My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Twelve

Link’s POV

Did Chase just really suggest that Hailey sleep in my room. With me in it as well? Never did I ever think that would happen. I mean I guess he just thinks Hailey is like a sister to me. But man is she so much more than that..
I watched as she left the living room and walked up the stairs to go to bed.
“Common girls. I’ll show you to my room and you guys can get ready for bed. I’m gonna go see my
Mom for a minute. Link, make sure Hailey is ok tonight please. She’ll talk to you man” Chase stood up and took Taylors hand in his as Sienna stood up as well. She winked at me as she walked by me. I couldn’t help but smile. I didn’t expect anything to happen between Hailey and I. But I did want to be the one she cries on if she needs someone. I’d be there for her no matter what.
I took a moment to grab the things I brought for Hailey and I before I headed up to my room.
I entered the room and she was making the bed on the pull out couch. She was still wearing her clothes from the day. I guess she saw me looking at her oddly because she spoke up.
“My pjs are in my bedroom and Chase is in there with mom right now. So I’m just gonna crash in this for the night” she smiled sadly at me. I wanted so badly to bring her into my arms and just hold her.
“Well, it’s a good thing I’m always thinking about you then isn’t it. I grabbed some extra shirts for you to wear since I know you like sleeping in big shirts.. their in the gym bag over there.. I’m gonna go to the bathroom so you can get changed. Just uh.. let me know when your decent ok? And please, take the bed. It’s much more comfortable” She smiled at me and walked over to the gym back. I turned and walked into the bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked exhausted. Today had been a hell of a long day and I was so ready for bed. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. And did my other business. I was considering having a shower but I heard Haileys soft voice saying she was decent and I didn’t want to be away from her for another second. I walked into the bedroom and she was wearing one of my plane black shirts. It went just below her bum and I couldn’t help but strain in my pants a little as I looked at her. She looked so amazing. She climbed into my bed and I waited for her to turn on the bedside light before I turned off the big light. I stripped down to just my boxers. Normally I’d sleep completely nude but with Hailey in the room I decided I better not. I got under the sheets and tried to get comfortable but I could hear Haileys soft whimpers and it was making my eyes well up.
“Hailey babe, are you ok?” I whispered to her. I looked over to watch her turn off the lamp. She didn’t say a word to me.
“Hailey please. Talk to me! I need to know if you’re ok! It’s killings me please” I pleaded to her.
“No Link, I’m not ok.. do you think you could come lay with me please.. I’m freezing..” she cried out to me and I was off the pull out couch in seconds and was climbing into the bed beside her. I wasn’t sure if I should hold her or what I should do so I just laid there with her for a few minutes. I could hear her shivering. I could feel the cold coming off of her body.

Haileys POV

I felt Link move closer to me in the bed. Felt his arm wrap around my body and pull me closer to him god was he warm. I didn’t realize exactly how cold I was until I felt the heat radiate off of his body and flow into mine. His arm rested lighted across my torso. It felt as if my body was going to go numb from his touch. The hair on the back of my neck started to stand on end from his soft breaths. My body was craving his touch. I moved my back so it was flush against his stomach, his warm skin pressed against my back. Instinctively he wrapped his arm tighter around my stomach. The shirt I was wearing started to pull up a bit from the way I was laying. Link moved his hand to the bear skin that was exposed and started tracing tin circles on my tummy. It was a glorious feeling to say the least. It sent tingles up and down my legs through my stomach and up my spine. The slow movements were so soothing. I wanted to be closer to him. I wanted more contact between us i wanted to feel more of him. I pushed my bum against him as it was the only thing that wasn’t against him yet. I could feel him reposition himself behind me to get more comfortable, he began to run his fingers across my thighs ever so lightly, my heart started racing. I was only wearing panties, and not the ugly kind. They were the lacy sexy kind that showed a lot of bum. Link’s hand moved from my thigh across the front of my stomach and onto my hips. Grazing over the lace of my undies. The continued their assault and moved up the side of my waist and then over the middle of my tummy. A warm heart crept between my thighs. It can only be described as me being turned on. I wiggled against his touch as it tickled every now and then. He groaned and it was then that I noticed the pressure against my behind. I couldn’t help but giggle at the effect i was having on him.
“You know Hailey, two can play at this game..” Link whispered into my ear. His voice was so sexy and gruff. I could tell he was tired. Instead of verbally respond to him i decided to roll my hips causing my bum to run against him. His hand moved to my hip stilling it with a tight grip. I bit my lip awaiting his response. A moment passed before he pushed his hard on against my ass. Rubbing it against me as he gripped my hips rocking them against him in rhythm. So this was drying humping? I liked it. He continued to rub against me, he breathing getting heavier as the seconds passed on. Eventually i got the hang of moving my hips and ass against him in different patterns and movements. His hand moved up my waist and palmed my breast causing me to gasp.
“Shh baby” Link said into my ear before nibbling on my lobe slowly sucking on it and caressing it with his tongue. My breathing was all over the place now. I could feel the wetness between my thighs seeping and dripping down. My panties were soaking. I thought i was still in control until Links hot mouth planted itself on my neck biting at the nape of my neck, he dragged his fingers down my torso and into my panties were then continued to slowly go lower and lower until they were between the folds of my wetness.

“Fuuck, baby youre so wet. Fuck me Hailey. Fuck!” he said as he shoved his fingers into my pussy causing my eyes to roll back and a moan to come out. Links other hand came around my neck and he slipped his finger into my mouth as he continued to move his fingers in and out of me. I couldn’t handle this. I needed to kiss him, i rolled myself over to face him and pulled his face down to mind mashing our lips together as his hand slipped back down my panies i pulled my one leg over his hip to give him better access. His fingers slipped in further as i moaned into his mouth his other hand went to the back of my neck pulling my face closer keeping a tight grip on it.
“Fuck, Hailey. God baby, fuck youre tight. I want to fuck you right now, but I cant, i cant do that to you..” he said between kisses.
“Please, don’t stop, please, oh god please Link, fuck me please” i didn’t realize what i was saying until it was said. He kissed me harder and took his hand from in my panties and moved over the the bedside lamp. He turned the light on and looked at me. He backed away for a second and just looked at me. What was he doing? Did i do something wrong?
“Hailey. Are you a virgin?” Link whispered to me. His question caught me off guard. I guess i should have expected this question would come up sooner or later but i never really planned for it to happen tonight. I looked down between us. Not knowing what to say to him.
“Hailey please, I need to know” he said as he tilted my chin up to look at him. It was now that i noticed he wasn’t wearing a shirt, and he was only wearing tight boxer briefs. I could see his manhood through the tight fabric. It didn’t look comfortable at all.
“No i’m not..” i whispered back to him. A look of sadness washed over his face as he looked down.
“Who was it? When was it? Why didn’t i know?” he sounded a little pissed off.
“Well as stupid as it sounds, it was prom night... I barely remember it happening, but it was with my prom date Jake Wilson.. He’s the only one and it only happened once and that was it.. that s all i’ve done.. Pretty pathetic don’t you think. I lost it to some guy who i don’t even talk to anymore, i didn’t even.. You know.. Finish” i said awkwardly. Link was quiet for a few seconds before he started to quietly laugh to himself. I looked up at him as he started to laugh more now.
“You, you lost your virginity to.. Oh my god Hailey seriously! Jake Wilson? He’s such a fucking tool common! Thats hilarious! He was the one who took the QB position when I graduated. Man what a guy. That’s so funny” he was holding his stomach now trying not to laugh anymore than he already was.

I was shocked. Here we were hooking up and now he’s laughing at me because of who I lost my v card too? Was he serious?!
“Link! Stop laughing at me god damnit! You’re not making the situation any better!” i hissed at him, hitting him in the chest. He smiled at me and pushed me down and hovered over top of me looking down at me with those beautiful green eyes of his.
“Look, i’m not happy that you lost your virginity to someone as stupid as Jake Wilson, but! I am glad that you didn’t finish at the hands of him, because now when i make you finish, and i will make you finish, over and over again, multiple different ways, i’ll make you cum all over my fingers and then i’ll make you cum all over my tongue as i eat your pussy out and lastly i’ll make you cum all over my c0ck and then i’ll continue to fuck you using your own juices as lube. And baby, you’ll love it, i’ll make you moan out my name as i fuck you from behind. But love, that’s all going to have to wait awhile. There are things we need to discuss. Things about us and what each of us is expecting from this..” He leaned down and planted a soft kiss on my lips.
“But for now Hailey, it’s getting late and tomorrow is going to be a tough day, so get some sleep ok? I’ll be right here if you need me. Sleep well baby”
And with that he rolled over and turned off the lamp. Leaving me hot and bothered with a million questions running through my mind.


Authors Note:
Wow! Steamy chapter that was! Sorry for the cliff hanger! Guess you’ll just have to keep reading to see what happens next ;)

-PrettyLittleVixen :)

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