My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Eleven

Haileys POV

After I hung up the phone with Chase I went back into the house to get mom into bed. I decided that having her not sleep in her own bed would be best, I woke her up from her slumber ok the couch.
“Mmhh, hi ya baby” she sleepily said. Her voice sounded so soft and sad. It broke my heart even more.
“Come on momma, let’s get you to bed. We’re going to sleep in my bed tonight ok? Chase and Link are on their way. They should be here within the hour. But it’s getting late so let’s get you to bed” I slowly lifted her up off the couch and pulled her into my arms. I helped her up the tiara and down the hallway passing her bedroom. I opened the door to my bedroom. It looked exactly the same as how I left it. Old picture frames on the shelves. My desk neatly stacked with books that I had read over and over. My bed was neatly made with my favorite sheets. I walked mother over to the bed and pulled back the sheets. She slowly climbed into the bed and curled up into a small ball. I pulled the sheets over her and kissed her forehead. She murmured a thank you before closing her eyes again. Who knows how long it had been since she had actually had a night long sleep.
I walked over to the curtains and pulled them closed so that the morning sun wouldn’t bother her in the morning. I turned on the small lamp on my desk then turned off the big light in the room. I walked around reminiscing of all the memories I had in this room. The memory wall I had created full of pictures of friends and I from high school and pictures of my family and I from various occasions. Link was in almost every one of the family pictures. Like I said, he had been here for as long as I can remember. Then my eye caught sight of a picture of my parents on their wedding day. I picked it up for further inspection, they looked so happy together. Both smiling to the fullest. I remember this picture use to always make me so happy. Now it just made me sick to see it. I placed it face down.
I walked down to the kitchen and started to clean, cleaning always helped me when I was upset.
Once the kitchen was done I moved to the living room, as I walked by my fathers study I couldn’t help but go in. I hadn’t been in this room is years to say the least. It was always locked or my father was in their hard at work. The room was so neat and tidy. It was hard to believe that my father spent almost all of his time cooped up in here. But in all honesty who even knows if he was even here when he says he was. I looked on his desk, he had a picture of him Chase and I from a wedding we all attended, and a few other pictures of us. But not a single picture of my mother was to be seen. How long had this affair been going on? Why didn’t he just leave here before all of this? I was never close to my father but I always respected him to be a better man than this.

“You know your dad would kill you if he knew you were in here...” a voice said from the door. I turned around to see Link standing there. I put the picture down that I was holding and ran to him. He opened his arms and welcomed me in an embrace. Wrapping his arms around me, engulfing me. He whispered soft words to me that I couldn’t quite make out but they calmed me down so much. His smell was wonderful, clean and fresh. A few moments passed before I realized that Chase could walk in at any moment so I back away and looked down. Not wanting to make eye contact with him. I quickly walked past him and into the front hall where Chase, Taylor and Sienna. Great. Why would Chase bring them here? Them being here made me angrier than I needed to be right now.
“Seriously Chase? Why would you bring them here? Mom doesn’t need this right now!” I hissed at him.
“I was in no state to drive, and also you took the car remember? Taylor was nice enough to drive us here this late! Show some respect ok! I know this is hard ok? I fucking know! But what else was I supposed to do Hailey!” Chase hissed back at me. I huffed and walked away.
“Hailey are you ok?” It was Link, he was walking back towards me from the study. He closed the door when he left. I grumbled a no and walked straight back to him. I went and sat on the couch in the living room. The others joined me shortly, they sat on the couch while I sat on the arm chair.
“Where’s mom Hailey?” Chase asked quietly.
“She’s asleep in my room. I didn’t think her sleeping in her own room would be very good right now.. so I tucked her into my bed. I’ll probably just sleep on the couch tonight.. I don’t want to disturb her” I whispered back to him.
“No no, I don’t want you to sleep down here alone. I uhm, how about. The girls share my bed, and I’ll take the couch in my room. And if it’s ok with Link you can maybe sleep on the pull out in his room? That way no one’s alone tonight” Chase replied. I saw Links head whip over to him and then look at me. And I also saw the smirk on Sienna’s face.. what is going on with that?
“Yeah, I uh I’m ok with that if Hailey is ok with it I mean..” Link awkwardly said fiddling with his fingers.
“Yeah that’s fine.. but I’m really tired so I’m gonna head to bed now.. you guys should probably do the same. Tomorrow might be a little difficult.. and I’m assuming you guys filled the girls in on what happened right..?”
Both the girls nodded their heads slowly. I smiled at them and stood up.

Authors Note:
So I’ve written another chapter and am going to immediately going to start writing the next! I’ve got some good ideas planned for the next few chapters so make sure to vote and comment!!!

-PrettyLittleVixen :)

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