. I made sure to throw in a few extra shirts to let Hailey have as a gift from me to her. As I was about to leave her room I noticed her stuffed bear that she had had forever. She use to never be able to sleep without Mr.Cuddles and I remember Chase and I Would make fun of her for it until one day she swore to never sleep with him again. But that didn’t stop her from keeping him on the chair in the corner of her room. I grabbed the bear and stuffed it into the bag before clothing it and making my way to the kitchen.

The girls were waiting outside for us when we came down. Taylor was in the driver’s seat with Sienna in the back. Obviously Chase got in the front and I in the back. It was getting late now, it was around 11:30pm leaving now we would make it back home in just under an hour. And man was I exhausted. I couldn’t help my heavy eyes and close them just for a bit and let thoughts of Hailey wearing my shirts drift into the
Thoughts as we drove quietly to the country where Carla lived and I use to live.

Authors Note:
Hey guys. Sorry I’ve been so inactive lately! Just no motivation you know? I came on tonight to a comment from someone asking me to update so I just wrote this chapter right now as I’m laying in bed absolutely dead tired! I know it’s short but I have some free time coming up in the next few days and I’m going to try and write some more! So keep commenting and voting and show some
Attached is more pictures of “Link” or Wesley Finn (okokalright) on instagram. He’s hot as fuck 😍😍😍

Yours truly. PrettyLittleVixen :)

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